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21 March - 20 April » Look to get things done in their order of priority as an edgy astrological influence could set your routine veering off track, especially later in the week. Indeed, with Venus and its angles enticing you away from your tasks with fun options, it may be hard to focus. To counter this, look to attend to all essential tasks first of all today. This will create the liberty you seek soon.


21 April - 21 May » Although there can be a side of you that feels anxious at the thought of change, there are times when it can be liberating to embrace it. And over the days ahead Taurus, this may be the case, even if your preferred option is to invest in activities that are already working out well. You can do this of course, but taking a leap in a new direction could prove highly rewarding.


22 May - 21 June » With Mercury aligning with the Sun over coming days you may find it easier to get to the bottom of a personal or professional issue that's niggled you. As both planets are in Scorpio you could find that insights gift you with a healing perspective, enabling you to talk about this matter sensitively and with words that can resolve difficulties and promote good feeling.


22 June - 23 July » The cosmic set-up has qualities that can make the days ahead appear both exciting and uncertain. You may sense that no matter how good an idea sounds you shouldn't rely on what others are saying, even if they mean well. It may be best not to commit to anything just yet Cancer, as yet to emerge information or a better opportunity might still entice you elsewhere.


24 July - 23 August » A Moon Neptune tie suggests you may have second thoughts about making a certain purchase, especially if it is more costly. With the planet of desire Venus involved in the mix, you may be tempted to splurge anyway if you want it, but the cosmic picture hints that resources may be better invested in areas where you would feel the benefit, even if they're not so exciting.


24 August - 23 September » The astrological background suggests you could be tempted by an opportunity that lies outside of your comfort zone, even though more obvious options may already be to the fore. As the week gathers pace you could feel enthusiastic, even though you might face a challenge by taking this on. And if you refuse to be rushed, it could work out very well for you over time.


24 September - 23 October » With a lunar tie and Venus, your ruler, linking to Neptune, there could be doubts about whether a person's offer is genuine or not. Certainly, if you feel uneasy then it might be an idea to bide your time over coming days. Later this week, sober Saturn's influence can see your viewpoint and thinking become more businesslike, and making it a lot easier to say no without guilt.


24 October - 22 November » The present alignment hints that fond memories of an experience could encourage a desire to seek it out again. Even if you did, a counter influence hints that it might not quite match up to your expectations. If you approach any such activities with an open mind though, you might enjoy them for their own sake Scorpio, even if you can't recapture the past exactly.


23 November - 21 December » Although the presence of the Sun and Mercury in a private zone of your chart might coincide with a desire to step back and ease off the accelerator, you may find it hard to resist an idea that seems to provide an exciting challenge. The trick is going to be in avoiding the temptation to dive in too soon, for an impulsive move could backfire. Look to careful planning instead.


22 December - 20 January » The astrological backdrop hints that there can be a difference between doing something out of a misplaced sense of duty and helping a friend because you are more than happy to do so. Over coming days you may jump at the chance to assist someone with a project. But if you feel a friend or family member is trying to make you feel guilty, it could be best to politely refuse.


21 January - 19 February » A developing link between Mars and Uranus could encourage you to do more, especially if you sense that a breakthrough is at hand. Do take time to weigh up your options though, as this can prove helpful. As Venus draws closer to the sombre energies of Saturn this week, you might ignore a call to explore fresh options so as to engage more fully with present plans.


20 February - 20 March » With Venus inclining towards Jupiter, there may be one goal that you would like to investigate further. This might though be one of those moments to just go forwards and see where it leads. This can be a very fortunate influence, and of course, luck often falls to those with the courage to go beyond existing boundaries. Someone influential can be helpful too, Pisces.