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A reading with Rain is a completely life changing experience. Rain has been gifted her entire life, and she has innate ability to tap into her clients’ energy and give them amazingly accurate details about their life, the people around them and help them to understand what to expect in the future. She is dedicated to helping others, and uses her gifts to guide people along the path of their highest good. Helping people to understand themselves better, and have a deeper understanding of those around them, can help others to make the shifts necessary to create the life they desire. She believes that every moment of every day is an opportunity to reach our highest potential, and that life is a gift to be cherished.


Practicing professionally for over twenty-five years, Rain specializes in relationships and spiritual development. She is particularly insightful when it comes to helping with one's relationships with oneself. She's also happy to help with career, finances and dream interpretation. She explains that she is first and foremost a clairvoyant, and also clairaudient. Once she has a vision, she will use tarot cards as a confirmation. To aid with her readings, she also uses runes stones, i-ching, angel cards and tea leaves.  


Rain is known for being an exceptionally compassionate person. Though she can also be direct and to the point. She is accurate beyond belief, so she will not hold back if there is something important which needs to be said. Her goal is to provide insight, wisdom and guidance. But she also likes to keep it fun and allow her playful sense of humor to shine through. She has the gift of bringing light to even the heaviest of situations. She is rewarded by being of service to others, and knows that she is able to make a difference in the lives of others - helping them to create their own destiny and the life they desire. 


5/28/2023 2:29:38 AM UTC
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Praise for Rain

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"the BEST"

Rain is just the best!! 'Warning', it is SO very hard to get off the phone with her..haha! Ive been talking with her for years and every few months or so, sometimes longer, but EVERY time we talk again it's to tell her that all that she said happened exactly as she said. She often repeats word for word what people say. Her gift is amazing and she is amazing. Thank you always from the bottom of my heart Rain, for validating and confirming so much for me. My own growth through our conversations has been off the charts <3.

- Sunshinejoy

"Always revealing"

Calls with Rain are so extra special because she just REVEALS!

- Sunshinejoy

"She is Beyond"

Rain has been my go to clairvoyant for ten years.She is an amazingly accurate reader.She can recall details of your life, a deceased loved one’s life,with consistent accuracy and advise you as if she were a part of your familial history all along.She has a gift that everyone should experience.She is the reigning queen.....It is a privilege to have a reading with her. I’m grateful to have discovered her here.Call her......

- East Coast Girl

"Spot on!!!"

Rain is absolutely phenomenal. She describe, places, people, situations perfectly. I only wish she was sometimes more direct and less going on and on at the same thing.

- Sunset

"Oh My God!"

Rain is amazingly gifted, worth every penny.

- Lorraine2

"Wow shock" I’m in shock. Something major you predicted is happening. I’m #1 in me if you aren’t too busy. Thank you so much.

- sunnygirl

"Needs way more than 5 stars!"

Rain, thank you so much! You have helped me tremendously during our calls. I feel like I wouldn't be doing as well as I am with all of this if it weren't without you! I will keep you posted on all of the outcomes, but I just wanted to let you know, again, how appreciative I am of my time with you and for your graciousness! You are incredible! I do not know how you, constantly, pick up on all of the things that you do, down to the little details, but it's completely amazing. You are a treasure. :)

- sunnygirl

"Just incredible "

Hi Rain! Spoke to you this afternoon/early evening...and last night too. Hey, I’m sorry I’m not great at remembering to leave feedback but I just have to let you know how much I greatly appreciate my time on the phone with you. These calls are like therapy sessions for me, but so much more. You are just so incredibly gifted!! The things you pick up on blow me away! ..Wanted to also tell you that about an hour after we hung up today, I looked outside and saw a huge and beautiful, full rainbow right in front of my house!!🌈 ..pretty cool.

- sunnygirl

"Thank you so much, Rain "

Hi Rain! Just hung up with you a few mins ago after chatting about this current toxic situation with my person of interest. Well, first of all, let me start by saying you were very accurate about many things, but thank you immensely for the pep talk w/ regard to putting myself first. I needed to hear it and have been feeling guilty about doing so. I wish I could’ve spoken with you all night! I’ll keep you posted on the things you feel will happen and how it all turns out. But for now, I’ve got my own two feet firmly planted in the ground and I’m taking care of ME. 😊 Thank you again for sharing your gifts with me!

- sunnygirl

"words cannot explain"

all these years still amazing

- reborn

"Just the Best"

Rain has been my guardian angel through the worst of time and the best of time.She is clearly the best psychic ever.Love her.

- Carly

"Sees What Others Don't"

July 2019 - I don't know how Rain does it. I spoke with her briefly on July 15 after a job offer was rescinded. She said she saw success that the reason given would not impact me. She a woman would be instrumental in speeding this along because they all liked me and that she was seeing the number 8 which could mean 8 weeks, 8 days or August. Well, I think the 8 was for August because it was a positive successful outcome as she predicted and I will start on Aug 5th. Thanks Rain for an accurate reading.

- all4hope


Thank you for your wonderful insight. So sweet and helpful;it’s so appreciated.

- A. Non


Rain is a pleasure to talk to and is so very talented.

- A. Non

"Amazing "

Wow I’m blown away.

- Luna25

"No Stone Unturned "

Rain literally leaves no stone unturned. She sees and picks up on EVERYTHING!!! She has helped me through my most difficult life experiences over the past decade and she’s scary accurate with her predictions. I cannot thank her enough for all of her kind words, encouragement, support, and assistance over the years. She is my true sister-friend.

- Jerseygirl4ever


Such a wonderful talent. I’m always amazed at what she picks up on.

- A. Non


It’s so special when you get the chance to speak with Rain. She is so sweet and talented.

- A. Non


Thank you Rain. What a nice opportunity to have two to choose from.

- A. Non


Incredible! Her readings are so on point. She’s amazing!

- A. Non


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