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What's in your stars?  Great time to start that new business?  Or better to lay low with a good book? 
Check you daily horoscope to see what the stars have in store for you!  

Daily Horoscopes

Perhaps you're so used to reading between the lines, you're finding it hard to accept things at face value regarding a key relationship. Yet, today's influences suggest an honest, no holds barred conversation might help you see things in sharper focus. In addition, positive energies will help you resolve a key issue with real creativity.

The current alignment includes upbeat influences that might encourage you out on a limb today - with interesting consequences. Perhaps you'll decide it's worth making a connection with someone who could become a guiding light. A general mood of trust hints that this new friendship could greatly expand your options.

A lovely blend of energies, including a Sun Jupiter link, has fun potential - one which can also help romantic passions to quicken. If single, you could meet someone you warm quickly to. If you're already involved, these influences can pleasantly enhance what you have. All this connectivity could see you motivated to move in new, bright circles.

A flash of insight may be what it takes to solve a problem that has concerned you for some time. Don't ignore any nuggets of intuition, as one could be pure gold and well worth taking on board. Later, today's pleasant links might encourage you to get a massage or spa treatment, perfect if you are looking to relax and recharge.

Today's Sun Jupiter connection in your sign, could coincide with a stroke of real luck as well as feelings of confidence, making for a very positive and upbeat day. You may be keen to explore ideas and options as well as taking action on a number of issues. However, the cosmos also encourages that you listen to your sixth sense.

An inner restlessness might bring on feelings of impatience regarding a key relationship or situation, especially as today's alignment could boost your confidence enough to want to take action. If feelings of uncertainty have so far prevented you from doing anything, you could decide to get a move on and can feel better for doing so.

You'll benefit greatly from accepting invites and attending functions, as today's fortunate skyscape certainly boosts a feel-good factor. You could gain new customers if you're in business, enjoy a romantic date or make a new, fun and supportive friend. This sunny energy is best taken advantage of as it has many positive upsides.

Today's Venus Neptune connection encourages you to be realistic about any infatuation. If you've been lulled into a false sense of security regarding a love interest, then it will help to know whether they're worthy of your trust. If this fits your situation, hopefully there's no problem, but keep feelings back until you feel really sure of where things are.

You'll be well and truly in your element today, as a positive blend of energies enhances your desire to explore places, ideas and options. The focus is on being adventurous in your choices and daring to move out of your comfort zone. However, when it comes to more sensitive matters, stay attuned to deeper feelings and dynamics.

A chance to think deeply about what's important could be good for you. With a powerful focus on the element of water, feelings may come to the surface that need acknowledging. If something seems fun and fulfilling, you're probably on the right track. If you feel bogged down, perhaps you need to make changes to your plans.

A positive buzz runs through your relationships, as a Sun Jupiter connection highlights the potential for really super connections. Whether associated with business, romance or friendship, the input of others or another can prove a boon. Allow any barriers to closeness melt away Aquarius, and you will be richly rewarded.

A link between Venus and Neptune spotlights your charitable and compassionate side. However, in your willingness to help out you could be doing yourself a disservice, so be sure to consider your needs too. Plus, a sunny blend of energies might help you get ahead at work or to continue to think of any wellness activities or ideas.