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Asteria’s first real vision was at the age of 14. She was answering her friends’ questions before they were asked. Somehow she just knew what they wanted to know. This kept happening and still does today. When she was 17, she dreamt of an event that transpired the next day. Sadly she woke up to friends calling her and confirming what she had already known.

Asteria has been reading professionally since her early twenties. Various sources and guides have steered her in the direction of accuracy and truth. In addition to reading palms and using the tarot, she has been blessed with the ability to see through the veil of spirits stuck on this plain. With these skills, along with the help of her guides, and the use of other sources such as astrology and the pendulum, she is able to reveal accurate and definitive answers to the most difficult questions.

She practices yoga, spiritualism, natural healing through herbs and crystals. She meditates to receive any downloads from spirit and to cleanse the body of negativity.

Tools and Specialties
Some of the tools that she may use are, Astrology, Tarot, Spirit Guides, Runes, Pendulum
She specializes in all types of relationships, life path, love Issues, soulmates and twin flames.

Reading Style
Asteria states that the universe has all the answers, all you have to do is ask, and it is her job to get you there. She firmly believes that we are all one family, and sometimes when we are hurting, finding love is one of the key components to stop the hurt.

Asteria promises always to be honest and will not sugar coat, but will enlighten you to help find the truth. She will not ask too many questions, unless you want her to. At the start of her readings she will introduce herself, and will also need to know your name, as well as your sign or birth date. She will also need to know the type of reading you want, or if there are specific questions you want answered. Be rest assured that whatever is revealed to her she will impart, which sometimes may include dates, places or names.

Favorite Thing to Do
When Asteria is not doing readings, you will find her walking in nature and playing with her children. She also loves to paint and fish.

Favorite Quote
“If you can see it in your head you can hold it in your hand”


3/6/2021 4:27:21 AM UTC
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