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21 March - 20 April » The desire for a challenge could encourage you to go ahead with something, despite criticism. Happiness comes from doing whatever makes your heart sing, and even if you've had your doubts, they'll begin to clear up as new possibilities come into view. You may get carried away by ideas of what might be, Aries. Nothing is certain until it happens, so don't be too gung ho.


21 April - 21 May » Feeling upbeat and keen to mingle in pleasant circles? This may be because the pearly Moon aligns with positive Venus, which could coincide with a warm and friendly encounter. This aspect might also lead to a tendency to indulge. But if you don't unwind very often, then enjoy it! Have a request for your partner? Relax, avoid nagging them, and you'll get your wish, Taurus.


22 May - 21 June » As the Moon aligns with Mercury retro, you may become aware of something that seemed a good idea at the time, but now appears a mistake. If so, you'll be in the mood to sort this out rather than put it down as being an unfortunate incident. It might take a while to resolve a matter that's already been set in motion, but as long as you trust your instincts, you'll get there.


22 June - 23 July » A delightful Moon/Venus tie may be excellent for sealing a deal or making headway in discussions and negotiations. You and another seem to get along well, and this can lead to more interactions and a stronger relationship in the future. And yet Mercury's retro phase suggests you could gloss over some crucial issues which might be important if this is to turn out well, Cancer.


24 July - 23 August » If you try to do everything by the book today, it likely won't be easy. Mercury's rewind phase suggests you may need to bend the rules a little, otherwise you won't get anything done. Sort the most urgent tasks out first, Leo. Plus, as Mars and the Sun in Sagittarius are a bundle of energy, you'll need to have an outlet that allows you to channel it. Hearty exercise can be the best way.


24 August - 23 September » With an exuberant energy in the air you'll be firing on all cylinders, and yet you may be uncertain where to direct this, which is a shame. If you can't decide on a goal, then pick anything that needs doing, especially any overdue tasks. Feel you should be doing something that makes a real difference? Getting a handle on the little things can be equally satisfying, Virgo.


24 September - 23 October » Good things may come your way as the Moon aligns with lovely Venus. A creative project or a romance look promising, and you might be hopeful of a positive outcome. On another note, a discussion could seem to be going backwards rather than forwards. With confusing influences hanging over you, you'll need to unravel the various threads to find out the truth of the matter.


24 October - 22 November » Although you tend to be naturally good at solving mysteries and finding hidden information, this trait may be even more to the fore with Venus currently in your sign. You'll be ready and willing to welcome others and make new friends. But you'll also revel in the opportunity to find out what really makes certain people tick, which can be very satisfying for a natural detective like you.


23 November - 21 December » A meaningful dream may have guidance that spurs you on, just as you're wondering if you're doing the right thing. You might be ready to face any difficulties with renewed determination and a certainty that you can win. Mars and the Sun in your sign are firing you up to tackle anything that you may have been putting off. This is exactly the right time to push yourself, Archer.


22 December - 20 January » The Moon in your sign and its ties to Mercury and Venus, could find you wavering if faced with an invite. There may be many reasons why you don't feel like it, but this convivial influence suggests something good might come from it. Perhaps you'll link up with someone from the past and your conversation will be significant. You might thank your lucky stars you attended after all.


21 January - 19 February » With Mercury rewinding and causing you to doubt those inner nudges, it may be difficult to trust your intuition. This might be the case today, with the Moon in Capricorn highlighting this dilemma. Whatever you're planning, take it step-by-step. Make use of logic and research your options, but trust your gut too. This dual approach could enable you to edge towards success.


20 February - 20 March » As dynamic Mars continues in a high-flying zone, you may feel a burst of energy and a sense that anything is possible. Don't try to do everything at once though Pisces, as you might end up disheartened if projects fail. This sense of aliveness and promise will last for some weeks yet, so choose your goals wisely, and with commitment you can achieve something quite wonderful.