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A reading with Rain is a completely life changing experience. Rain has been gifted her entire life, and she has innate ability to tap into her clients’ energy and give them amazingly accurate details about their life, the people around them and help them to understand what to expect in the future. She is dedicated to helping others, and uses her gifts to guide people along the path of their highest good. Helping people to understand themselves better, and have a deeper understanding of those around them, can help others to make the shifts necessary to create the life they desire. She believes that every moment of every day is an opportunity to reach our highest potential, and that life is a gift to be cherished.


Practicing professionally for over twenty-five years, Rain specializes in relationships and spiritual development. She is particularly insightful when it comes to helping with one's relationships with oneself. She's also happy to help with career, finances and dream interpretation. She explains that she is first and foremost a clairvoyant, and also clairaudient. Once she has a vision, she will use tarot cards as a confirmation. To aid with her readings, she also uses runes stones, i-ching, angel cards and tea leaves.  


Rain is known for being an exceptionally compassionate person. Though she can also be direct and to the point. She is accurate beyond belief, so she will not hold back if there is something important which needs to be said. Her goal is to provide insight, wisdom and guidance. But she also likes to keep it fun and allow her playful sense of humor to shine through. She has the gift of bringing light to even the heaviest of situations. She is rewarded by being of service to others, and knows that she is able to make a difference in the lives of others - helping them to create their own destiny and the life they desire. 


5/28/2023 3:31:05 AM UTC
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Praise for Rain

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"Wow, wow, wow!"

My she's worth the wait!!! She told me things about 'my guy' that I did not even tell her and she knew exactly how I felt without me telling her. She also remembered our last conversation from last time. I've talked to other physics here on Physic Power but Rain is something else. She understands you and tries to make you see that you have a decision whether it's going back to the past with that one person or moving on with the new person. I will keep you guys informed if her predictions come to pass. I'll have to call her again hopefully this Friday or Saturday. I highly recommend Rain to anyone. It's hard to get through because she's always so busy with customers, but she is definitely worth waiting for to speak with :)

- Twinkly56


Awesome!!! Sorry i ran outta funds.

- vichan

"so grateful"

rain doesn't disappoint. I am always careful how much info I give, to see if they make a connection. it was immediate and 100% accurate with her. I have a long road in front of me, but with her help ill make it through alright. Im am so glad I found her. Had to wait to speak to her, but it was well worth it. 'She put my heart in peace. So grateful to her.

- sunnieday

"Like a big sis"

Rain gives the best advice and she is always correct. I'm sure she makes all of her clients feel this way, but she's like my big sis/BFF. I just love her! I always feel like she truly has my best interest and because of that I am a loyal caller. When I am unable to reach Rain and have to stray to a different advisor I always feel like I'm cheating on Rain. Lol. Rain, I cannot thank you enough! You are such a blessing to me.

- Jerseygirl4ever

"always worth the wait to get through"

As always, Rain amazes me with what she sees. I spoke with her on a Saturday and she told me something I was waiting on would occur very soon, probably within the next 6-8 days (as the cards showed it was right in front of me.) The event she spoke of ended up happening the next day. Her predictions always come to pass in the manner she says. Am always so lucky (and surprised) whenever I am able to get through.

- Mistressleia

"One Thousand Stars"

Words cannot describe how truly gifted Rain is. I must agree with whoever wrote that speaking with her is like having a conversation with your guardian angel. Rain truly is that! She is accurate beyond belief, and speaks the truth. Rain will help you understand the people in your life from a soulful perspective, and to help you see yourself in a different light. And this is a very empowering thing. Her predictions come to pass time and time again, and her predictions around timing are exceptional. She is a very rare gem and I recommend calling her if you are looking for a profound shift in your life.

- Venus in Libra


The amount of people she picks up on in a reading is just amazing. No other reader can pick up on as many people or details, even if they seem meaningless at the time, take notes, they will make sense later.

- Mistressleia

"Very Good"

Very good at what was said.....

- Giddyup


she told me that they wont lost but she also havent told me where we stand but she feel badly that i have been hurt by this fool

- jodine

"just waiting"

she tell me so much sometimes i forget what she say but she told me they gonna break up soon but didnt tell me if we gonna reconcile so will speak to her again

- jodine

"Words could not describe..."

Words could not describe how great Rain is. She tunes in so fast its crazy. I didn't even have 2 say a word. Thanx Rain!

- vichan

"The best!"

The best!

- vichan

"Forever in Awe"

I will be forever in awe of how Rain's predictions come to pass. She says it, and I wait for it to happen. This can be for better, or for worse. When it's for the better, I'm thrilled. When it's not, I know at least I am prepared- it will pass- and I know that good will come on the other side of it. I cannot state how accurate she has been - to the point that I just cannot wrap my mind around how someone can be so gifted. I was looking through notes from a reading last summer, and sure enough, events have unfolded as she predicted. People I would meet, things I would experience, they all unfolded as she said. Some of the things would jot make sense at the time, but with hindsight all that she said made perfect sense. The opportunity to speak with her is a gift! She always helps me see the the silver lining - no matter how storm the cloud. Forever grateful. (And forever in awe of how she does it!)

- Sol

"Feedback From A Prediction About A Robbery Connected w/ My Business That Was Due to Take Place In Feb 2015"

Because Rain's predictions are usually on the money. I was trying to be extra cautious over the lasts month or so. Rain saw a robbery of the sort that was associated with my business. Well, I wasn't robbed, but someone robbed my poor wallet of $180. Rain stated that such would happen in Feb, and sure enough, while racing to my office while ill, I dropped my wallet outside of the building which houses my business. The wallet was found before I was taken to the ER, but the money was gone! She stated that they wouldn't get much, which is correct once more- as I had credit cards with avail balances over $60,000 which was left behind along with my ID. Rain is amazing- good, bad and/or ugly, she will give it to you in the most pleasant way possible. Give her a call if you want information that is most accurate, down to the timing!

- T In Maryland

"Accurate as always"

From a reading on 2/2 she said she saw a new level of closeness between my man and me and she was right! Details she gave were scary accurate lol. Still not sure how she does it.

- Mistressleia

"Incredibly accurate as always "

I look forwar to my monthly reading with Rain and even though we only talk once a month, she never skips a beat. Remembers my situation and every tiny detail as if she just read for me the day before. The detail and amount of people she can pick up on in any situation is on another level compared to the other readers. She's worth every penny.

- Mistressleia

"Great Always"

Remembers the smallest details of past readings and is able to connect to the present and future.Love her.

- Grace65

"The Best"

Accurate,insightful.Will give very accurate insights.

- Leah38

"Somehow she always knows"

From a reading on 1/2 she told me my man and I have been going through a transitional period from August last year and will go through April of this year. She knew October was a rough month for us, knew he still hasn't met my children yet and knew my ex-husband was still unaware of our relationship. Not sure how she does it. I'm looking forward to predictions in February coming to pass and Rain, I'm sorry I always run out of funds on our calls (even after spending $150-175) I wish I was rich so I could afford an hour to speak with you, 30 min just isn't enough.

- Mistressleia

"We will see the result "

She was very descriptive on why the situation is the way it is. She said that Aug , Oct, and Feb will be significant months. Aug and Oct were. I hope she is right about Feb. I told her i have talked to other psychics and they all say the same result on my situation but i am getting frustrated that i haven't seen anything. She laughed and said well i hate to tell you this but i see the same result too. Hope the end result is the same. I talked to Rain twice and she was consistent with her story on the situation

- Yadayada0007


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