Mercury and Mars Retrogrades, December 2009

We have two retrograde planets of note this December – Mars (December 20th 2009 – March 10th 2010) and Mercury (December 26th 2009 – January 15th, 2010). Note: A planet in retrograde appears to be moving backward, an illusion created by the earths orbital movement in relation to other planets.

Mars Retrograde

Mars turns retrograde only once every two years and two months, and stays retrograde for approximately 80 days, after which it will remain stationary for 20 days. This Mars retrograde is in the sign of Leo, The effects of the Mars retrograde will be felt until May 17th, 2010, when it passes the sign that it went retrograde in. Those most likely to feel the effects of the Mars retrograde are the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Mars carries very masculine, warrior type energy. It is represented by the color red, indicating its passionate, active nature that comes through in the sense of physical energy. Mars is the force behind our ego, and through our ego, behind conflict and sexual energy. Mars acts as an emotional trigger, but is also the power behind mental activity and communication skills. Mars rules risk taking and the physical challenges that we face.

When a planet is in retrograde, it energy overshadows the energy of other planets. We become more conscious of this energy, and it affects the manner in which we live our lives. With Mars in Leo, we will be going through a time of intense introspection. Focus will be on our personal views, and what motivates us, both consciously and unconsciously.

We need to be aware that Mars retrograde in Leo aggressively brings out the ego in all of us. It is also going to bring out anxieties connected with self-image, and deceptive behavior. We will also have to deal with past issue coming back to haunt us – the promises made but never delivered kind of thing!

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It is through the auspices of Mars energy that we expand our world. The downside of Mars is that when negatively aspected, we are looking are anger, rage, accidents, and all forms of violence – including war.

What kind of behavior/issues should we be looking out for during this Mars retrograde?
  1. We need to be aware of a tendency for explosive anger – in ourselves, and in others. Curbing that anger in ourselves, and not over-reacting to anger in others is called for here.
  2. Mars retrograde carries a risk factor with it. Be very careful when engaging in all forms of speculation and business contracts.
  3. Mars rule aggressive, male energy. This can lead to relationship problems when Mars is retrograde.

What is the best way to deal with this Mars retrograde? We need to realize that we will be turning within for our answers. Also, we won’t have much patience with people or issues around us. We need to watch our tempers, and our “need to be right”. Keyword here – take a deep breath before saying or doing anything! And watch the risks that you are taking – both professionally and personally.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury (the messenger planet) goes retrograde on December 26th, in the sign of Capricorn. As always, with Mercury retrograde we are dealing with communications of all types, as well as with travel. With the focus in Capricorn, we are dealing with ambition and issues of loyalty.

What kind of behavior/issues should we be looking out for during this Mercury retrograde?
  1. Communications of all kinds – telephone, written, e-mail, body language – anything that can be misinterpreted could be misinterpreted during this time.
  2. Anything connected with the Internet needs to be watched – this is one massive, popular mode of communication!
  3. Appointments of all kinds – be sure to verify and keep all appointments!
  4. Anything connected with travel, or travel reservations.

All of this energy (which is occurring for the third time in 2009!) should be straightened out by February 4th, when Mercury passes the point where it first went retrograde. In the meantime, how can we best deal with Mercury retrograde energy?
  1. Mercury deals with communications, but also with the mental process that goes on behind the communicating. We need to be consciously aware of our thinking patterns, of how we are arriving at our decisions.
  2. We need to be aware of how we perceive people and issues – and make sure that our perception is relatively in line with reality.
  3. We need to be aware of the actions/agendas of people in positions of communication, such as reporters, writers, and teachers.
  4. We need to be aware of the decisions that we are making, and their consequences. Mercury direct is about mental clarity Mercury retrograde is about clouded thinking.

Should we avoid signing contracts or making important decisions during a Mercury retrograde? I would say that in very few cases is life going to allow this. We need to be able to take our opportunities when and where we can. If we are involved in important negotiations during a Mercury retrograde, we should consciously take charge of the process, rather than putting it off (which may cost us valuable opportunities). Read the fine print – twice, if need be! Make sure that the other parties understand what you are saying, and make sure that you understand what they are saying, Remember – this retrograde is in Capricorn, so the aforementioned issues of ambition and loyalty will crop up unexpectedly.

Mercury, during a retrograde, is literally asking us to rethink things, to restructure our thinking process. We need to keep our focus, and be able to deal with the unexpected n a timely manner. The signs most affected by Mercury retrograde in Capricorn are the Cardinal signs of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra.

Through all of this, we need to keep in mind that we are the captains of our own ships, the co-creators of our own lives. We need to slow down, pay attention, and take responsibility for all that we say and do. Above all – we should not be afraid of the retrograde energy – it is there to teach us lessons, yes, but we are in charge of how that lesson is taught!

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