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Spiritual Advisor Mary

Intuitive tarot reader, astrologer and spiritual guide. Uses psychic gifts to provide insight into life path. Higher understanding of events.

1-800-233-2600   x1127

Angel Love

Angel Love has been psychic her entire life providing professional readings for 32 years. She specializes in love and relationships.

1-800-233-2600   x3125

Crystal Wisdom

Third generation psychic specializing in matters of the heart. Gains insight through past life recall, dream interpretation, and astrology.

1-800-233-2600   x1191

White Owl

White Owl has practiced astrology and read tarot for over 30 years. She uses these tools, along with her intuition, to provide insight and guidance.

1-800-233-2600   x3010


Extremely gifted clairvoyant known for incredible accuracy. Great with predictions . Specializes in relationships, dream interpretation.

1-800-233-2600   x2093


Highly accurate and gifted psychic. Known for accurate predictions and timing. Specializing in love and relationships

1-800-233-2600   x1111


Patience will help you to see what is ahead and what your choices are using the Tarot as a guide

1-800-233-2600   x1340

Krystal K.

Known for her accuracy, Krystal is a gifted clairvoyant and tarot card reader. She focuses on life issues, relationships, career and finances.

1-800-233-2600   x1368


Gifted with incredible psychic abilities. Known for her accuracy, compassion and patience. Offers clarity, direction and enlightened understanding.

1-800-233-2600   x1100


An empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and tarot reader, Navya is here to provide truth, guidance, and understanding

1-800-233-2600   x1234