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About Serena

Serena is warm, friendly and compassionate.  She has served as a professional psychic and Tarot reader for over 25 years.  She cares deeply about her clients, and is focused on providing accurate information with a quick pace.  Overall, her goal is to help others by providing the clarity they need to create the life they desire.

Her Story

As a young child, Serena knew that she had intuitive gifts.  At the age of five, she began having premonitions that certain events were going to happen before they actually did. As a young adult, Serena studied the tarot and began her career as a professional reader.  Serena is a master tarot reader and instructor and now teaches the tarot in the pacific northwest.


Serena is a very straight forward and caring reader.  In her sessions, she seeks to give her clients clarity and direction, while remaining compassionate. She encourages clients to have their list of questions ready, as she gets her information quickly.


Serena specializes in love and relationships. She also serves as a medium for those seeking to connect to loved ones who have passed. In addition, she assists local law enforcement authorities with helping to locate missing persons and lost animals.

In Her Words

“I enjoy my work tremendously and love being able to help people with their most important decisions.”


8/30/2014 4:10:45 AM UTC
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Praise for Serena

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Serena's happy clients have to say.

"Good as always"

Good as always! Lookin forward to things coming to fruition

- lilswtmiss17

"The Best"

So many predictions have come true.She has been so accurate with my situation even as it moves to another level.She always saw me having a choice and that is occuring now.Love,love,love her.She will not waste your monwey.She's quick also.

- Carly

"Always quick"

Always quick and gets straight to the heart of the matter. Will continue to call Serena! She is accurate as well :)

- lilswtmiss17


Always accurate.....predictions coming to pass as we spaek.She is a true empathic reader.Tells you outcomes.Doesn't waste your time. Love her!

- Carly

"Great Reading!"

Reading with Serena is like talking to one of your best girlfriends that can give you that advice you need to feel better about yourself and your situation. Thank you Serena!!

- Beth

"Serena is always correct!!"

I have yet to have a reading with Serena and her predictions are not 100% accurate! I have read with Serena for about 2 years now and I feel so comfortable talking with her. She is always direct in her approach but so kind I really enjoy her readings. At one point, I was so sad and upset about a failing relationship that I emailed her and on her day off contacted me that she would go on to do a reading. What a blessing, gave me the piece of mind I needed to carry on with my day. That was a while ago but I will never forget it. On our last reading, she remembered one year ago what we talked about as the predictions on time I might add are coming through. I can't say enough about Serena! Thank you!!!

- Beth


A prediction that Serena made many months ago is coming to pass NOW.She is so awesome.Very intuitive and just the best.....Love her!

- Carly



- lilswtmiss17


Serena always jumps right in and gives much clarity:). Her insight is always on point!

- Belove


wonderful person and accurate reader she tell u the way its still see me and hubby will reconcile soon i just hope i dont have to spend christmas alone .

- jodine

"Always Accurate"

I've been reading with Serena for a few years now,she is always accurate and confident in her predictions.She made a prediction about a new person in my life (which she had been predicting for a few readings) and that prediction is happening now just as she said.Love her!Call her!

- Carly

"Predicts the Truth"

I can't tell you how accurate Serena is.I had a reading with her a few weeks ago and all has come to pass.She will not waste your time.The best.......

- Carly

"Dreams (overall note)"

During the year I was a frequent repeater of Serena, she kept reappearing in my dreams. Don't recall any other reader (or even girlfriend) coming as a guest in my dreams so often! Serena must be a special soul :)

- *libra*rising


Serena is amazing!!!

- vichan


luv her!

- vichan

"love Her"

Serena is a compassionate caring yet accurate reader....when she has to tell you something that is not exactly what you want to hear she always says "I need to be honest and tell you...." she gently tells the truth. She is accurate about both the good and the not so good......thank you Serena

- Lynn1968


If you have not read with her believe me you will not be disappointed ....give her a call

- Lynn1968

"The best"

I have never had to trust anyone like I am Serena right now....some really really rough spots in life and she manages to guide me through....not without pain but with insight to help me see the whole picture....she is amazing

- Lynn1968


I cannot begin to tell you all of the things that she has pointed out to me and made me see exactly what I needed to do.....thank you Serena

- Lynn1968

"My lifeline "

Serena has become my complete lifeline. She is so intuitive it ALWAYS amazes me. I feel like she guides me on paths I may otherwise totally mess up. The insight she sees and delivers in her readings has never been wrong. I am so thankful to her for always knowing what is best for me whether I like hearing it or not....THANK YOU so much Serena

- Lynn1968