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A reading with Rain is a completely life changing experience. Rain has been gifted her entire life, and she has innate ability to tap into her clients’ energy and give them amazingly accurate details about their life, the people around them and help them to understand what to expect in the future. She is dedicated to helping others, and uses her gifts to guide people along the path of their highest good. Helping people to understand themselves better, and have a deeper understanding of those around them, can help others to make the shifts necessary to create the life they desire. She believes that every moment of every day is an opportunity to reach our highest potential, and that life is a gift to be cherished.


Practicing professionally for over twenty-five years, Rain specializes in relationships and spiritual development. She is particularly insightful when it comes to helping with one's relationships with oneself. She's also happy to help with career, finances and dream interpretation. She explains that she is first and foremost a clairvoyant, and also clairaudient. Once she has a vision, she will use tarot cards as a confirmation. To aid with her readings, she also uses runes stones, i-ching, angel cards and tea leaves.  


Rain is known for being an exceptionally compassionate person. Though she can also be direct and to the point. She is accurate beyond belief, so she will not hold back if there is something important which needs to be said. Her goal is to provide insight, wisdom and guidance. But she also likes to keep it fun and allow her playful sense of humor to shine through. She has the gift of bringing light to even the heaviest of situations. She is rewarded by being of service to others, and knows that she is able to make a difference in the lives of others - helping them to create their own destiny and the life they desire. 


10/24/2021 1:08:24 PM UTC
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Praise for Rain

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Rain's happy clients have to say.

"Simply Amazing"

I don’t think I have the words to fully explain my appreciation for this lady. She is such a blessing, pure light. Her personality is unmatched and she’s so intriguing. She has the most comforting laugh and always gives advice from a place of love. She is never wrong, I trust her and love her. Rain is a true psychic, and such a gift to anyone who calls her. She gives so much to us. I pray that she is blessed beyond belief.

- WonderWoman:)

"Wealth of Wisdom within a Powerhouse"

She understands the depths and weathers of a person in order to be available for any type of counsel. A gifted intuitive with a huge heart and helps her clients be aware in a truthful trustful manner. A jovial soul with a lot fo gifts that anyone would benefit. Gifted encounters shall be abundant with a balanced intuition.

- Iuxabell

"The best!"

Rain is nothing short of phenomenal! I’ve been calling her for several years and I trust her completely. On top of her readings being spot on she has the best personality. Her analogies are hilarious and she speaks to you like a friend. This woman is pure light and love. I’m blessed to have her in my life??

- WonderWoman:)


Rain is like talking to an old friend.She knew so much and made predictions that have happen just last week.Can’t wait to see how things play out going forward.She is a real psychic.Love her.

- C.G.

"Never Misses"

Been reading with Rain for a while now.I keep coming back because she is accurate and the best.

- Linsy

"Top Choice"

She gave me three predictions this year and all of them came to pass.She is the best on this site.Very caring and honest.A real psychic. Call Rain first!

- Dani

"The Best"

Rain has predicted so many things that have happened for me.She is a wonderful intuitive and a great guiding light.She is the Best on this site.Worth every cent.

- CL

"Still the Best"

Accurate,insightful still the best on this site. Worth every cent.Doesn’t contradict past readings Try her first.

- CP Lady

"Goes Deep"

I kept coming back because everything she said was so true. You won’t regret talking to her and I’ll definitely call her back.


"I love Rain! :)"

Rain is beyond words!!!

- reborn

"The Best!!!"

Rain continues giving me strength and support throughout my difficult time. She is the best!

- Sunset0725

"Always the Best"

Rain still reigns in the throne.She is the Queen of this site.Accurate and caring always.

- CL

"Had to laugh"

3/19/21–I recently started a new business venture. Rain told me that there would be people trying to jump on the bandwagon to learn how to do it or join me, and she specifically mentioned MY MOM. I had to laugh the other day when my mom asked if she could be a “silent partner” in my business. Rain saw it coming, yet again, so I was definitely prepared on how to respond! Thanks a million Rain for being so amazing and for sharing your beautiful gift with us all!

- Jerseygirl4ever

"Sensational "

Rain has read for me for years yet I’m still so amazed at her detailed accuracy.

- LibLady

"Amazing "

Rain is lovely and amazing! She is so gifted. It’s truly a one of a kind reading.

- LibLady

"My Friend"

I absolute loving talking w/ Rain. It goes beyond wanting to know what the future may be, it's talking with your best friend. She is someone I love sharing the ups and downs, the losses and the wins of life. She is beyond an advisor to me, she is my friend and it kills me not been able to talk to her more often. She is worth every penny, but it's so so expensive. Her predictions sometimes are a little delayed, but they are certainly always right. If you haven't spoken with her yet, you definitely should.

- sunset0725

"The absolute best!"

The absolute best!

- sunset0725

"The Queen"

Rain reads with the intent of assisting you with your life’s goals and dreams.When others confirmed her predictions I knew she was the real deal.Then when what she predicted came to pass even if the timing was a bit off schedule, I knew Rain was the reigning queen.Love her.A reading with her is worth every penny.Call her for the New Year.

- EastCoastGurl


Rain is accurate,caring,and simply the best psychic ever.A reading with her is life changing.Call her first.

- CL

"Always correct "

Rain is almost always correct with her predictions and if she doesn’t know, she’ll be honest about that. She has been correct in situations even when I hung up thinking that her prediction was impossible. For example, when my husband and I were searching for a home to purchase, I found the home that we wanted to purchase and submitted an offer. Rain said, “You’re going to get your wish. You’re going to get the house that you want.” I was devastated when another buyer outbid us and I thought that Rain’s prediction was incorrect. Well, boy was I wrong for doubting her. We got a call from our realtor a few weeks later asking if we still wanted the house. The other buyers didn’t get the mortgage. As Rain predicted, I got the house that I wanted. I got my wish. Don’t ever doubt Rain!!! Lol

- Jerseygirl4ever


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