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Kelli began her career helping people with their questions. Since then she has guided many with, making the right career choices, successful relationships, positive life path choices, or sometimes just pointing them in the right direction when they felt they were at a crossroad. 


Subsequently, her psychic experience evolved into giving more personal readings and it was during those readings she discovered a major gift which turned her career in another direction.  She was able to use her mediumship to connect people with their loved ones, she was able to interpret many puzzling dreams and she was able to help people locate missing objects they could no longer find. This lead her to helping families find their missing loved ones or pets and eventually helping law enforcement agencies investigating lost or missing people by way of her remote viewing.


Remote Viewing


What is remote viewing?  Remote viewing is a controlled and trainable mental process of psychic ability used to gain unknown information regarding people, places, things, past, present or future.  For example, lost or missing persons or objects. Kelli is an accomplished remote viewer.


How does it work?  It is done under blind conditions which means Kelli has no prior knowledge about the subject when conducting the remote viewing session. The session usually begins with a few words such as a question or a cue. From a bird’s eye view Kelli is able to zoom into visions linked to the subject.  Similar to a movie the visions start with a flash and plays out in her mind frame by frame.


In 2006 Kelli appeared on Psychic Detectives where a missing person’s case she had worked on using her remote viewing was re-enacted. The episode entitled “Secrets In The Forest” can be found here:


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First time reading with her Wow she is great. I hope he will come back home often as she see it. Now I found a new friend to call. I will keep you posted thanks again God bless you

- stefanie



- jodine


I called to talk to her about my situation and brought someone up that was connected to the situation I wasn't thinking of. She is awesome and accurate!

- Lifefriend


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