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What is Psychic Power?

what is psychic power?Psychic Power
Is it something unknown and scary, or do you see this ability as something that, while in the realm of the unknown, can be developed in a positive manner? Do only certain people have this ability? Are we born with it? Is it something that we can learn? Can it be developed after we become adults? Inquiring minds want to know!

A good working definition for psychic power would be a “sixth sense” … a sense outside of our five physical senses (seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling). Some people might call this a “metaphysical” ability.  

Are psychic power and intuition the same thing? They can be viewed as such, although another view of this is that while intuition is a state of consciousness that can be tapped into by everyone, it acts as a “precursor” to, or the beginning of, developing psychic power. In other words, psychic power is intuition ramped up to a higher level.

We are all born with a heightened sense of intuition. We take note of this in the nature of young children, who are curious about everything, who have the ability to make connections where there seemingly are none, and who quite often have “imaginary friends”. This is also a time of life when dreamtime is quite active, and the line between wisdom from dreamtime and wisdom gained in waking hours overlaps. Unfortunately, around the age of five, when children begin preschool, adults begin to shut down the ability of their children, telling them that “we mustn’t talk about things like that”. Children quickly learn that to get along in the world, there is a side of themselves that they need to shut down.

We are now at the point where we need to actively develop this intuitive, or psychic self so that we can make more informed decisions, and lead better lives. This is also a way in which we connect with the Divine in our lives, as intuitive/psychic power is a reflection of the Divine. There are different types of psychic power, intended to manifest in different ways. Any given individual may have one or more of these abilities in a given physical lifetime.

Primary amongst psychic abilities are clairvoyance, (psychic) dreaming, intuition, precognition and remote viewing. This is a good time to define these abilities, and to show how they might appear in our lives (this will differ from individual to individual).

Psychic Power and Clairvoyance.
Clairvoyance comes from seventeenth century  French “clair”, meaning clear, and “voyant”, meaning “seeing”. Clairvoyance literally means “clear seeing”, albeit a seeing that does not involve the physical sense of sight. Clairvoyance involves information coming from an outside source that is hidden to the individual receiving it (as opposed to telepathy, where the information is going from the mind of one individual to the mind of another). Clairvoyance can involve knowledge of events from the past, present, or future. The key here is that the individual would have no “logical” (scientific) way of knowing this information. Clairvoyance connects to the right side of the brain, and to our feminine, intuitive powers (for both males and females). A clairvoyant experience might be feeling that you know someone the very moment that you meet them. It might be the feeling that you need to do something immediately (such as call a friend or loved one). It might be the absolute certainty that you need to give a message to someone, even though you have no idea how you got this message.

Psychic Power and Psychic Dreams

Psychic Dreams generally involve information about future events being made known to the dreamer (termed precognitive dreams), although they can bring in information about the past, or even about the present (especially if the dreamer is concerned about an issue or person from their daily life). While archetypal in nature, the images that come through to the individual dreamer need to be interpreted through their own eyes, and their own world of experience. Dreams that appear quite vivid to the dreamer, or those that they have intuitive feelings about upon awakening, are good clues that these are psychic dreams. A dream about being involved in a car accident might indicate that you need to check your car out mechanically, that you need to perhaps take another route to where you are going, or that you need to leave at an earlier … or later … time. 

Psychic Power and Intuition
Intuition is the ability to know something without any previous experience with or knowledge about the subject. Intuition comes from the Latin word “intueri”, meaning to see within. Intuition is one of four “axes” for the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator, opposite sensing. Intuition is what many people call their “gut instinct”. If your gut instinct is to check the kitchen one more time before going to bed, you may find a burner that has been left on that could have caused a problem. If your gut instinct is to not go into a store that you need to go into at a specific time, you may be able to avoid being caught in a robbery, or a fire. If your gut tells you not to trust someone, despite their stellar reputation, you may save yourself a great deal of grief.

Psychic Power and Precognition
Precognition is a form of extra-sensory perception where an individual is able to perceive information about people or places before they happen. Precognition is the most frequently reported form of psychic power. It can occur as an “Aha!” moment, as a thought that crosses your mind without any reason, as a fleeting vision that is seen in waking hours, or in a dream. Precognitive knowledge can be accessed through trance, through channeling, and through various forms of divination. Generally speaking, precognition involves events that are going to happen in the immediate to near future, and often involve people that are close to the individual receiving the information.

Psychic Power and Remote Viewing
Remote viewing refers to the ability to gain both sensory and non-sensory information from a location that is a distance away from the viewer. This is a power that anyone can tap into, and is one that has been developed extensively for military purposes. While this is a very strong psychic energy, it is also one that is purpose driven, in that when a viewer is “looking into”, or viewing, a distant location, it is usually for a purpose (and no … snooping is NOT a valid purpose!). Other forms of psychic power generally appear on their own in an individual’s life, and then are either deliberately “pushed down”, lie dormant or are developed. What purpose might this skill serve in “real life”? It can help you to see your own future, it can help you find a life partner, it can help you to develop a business … it has a myriad of uses, all at your fingertips!

Each of these psychic abilities offers something different. Each of us have some psychic abilities that are stronger, and some that are weaker. We each also have the ability to develop any psychic power that we wish to use to create the future of our dreams.

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