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Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Years Experience: 19 Years
Specialties: Life Questions, Career & Finances, Pet Psychics, Dream Interpretation, Looking for Love, Marriage & Family , Breaking Up & Divorce, Cheating, Tarot Advisors, Religion, Feng Shui, Runes, Occult

A reading with Rain is a life changing experience. She is renowned for her accuracy and is sought after by many. Within moments, Rain is able to tap into her clients' energy and give them details about their current situation, as well as what to expect in the future.

Rain is a gifted clairvoyant, with 19 years of experience as a professional psychic. To aid with her readings, she uses tarot cards, runes stones, i-ching, and angel cards. She specializes in relationships and spirituality, as well as career and finances. Her goal is to provide insight, wisdom and guidance. Rain is also wonderful at interpreting dreams, helping her clients to understand their true meaning.

Rain explains that she is rewarded by being of service to others and knowing that her clients are empowered by her readings. At the end of the day, she knows that she is making a difference in the lives of others -- helping them to create their own destiny with the life they desire.

The praise for Rain is above and beyond. Her client's speak of her accuracy, patience, kindness and helping them to find their strength. The fact that it is near impossible to get through to her speaks for itself. However, when the stars align we all have our lucky breaks.  There is no doubt, we are all grateful for Rain and her gifts. When it's your turn, have your list ready!


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Correct Again
By: Jerseygirl4ever

Rain is always correct! Events continue to happen exactly the way she says. It's scary almost. She amazes me. Just love talking to her.


By: Aloraluna

Anyone looking for a good psychic.... You have to try Rain! She's fantastic!


Amazing amount of detail as usual
By: Mistressleia

I'm always amazed at the amount of detail and insight Rain gives. Said my man is more seriously thinking about marriage now and will probably start planning to buy a ring over the summer. Will keep you posted!


By: A.

Rain is truly an excellent reader. She is super accurate, very compassionate and always on point! Even when she tells me something that doesn't seem to make sense at the time - eventually the thung comes to pass and I get it. She is truly gifted. Thank you Rain!


Always great!
By: penbur

Always the best reading with Rain!


The best insight!
By: penbur

She has the best insight!



I have talked to several others on here and by far Rain is the best. She was so kind and friendly I felt like I was talking to a good friend. I only wish I had more time to talk with her. She picked up on things so quickly. Thank You so much Rain.


Thank You
By: Jerseygirl4ever

Rain, I could never thank you enough for the way in which you have helped me over the years. You truly are amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Most in depth reader hands down
By: Mistressleia

Rain is always on point, and whether its good or bad news, she delivers it with true compassion. I don't understand how anyone could ever give her less than 5 stars


Always 5 stars
By: Mistressleia

So I didn't want to hear that he was still talking to his " girl friends" online but I do believe you when you say he wants nothing to do with them in that way, it's them that are interested in him. Everything else you've said has been accurate to this point. Waiting for predictions to come to pass