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Regular Hours:
Sunday: Off duty
Monday: 9 AM - 1 PM
Tuesday: 9 AM - 1 PM
Wednesday: 9 AM - 1 PM
Thursday: 9 AM - 1 PM
Friday: Off duty
Saturday: Off duty

All time Eastern Standard Time.


Zodiac Sign: Leo
Years Experience: 25 Years
Specialties: Psychics , Mediums & Reaching Beyond, Life Questions, Career & Finances, Looking for Love, Soulmate Connections, Marriage & Family , Breaking Up & Divorce, Cheating, Tarot Advisors

Serena is available -
Monday to Thursday 9am to 2pm and 5pm to 7pm

Serena has served as a professional psychic and medium for over 25 years.  As a young child, she knew that she had intuitive gifts. At age of 5, she began having premonitions that certain events were going to happen before they actually did.  As a young adult, she studied the Tarot and began her career as a professional psychic and medium.

Serena is a very straight forward and compassionate reader.  In her readings, she seeks to give her clients clarity and direction, while remaining caring and compassionate. Although Serena is versed in the tarot she does not need any tools in her readings but will upon request use the tarot cards. Have your questions ready as she gets her information quickly.

Serena specializes in love and relationships, pet readings, and serving as a medium for those seeking to connect to loved ones who have passed.    In addition, she assists local law enforcement authorities with helping to locate missing persons and lost animals.

In Her Words
“I enjoy my work tremendously and love being able to help people with their most important decisions.”

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always a pleasure
By: jodine

03/31/2014 she never give me false hope she tell me the truth all the times she share with me what she see for me and my kids father good or bad and she never change her stories on me you rock girl all you have told me in the past 5 years have come true so i have faith by may or june all will be well for me and him . xoxoxoxo


By: Gala

Fast without wasting your time. I'm still waiting to see if anything comes true.


Eager to Help
By: *libra*rising

I'm filling out my stacked feedbacks for Serena,, Even though I decided to leave most readers, and almost all my regular readers missed on one thing, I wish to say something one more time. Serena has a very positive attitude, and wants the best for her clients. When something goes wrong with a conversation with a reader, I usually feel like taking the reader off of my favorite list (and even reregister in order not to see the reader on my page again, lol), I did not feel so with Serena. That's how clear her good intentions are! Very nice personality.


By: techgirl

She told me since I lost my job that he misses me and wants to contact me but is not sure if he should. She told me to contact him. So I did and he did not respond. She also said we would talk again but we will not be in a relationship. All others have told me he would contact means that in April we would be together...I am confused. I called her because she is known for being right do are the others wrong


By: *libra*rising

This reading was two days ago (3/11/2014), in the afternoon. Serena said that what I was waiting for might show up, but I would have to wait very long, till around 4/1. Right after the reading, I was told by someone that what I was waiting for is already near my place, and that I can come take it or wait till it is delivered to my house the next day! Huh? But how could Serena be so off? I was half not believing it. I called the place where I was told I could pick it up, but someone there said the information was not true. I got so confused, but this morning, within 2 days, it came to my house! Was Serena picking up on the thoughts of the person who said (in error) that I wasn't getting it any time soon when I called? Or did I somehow ''change'' the outcome?? Pretty puzzled


I guess i'm unusual? Things can change
By: *libra*rising

I guess I do things that are unpredictable, and sometimes change the outcome greatly. Serena did tell me once, "You changed it!" when not only Serena but all other advisors I consulted said that it was no use reconnecting and trying to repair a relationship with a friend, but after I did try something, the friend contacted me after almost a whole year.


By: *libra*rising

Serena, a long time ago you told me I can use my psychic abilities in helping people without saying what exactly I am using. This was right on! I started doing it just this month! A friend called me and told me her problem, and I was fully in tune, and she said Wow! you hit it on the nail!! just like we clients say!! I felt so much satisfaction, knowing I used my talent the right way. My friend asked me if I had professional training in psychology. No, I didn't, lol, but I did work as a professional (psychic) healer. I simply said I was a counselor instead of psychic counselor, but I don't think I lied. Words can't express how fulfilled I was, and how to the point you were on this matter. Thank you again. (I think your advice was late summer 2013, but I'm putting it here.. Sorry for going back and forth.)


Serena was most of the time 5 stars for me
By: *libra*rising

I don't mean to blame it on Serena, because the website says "we believe in all tools to empower" but I am not allowed to rely on astrological readings, so when I was told things based on the stars as predictions/warnings, I had to dismiss it in my mind. It wasn't too often, and not too too long.Serena did say she wasn't a professional astrologist. Maybe I should have clearly told Serena this inconvenience... I thought she may get offended, as (I think) we both saw astrology as a science, and I didn't have any problems talking about data and personalities linked to astrological data and coincidences of events and stars. I guess it's time for me to say good-bye, since I am uneasy with our different belief backgrounds. This also means I can no longer consult many other psychic advisors...


quick and confident
By: *libra*rising

by the way, I think it's so nice of Serena to add more hours to her regular schedule so that customers have more of a chance to catch her.. there must be many fans who normally can't catch her in the mornings due to their work schedule


By: *libra*rising

It was very nice of Serena to tell me we weren't connecting the time we seemed to live in totally different worlds and didn't communicate. (Some other readers could have gotten mean!!)