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Daily Horoscope

What's in your stars?  Great time to start that new business?  Or better to lay low with a good book? 
Check you daily horoscope to see what the stars have in store for you!  

Daily Horoscopes

Hopefully you are feeling much more hopeful around your financial situation. If so, the chances are you can feel like giving yourself a major treat. If there are no immediate signs of an upturn in your income, be assured, for fortune bringer Jupiter will now aide you for a year. Mars tempts you to go for a big ticket item. Can you resist?

Hopefully you are feeling far more dynamic now that Mars is populating your Zodiac sign. The limitations that Saturn has created for you over the last couple of years can seem less intense, yet equally your desire to make progress can see you make some rapid decisions. However, if you're too hasty, you may need to retrace your steps.

Your ruler is the go-getting Jupiter. And newly established in your sector of expansion, things may be feeling very promising. Yet old concerns or issues which are buried deep inside of you, could stop you from seizing an opportunity as quickly as you could. If you feel this is so, try to address these as soon as you can.

This is not a good time to make assumptions around finances. Whilst a scheme may look hopeful there can be hidden details that you're not aware of at the present time. It's important not to be too idealistic, or over confident about how things will turn out. Apply your usual level of shrewd diligence to manage this.

If there is someone you feel drawn towards personally, or an important individual you want to impress professionally, this week offers lots of opportunities, but will also contain some challenges. The most important thing Aquarius is to stay truly relaxed, and authentically yourself. Look to let your natural personality shine through.

The temptation to throw yourself into situations and do as much as you possibly can, could be strong. Indeed, you might be very productive. But if any of this involves others do be careful not to promise more than you can realistically deliver. There are only so many minutes in each day Pisces, and you need some of them for yourself.

So, how's it going Leo? You have been given a huge jolt of astrological energy, but like all these big changes the results may not be absolutely instantaneous. And anyway, Jupiter's influence in your sign requires you to take the big decisions and actions. If you do, momentum can quickly build, but not everyone will be supportive.

Life really is a series of decisions. Of course the small ones - like what to eat for dinner, we take in our strides. But getting the big ones right is often much more challenging. And today, you may find yourself wanting to make some kind of statement. Doing this for the right reasons is essential, but being honest is essential too.

Jupiter may well be finding its astrological feet in Leo, but today and in fact for all this week, it is going to be at right angles with Mars. This suggests that you could find yourself cooking up some bold plans when it comes to your future, and not least when it comes to finances. However, one speculative scheme may prove to be just that.

The Sun has moved away from Jupiter, but the duo are close enough to still be empowering your thoughts and energy really positively. Ironically, Mars is forging a less helpful angle to Jupiter, one which could see you too cavalier around risk taking. So, the trick for today is being confident but not overly so, and especially around resources.

Are you looking to change where you live, or is there someone close to you whose world is in something of a state of flux? Then again, a complete change of residency may be on the astral cards. Whilst this may turn out well, all sorts of opinions and input can fly around and if you can, try to take these in your stride Taurus.

You can find yourself ultra keen to make a mark on this week, and you may have lots of different things on the go, even delight in spinning several plates at once. But what would you do if one of these fell and got smashed? In short, it's great if you feel go-getting, but narrowing your focus onto what really counts can be best.