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A reading with Rain is a completely life changing experience. Rain has been gifted her entire life, and she has innate ability to tap into her clients’ energy and give them amazingly accurate details about their life, the people around them and help them to understand what to expect in the future. She is dedicated to helping others, and uses her gifts to guide people along the path of their highest good. Helping people to understand themselves better, and have a deeper understanding of those around them, can help others to make the shifts necessary to create the life they desire. She believes that every moment of every day is an opportunity to reach our highest potential, and that life is a gift to be cherished.


Practicing professionally for over twenty-five years, Rain specializes in relationships and spiritual development. She is particularly insightful when it comes to helping with one's relationships with oneself. She's also happy to help with career, finances and dream interpretation. She explains that she is first and foremost a clairvoyant, and also clairaudient. Once she has a vision, she will use tarot cards as a confirmation. To aid with her readings, she also uses runes stones, i-ching, angel cards and tea leaves.  


Rain is known for being an exceptionally compassionate person. Though she can also be direct and to the point. She is accurate beyond belief, so she will not hold back if there is something important which needs to be said. Her goal is to provide insight, wisdom and guidance. But she also likes to keep it fun and allow her playful sense of humor to shine through. She has the gift of bringing light to even the heaviest of situations. She is rewarded by being of service to others, and knows that she is able to make a difference in the lives of others - helping them to create their own destiny and the life they desire. 


5/28/2023 2:59:35 AM UTC
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Praise for Rain

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Rain's happy clients have to say.

"Beyond Words"

Rain's gift is truly beyond anything words can describe. She predicts events with accuracy that is truly beyond belief. Descriptions of people, places, things, dates, events, circumstances and the feeling around them. Sometimes the prediction does not make sense at the time - then it comes to pass and I think to myself - how could she possibly have known that?! But somehow she does. Rain has been remarkable with people, event, and timing. Time and time again. I consider myself lucky each time I am able to talk with her. Amazing!!!

- CaliGal

"Always great! "

Great, as always.

- Rae C


If rain says it will happen, it will happen. At times the characters involved in her vision may be a little off, but she is on point with how things will go down. Its difficult to secure a call with her because so many folks race to get in line to speak with her- but when you do get the chance, you won't regret it. She will remain my "go to" person to help process whatever life events I am having difficulty process on my own. Love her, love her, and I thank God that we crossed paths during my lifespan.

- T In Maryland

"Rain Sees Everything"

Sometimes during my readings with Rain, I will intentionally not mention a person because in my mind they are irrelevant to my reading. Rain will describe the person and then say, "Who is this!!??" I get so tickled. It amazes me how she sees everyone and everything. Even more amazing that she's always correct about the person.

- Jerseygirl4ever

"Love Rain!"

I have experienced her readings for almost 10 years and I can say with confidence that she remains pretty consistent with her ability to be accurate. There is a kindness about her that is hard to describe. Have you ever wondered what it would be light speaking with your guiding angel. Yep, she is just that sweet of a person. You are left with the feeling that she actually cares; therefore, she will give you the good and bad to better allow you to make the decisions you feel are best. I've called her time and time again when I've needed clarification in the areas of career and relationships. She is definitely my go to person if I need the real deal info on whether a specific party is authentic with their actions, or whether I'm the one that has it all wrong. So, with the reading, expect a little life coaching. She is definitely a change agent! Before relapsing into an unhealthy pattern, you can revisit her messages from your reading to keep you on track. She is worth the wait and the cost. I will end with saying that without her insight, I would have either made more errors in judgment, or at least spent some time depressed. Life is full of transitions, its always nice to have someone there to help you process them.

- T In MD

"She's still got it!"

Incredible is all i can say. I'm speechless. This lady is the real deal! thanx Rain!

- vichan

"So Gifted!"

Rain is gifted beyond words. She has helped me so much. Very, very detailed in her readings. Always helps me see things clearly - and her predictions are accurate beyond belief!

- Venus in Libra


shes good!

- vichan

"How can I thank you?!"

Rain is just awesome. Accurate, compassionate and her predictions are off the charts correct. Most likely you will have to wait in line to speak with her - but I consider myself lucky every time I'm able to get through. Thanks Rain!

- Venus in Libra


she told me at the end no matter what you guys gonna get back together she was connected well with me this time share a lot of information with me and my kids father cannot wait to speak to her again she rock.

- god child


Rain is the best! I am so grateful to read with her. She reads people with perfection. And her predictions are unbelievable precise. Every time something she says comes to pass, I am speechless!

- CaliGal

"Accurate Beyond Belief"

Rain is absolutely the best, most accurate, insightful, amazing, gifted, talented reader. I could go on and on about her gifts. And I really do not understand how she is able to predict events with such precision. But she does. I have given up trying to understand how she does it - I just trust that her visions and insight are spot on. She recently told me someone who fit a certain description would pop back into my life during a certain time. Sure enough....there they were. At first, it caught me off guard. And within a moment I recalled what she had said. I have been reading with her for several years, and her predictions come to pass, through and through. She truly offers hope, insight and deep understanding.

- Sol

"Always Exactly Correct"

A few weeks ago, Rain gave me a scenario about my guy. She told me, "He would be offended!!!" The scenario played out and my guy's exact words to me, "I'm offended!" Rain is always correct and knows exactly how to help me when I need it. If only I would stop being so stubborn and start listening more to her advice. Thanks Rain!!!

- Jerseygirl4ever

"Right about so many things"

Was correct that we would reconnect in October, will wait and see how our relationship progresses. She said this month could be rocky but that next month we would regain balance. She has been right about so many other things, I hope she is also right about this.

- Mistressleia

"Correct on both predictions"

She was on point when she told me when I got an offer on my house the couple may not have money for closing costs and that there would be a counter offer. She was right on both.

- Mistressleia

"Five stars "

Five stars!

- reborn

"5 stars as always"

No words can describe how deep and detailed she can get into a situation. She is the only reader who is worth $4.99/minute. Serena and Judy are not even in the same league as her. If you've never has a reading with Rain, she is a must try! Always worth it.

- Mistressleia

"10 stars as always"

From a reading on 7/24 she told me August/Sept would be great transitional months for my relationship with my boyfriend. Also said I would see him in 2-3 weeks, she was of course correct on both. Though we had a slight hiccup at the beginning of the month, I saw him on 8/15 and I have already noticed a change more so this month than in the year of our relationship. It's always amazing to talk to Rain, if you can get through. I wish she was on more often. Thanks again Rain!

- Mistressleia


I spoke with Rain on 8/12/14 and I have to admit that she is one of the two best that I have ever spoken to and I have spoken to psychics on several reputable sites. She picked up on things that she couldn't have possibly known unless she was driven by divine power and she was so friendly. Her reading was extremely detailed and she touches on every aspect of your question so make sure to have the time needed for a mind blowing reading. I only had 7 minutes. I got a lot of info but I do wish that I had more time to spend talking to her. I will be calling her back and I will be prepared. Thanks Rain and sorry that our conversation ended so abruptly.

- MemeLatrell

"Pretty Amazing, but..."

Rain is phenomenal, if you have the time and money. She picks things up - details and timeframes others don't. But sometimes the process seems to take awhile so once she 'gets' the situation you've already spent a bit of money. Not to be negative, because she is worth it, just want to give honest review on what to expect. But she is definitely gifted. That said, she is spot on amazing with many things. No one is 100% accurate but I've read with her many many times and definitely appreciate that she is available, has a very pleasant demeanor and does the very best with each reading. She is 5 stars all the way - and you'll want to be prepared w/ Rain to stay on call for awhile if able. Because once she tunes in, she can come up with a lot of info.

- anonymousagain


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