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Red ord in my room

#1 Posted on
2/2/2021 4:25:57 AM
by Kimmym1996
So my whole life I have been aware of things around me that were not of this world. On multiple occasions I have heard a voice while I am awake or right as I am waking up but the other night I had a truly perplexing experience. I had gone to bed as usual and during the night something woke me up. I opened my eyes and was immediately aware that I couldn't move. My eyes were open and I began to look around my room to understand why I couldn't move. Almost immediately I noticed a red colored ball maybe a little larger than a softball. It moved very slowly and seemed to change shapes some but always kept a round shape. It moved across my room and then stopped above my head close to the ceiling. I still was unable to move and this began to scare me. So I looked away from the ball to my doorway to call my roommate but I was unable to speak. I could hear her in the living room but was unable to move or speak. So I started to panic. I looked again at the ball of light and it was still above my head. Then I could feel the fingers on my right hand move and a scream came out of my mouth and I ran out of my room. I was not asleep. My eyes never closed. I went back into my room and there was nothing but recently I have been seeing what looks like smoke around me but theres no smoke. What is going on? Who is here with me and how do I talk to them?

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