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A reading with Rain is a completely life changing experience. Rain has been gifted her entire life, and she has innate ability to tap into her clients’ energy and give them amazingly accurate details about their life, the people around them and help them to understand what to expect in the future. She is dedicated to helping others, and uses her gifts to guide people along the path of their highest good. Helping people to understand themselves better, and have a deeper understanding of those around them, can help others to make the shifts necessary to create the life they desire. She believes that every moment of every day is an opportunity to reach our highest potential, and that life is a gift to be cherished.


Practicing professionally for over twenty-five years, Rain specializes in relationships and spiritual development. She is particularly insightful when it comes to helping with one's relationships with oneself. She's also happy to help with career, finances and dream interpretation. She explains that she is first and foremost a clairvoyant, and also clairaudient. Once she has a vision, she will use tarot cards as a confirmation. To aid with her readings, she also uses runes stones, i-ching, angel cards and tea leaves.  


Rain is known for being an exceptionally compassionate person. Though she can also be direct and to the point. She is accurate beyond belief, so she will not hold back if there is something important which needs to be said. Her goal is to provide insight, wisdom and guidance. But she also likes to keep it fun and allow her playful sense of humor to shine through. She has the gift of bringing light to even the heaviest of situations. She is rewarded by being of service to others, and knows that she is able to make a difference in the lives of others - helping them to create their own destiny and the life they desire. 


3/21/2023 9:44:54 PM UTC
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Praise for Rain

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Rain's happy clients have to say.

"so insightful"

Thanks a million for the insight!

- A. Non

"very talented"

She is such a talented lady and I'm so grateful when I can speak to her.

- A. Non

" a true gem"

Those of you who wait in line for her know what a true gem she is.

- A. Non

"thank you!"

So thankful she makes herself available to help so many people.

- A. Non


Rain, how on earth do you do what you do? The past week has unfolded for me with a series of predictions you have made. You said I would hear from a certain person in two weeks. That happened. You predicted I would be upset by a particular person around a particular event. That happened. Even though the things you say may not make sense at the time, eventually they make complete sense. Right down to the physical description of the people involved. Thanks for giving me hope for the good to come (and it does) and being well prepared for the more challenging events. You are so gifted!!

- Sol

"Fantastic "

She is so great!

- Cero1616

"Love her "

Absolutely love Rain!

- Caligirl

"Truly Amazing"

Gifted. Predictions come to pass - continually! Truly amazing.

- Sol

"The best!!!"

She is great!

- Happy505


Love her!

- Happyface


She was bang on about everything she told me, except for one thing. Too bad she is in such high demand and rarely online. I need to follow up.

- 2391212


Love her! Her accuracy is incredible!

- penbur

"So Accurate!"

Rain's accuracy is off the charts! She is able to pick up details about people. places and things that leave me speechless.. Events come to pass as she predicts - and her timing is fantastic. She also provides great guidance about different choices and will help lead you on the higher path. Truly gifted!

- Venus in Libra


Rain is such an accurate and detailed reader. She is simply amazing on what she picks up...I have been reading with her for a while now and had the person I call about pegged from the beginning!! LOVE Rain and wish she was easier to get a hold of <3.

- BeJoyful

"Very consistent "

Rain was very good , read with her twice and her messages remained the same . Time will tell if what she sees will be. I am hopeful of her future for me. Thank you rain .

- Anonymous

"fabulous, just fabulous"

incredibly gifted, Rain is always on point quick and accurate. there is always something that comes up in a reading with her, that there is no way she could know. you might have to wait to talk to her, but she is worth it. never had a bad reading from her.

- sunnieday

"right again"

She told me on 7/4 that she saw me getting a bonus or a raise soon and I couldn't help but laugh since it's been years since I received either, but when a bonus showed up on my paycheck on 8/15 I couldn't believe it. Sorry I always run out of funds, wish we could talk longer Rain.

- Mistressleia

"Still got it!!!"

Rain i wish i had more time 2 talk 2 u! ur still one of the best on here!

- vichan


Excellent and gifted beyond anything I could imagine. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

- mtnditti

"Soooo Accurate!!!"

During my reading with Rain she told me there was new information regarding specific people - and gave me a physical description of the particular person. She immediately asked me if I had checked Facebook lately - and I said I had not. She encouraged me to look. As soon as the reading ended, I checked, and sure enough there was a very "interesting" photo of exactly what she had described. I wish I had checked during the reading so she could have known that she was exactly correct. Though, she is always this accurate - it still amazes me each time. Gifted beyond words!! Thank you!!

- Venus in Libra


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