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Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Years Experience: 19 Years
Specialties: Psychics , Dream Interpretation, Life Questions, Looking for Love, Tarot Advisors, Psychics , Psychics , Life Questions, Spirit Guides, Religion, Meditation, Feng Shui, Occult, Career & Finances

Bonnie has read the Tarot professionally for close to twenty years, and is certified as a Tarot Grand Master and Reiki Master/Teacher. Bonnie also works in the areas of dreamtime and intuitive reading, She has served in various capacities with the American Tarot Association and the American Board For Tarot Certification.

As a writer, Bonnie has had her work published in two Tarot anthologies, has two books on the Tarot with Schiffer Publishing, and has an extensive body of Tarot book and deck reviews, interviews and articles on the Internet.

Throughout her life she has been blessed to have come into contact with individuals who were willing to reach out and share their wisdom. After working for over twenty-five years in the medical technology field, Bonnie felt that it was time to use her skills to help people in a different way. Through her phone and e-mail readings her focus is to empower and help her clients to heal, and to gift them with tools that they can use to make a positive difference in their own lives.

Bonnie’s readings are focused on her clients, and on their questions and their issues. The reading time is their time, to ask whatever they want, and to gain as much clarity as they are ready to accept. Bonnie sees herself as a “middleman”, using the images and symbols in the Tarot to bring through the wisdom that her clients need to hear. She will help them to word their questions so that they receive the most in-depth answers possible.

Her view is that each reading reflects that specific moment in time. What is seen in that reading will go in a certain direction, were her client to take no action. Bonnie sees a reading as a multi-faceted process: (1) form the question, (2) ask the question, (3) get as much clarity as possible, (4) define the client’s options, (5) look at the pros and cons for each option and (5) give the client tools that they can work with to take whatever action they have decided to take to move their life forward, in a positive direction.

The tools that are given will be those that the client feels comfortable with. They could include dream work, working with guides/angels, affirmations, meditation, ritual, visualization, automatic writing and journaling. Each tool has a process, and each tool offers benefits to the person using it.

Bonnie allows her readings to find their own way, so that the level of the reading leaves her client feeling empowered, and ready to make a positive difference in their life.

Bonnie feels that as a reader, she is being given the opportunity to make a difference in her client’s life. She honors her client by paying close attention to them, and to their needs. Sometimes the questions that are asked are not the ones that need to be asked. Sometimes the Tarot answers the question that needs to be answered, after which all other questions can be asked.

Bonnie feels that our world is only as big as we make it. If we dream the big dreams, we will achieve the big success!

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Excellent guide!
By: A.

Bonnie is great! Super accurate. Provides a great road map for moving forward!


By: Goldie

Bonnie is a wonderful reader. I find her to be very helpful, easy to talk to and very straightforward in her approach. Have read with her a few times now, and she's definitely a favorite. Will be calling her again soon!


By: A.

I have had a few readings with Bonnie lately and have found her guidance to be priceless! Very helpful with her insight and quite accurate. Highly intelligent and very intuitive! I definitely recommend her!


Love Her Readings
By: all4hope

Bonnie is quick and on point. Her timelines are usually right on the money. I love the format of her readings and she is one of my three favorites on the site. Thank you Bonnie for your insightful readings.


By: A.

I had a reading with Bonnie about a year ago, and another one recently. Both times she has been spot on! I am wondering why I have not reached out to her more?! (I think she's usually on at times other than when I would be likely to call.) I am definitely putting her on my list of favorites and planning to call back soon. She was able to connect to my situation right away, was very accurate and easy to talk with. Very intelligent and evolved. Thank you!


By: Sol

Loved the reading! Super accurate.


Very impressed
By: Mistressleia

This was my first reading with Bonnie and it was a great reading, what put it over the too was when she said he told her he was planning for "our" future. He had never said this before but less than a week after the reading used those exact words. Will definitely call back


ZOMG! How do you do it?!?
By: all4hope

Bonnie I just want to let you know you're one of the BEST on this site. I don't know how you do it. Honestly, I don't but it was like you had a movie script read it to me then the next day I acted it out. You were right...he did contact me this week it was yesterday. You were right he did want to talk about the disagreement....I followed your advice and it helped to keep what would've been a disastrous conversation to say on track. You were right he isn't the type to verbally commit and he didn't. I kept an open mind and listened to what he had to say like you advised. Although he didn't verbally commit I know we have turned the corner to moving towards something more meaningful, consistent, and mutually satisfying for both of us. Thanks Bonnie!!!! :o))))


By: all4hope

Spot on as usual. Thanks Bonnie.


I should have listened
By: all4hope

I should have listened to you. You told me that now wasn't the right time to contact him because he was still angry and basically in a punishing mindset. I didn't listen and opened up a can of hurt for myself as a result. I will listen to your insights and recommended actions going forward. Thanks Bonnie.