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Barbara Norcross is a world renowned celebrity psychic, serving as a reader for many of the rich and famous. She was selected as one of America's best psychics and listed in the publication "100 Top Psychics."  She is an auto clairvoyant, empath, spiritual advisor and coach and has been reading professionally for over 30 years.

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Barbara has a compassionate heart and mind, and her understanding of the human soul is paramount. She is also very logical and rational, using her psychic insight to provide smart advice.  She is grateful to have the opportunity to help others,  guiding them to reach their full potential in whatever they do.  And doing so without fear.


Barbara has seen it all. She has consulted on everything from relationship issues, to high-level business strategies, and has even worked with law enforcement, helping them to solve crimes.  She has read for the rich and famous, as well as the indigent and unknown.  Her goal is truly to serve by providing authentic, life-changing readings.


5/24/2015 2:58:35 PM UTC
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Praise for Barbara Norcross

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Barbara Norcross's happy clients have to say.

"Great Reading"

great reading

- stefanie


great reading

- stefanie

"Puts a Smile on My Face"

always put a smile in my face, thanks

- stefanie

"Thanks again..."

thanks again, I feel much better every time we talk

- stefanie

"Great Reading"

great reading

- stefanie


Barbara and Kathy are my go to readers. Things have come to be true in my life from what they told me. Both are sweet people and caring individuals. Other advisors are okay, but these two are really spot on for the most part

- BB

"Comforting as always "

Called Barbara after a fight my man and I had and I appreciate how comforting and concerned she was. She's the no-nonsense type of advisor, but instead of telling me how much I had the right to be mad at him, her advice meant a lot. I did what she said and by the end of the night, neither one of us went to bed angry.

- Mistressleia

"Great as usual"

Great as usual.

- stefanie

"Another great reading"

Another great reading, I will keep you posted.

- stefanie

"Love her readings "

Love talking with Barbara, she's a true psychic who is genuine and often knows other issues that are bothering me and will bring them up to me even if I didn't mention it or was too embarrassed to mention. Some readers do it as a ploy to keep you on the phone and waste your minutes but Barbara is different. She's quick and doesn't waste time.

- Mistressleia

"A true professional"

Barbara is a true professional and is gifted beyond comprehension. Accurate passionate and kind. Thank you!

- mtnditti

"5 stars as always "

Barbara's advice has never steered me wrong so I took her advice and told my man what I want from our relationship (marriage), she said if I did this then he will come to the table as he actually wants the same thing. Looking forward to predictions coming to pass. She has always been right in the past.

- Mistressleia

"Well worth the money"

Barbara is a little more expensive than the other readers but she is well worth it (even some of the cheaper $2,99 readers are not worth it in my opinion) but she is. I followed Barbara's advice and it worked out the way she said. Looking forward to other predictions coming to pass!

- Mistressleia


Excellent and cares for her client. Thank you.

- Jkt

"Man advice"

Discussed a relationship issue. We had an argument Sunday. I wanted to know whether or not to spend the time and effort waiting for him. I was still upset with him. She told me to send him a text telling him I was thinking about him and was he o.k.- totally opposite of how I felt! She said he felt overwhelmed with "life" and needed to know he had a "safe" place. I heard back from him within two minutes of the text. Very accurate.

- ces615

"Should be one of the top advisors"

Not sure why Barbara isn't listed among the top advisors. She is the real deal and truly cares and is compassionate, but at the same time straight forward. She won't waste your time or money. I also love that she tells me what I NEED to know and not necessarily what I want to know if it isn't the right time for me to know yet. Try her if you've never spoken with her before. Do not waste money on the cheaper advisors

- Mistressleia

"She's Always Right"

I asked Barbara if my man is ever going to propose and she said it's actually right around the corner and will happen when I least expect, she has always been right in the past so I'm praying she's right on this too. Love how quickly she tunes in and remembers my situation every time I call. Thanks Barbara

- Mistressleia

"always advises me the right thing..."

Talking to her is very expensive :( so I keep trying other advisors..... but they always have very different advice and I doubt it. So I always come back to her..... She keeps it short for me, she always gives me hope and I been using this site for almost 4-5 yrs I think... and she is the real deal. I know she is expensive but.. but it is worth it. At times when you need an advice on what to do... she pin points it, she leads to the right direction of you ask the right question....

- Dolly

"Very Insightful "

Very insightful reading. I would call again.

- Msmeme

"great advice"

I spoke with Barbara very shortly and she gave me a great advice about texting to my ex. I did it and the conversation went exactly like she said. He know knows I'm not angry and Barbara's predicted that he will call and try to see me till the end of the week. I'm very satisfied with her advice and I'll come back to tell you if what she said became true or not.

- Nini