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Angel Love

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Years Experience: 32 Years
Specialties: Psychics , Mediums & Reaching Beyond, Life Questions, Career & Finances, Dream Interpretation, Looking for Love, Soulmate Connections, Marriage & Family , Breaking Up & Divorce, Cheating, Tarot Advisors, Astrologers, Horoscope Compatibility, Spirit Guides, Angel Readings, Religion, Meditation, Numerology, Palm Readings

Angel Love has been clairvoyant her entire life, and has served as a professional psychic advisor for 32 years.   Although she is happy to help others with any issue, her specialty is assisting in the areas of love and romance.  

It is always her goal to guide her clients to a place where they will receive the most positive results and create the relationship they truly desire.  This can come from a place of helping people to see things from a different perspective, or gaining insight into a situation which they did not have before.  

Rather than feel frustration, she hopes she can help her clients to see a clear path of the road ahead.  

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A Beautiful Soul
By: Cali Gal

Angel Love is just that - love. She has the most amazing kindness and beauty about her. Gentle, intuitive, and sincere. She is a gem with a beautiful soul!


By: mtnditti

She is wonderfully intuitive!


Very pleased!
By: Zarinne

I really enjoyed my conversation and felt that everything she said was right on! I will Definately call angel love again!!! Very pleased!!


still waiting
By: jodine

03/21/2014 she inform me to be patient by may she see things will be more better for me and my kids father so will wait.


By: Linda5925

This reading was different because it started very positive but when I mentioned a concern I had, suddenly the reading had a tone of concern. Perhaps it was the energy I was releasing but wondered how it could change the minute I voiced an issue. Overall, the outcome remained the same as previous readings but the rating is a direct correlation of the context of the reading. I will call back again because I do enjoy reading with her and she is extremely nice. Thank you.


Excellent as Always
By: Linda5925

Once again a great reading iwth Angel Love. She remembers details from past readings and so far, hasn't strayed from her original predictions she made for me a while back. She continues to see the same outcome and the progression of the relationship is happening just the way she said it would unfold. Thank you for the reminder of being patient - which is not one of my strong points - lol! Things are progressing nicely and I look forward to the next two months!


By: Mistressleia

Picked up on my guy very well, would definitely call back


Thank you
By: jehitch

She helped me discern my Angela's guidance and it was very reassuring. She is definitely blessed with her connection to God.


Very Reassuring
By: Linda5925

Angel Love was able to reassure me that all is well with the man in question and that everything is continuing to move forward. She see's a bright future for me and the relationship continuing to grow and get stronger. I am looking forward for her predictions coming to pass over the next 7-8 weeks.


Always Excellent!
By: Linda5925

Really did help me through some rough times. Thank you for always being honest and positive!