PsychicPower offers live online psychic readings with only the very best psychics.  Our psychic advisors are fully screened and tested for accuracy, as well as being kind-hearted people who are dedicated to helping others through the use of their gifts.


If you have questions about your present or need insight into your future, our live phone psychics are online, ready to provide you with the answers you need.  


First-time customers receive a psychic reading with any of our gifted psychics for less than 50¢ per minute.
10 min. reading for $4.99 
25 min. reading for $19.99
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Returning customers receive up to $40 free when you add funds to your account online.  To connect with a psychic now, call 1.800.233.2600 or buy online.  


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Psychic Readings - Featured Psychics



Known as the celebrity psychic and the psychic's psychic, Violet has helped many work through life's difficult decisions for over 15 years

Ext. 1244


Extremely gifted clairvoyant known for incredible accuracy. Great with predictions . Specializes in relationships, dream interpretation.

Ext. 2093


Exceptionally accurate and gifted psychic. Specializing in love and relationships

Ext. 1111


Patience will help you to see what is ahead and what your choices are using the Tarot as a guide

Ext. 1340

Krystal K.

Known for her accuracy, Krystal is a gifted clairvoyant and tarot card reader. She focuses on life issues, relationships, career and finances.

Ext. 1368


Gifted with incredible psychic abilities. Known for her accuracy, compassion and patience. Offers clarity, direction and enlightened understanding.

Ext. 1100

 From an early age, Kathy began experiencing prophetic dreams and intuitive and empathic impressions. Over the years, she acquired many colorful life experiences and ventured down a variety of career paths. However, she finally decided it was time to begin to use her intuitive abilities to connect with and guide others. As a result, she has been on this path of helping others professionally for the last 25 years.