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Psychic astrologer who channels strong energy and navigates the prism of the crystal ball to answer life's deepest questions. Warm, upbeat and kind.

1-800-233-2600   x3100
$3.59 $4.49


Gifted intuitive empath devoted to helping others. Known for accuracy, insight, and clarity. Uses tarot, numerology and runes. Pet readings.

1-800-233-2600   x1355
$2.39 $2.99


Gifted clairvoyant and intuitive counselor. Known for her compassion and serving as source of comfort. Dedicated to bringing light to others.

1-800-233-2600   x1537
$2.39 $2.99


Psychic, tarot reader and intuitive guide. Focused on helping others live to their greatest potential. Accurate time frames and dream analysis.

1-800-233-2600   x1117
$2.39 $2.99

Sister Love

Third generation clairvoyant and spiritual counselor, specializing in relationships. Dedicated to helping others create the life of their dreams.

1-800-233-2600   x1155
$2.39 $2.99

Paul James Caiden

Paul is honest and ethical. A very sensitive clairsentient, clairaudient Tarot reader, Rune Master and Contemporary Shaman.

1-800-233-2600   x1285
$1.99 $2.49


Lorrie incorporates clairvoyance, astrology, tarot and dream interpretation in her readings. She has advised many in following their inner guide.

1-800-233-2600   x1210
$2.39 $2.99


As a psychic's psychic and consultant to the stars, Violet uses her natural gifts, along with the Akashic records, to guide others along their path.

1-800-233-2600   x1244
New! $1.59 $1.99


Franki is dedicated to delivering messages from spirit. A lifelong clairvoyant, she is focused on helping others by providing honest insight.

1-800-233-2600   x1269
New! $1.59 $1.99


Clairvoyant, clairaudient tarot card reader dedicated to guiding others. Highly empathic and compassionate. Fun, friendly and very accurate.

1-800-233-2600   x1340
$3.19 $3.99