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Spouse is affecting me on a karmic level perhaps ?

#1 Posted on
3/12/2019 9:57:30 PM
by StrangeLife
My husband and i have been in a troubled relationship , especially turbulent for the past 2-3 years. Things have come to a point where we have given up working on the relationship .We stay together and friendly with each other in order to be with our small child.A strange development has begun ever since i emotionally signed off - everytime we do end up having a fight, something bad happens to me.The bigger the fight, the worse the consequence. I am not sure why this is happening.Is the universe punishing me for speaking my thoughts and it leading to a fight with him ? He has always been dominating entity in our marriage and i have been submissive right from childhood (a different strong altogether) which is perhaps how we ended up together anyways.But can this extend to a more karmic level ? We had an argument yesterday as well. Today i got into an accident. Something like this happened Did someone cast a spell ?How can i resolve this ? Its as though i am being told to not mess with him or else ! Thank you ! Take care and God bless ! StrangeLife
#2 Posted on
3/14/2019 9:11:08 AM
by LoveTheLight
I believe your spirit guides are pushing you to realize the relationship is redundant & has taught you all you can learn from it by giving you not nice experiences. My advice look up Abraham Hicks & forgive yourself & husband so you can co parent. I don't believe any being can cause karmic harm unless we allow it. Listen to your guides/intuition all the knowledge of what is & will be is inside there. Love & Light XoX