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About Serena

Serena is one of Psychic Power’s most highly gifted, naturally talented and experienced psychic consultants. With 26 years of experience as a Master Tarot reader, medium and visionary, the accuracy of Serena’s insights and revelations are nothing short of astounding. This is best evidenced by her clients' high praise, ranging from statements such as “Guidance that changed my life for the better” to “The best of the best” to “A healing experience” to “Beyond outstanding."

Serena’s Story

Serena’s gift of intuition awakened within her as young child. Her heightened psychic abilities led to a career that is in full force, serving clients for 26 years. Her talents are utilized to assist others in their deepest needs. Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Performing readings on radio and television programs
  • Teaching classes on Tarot and “How to Awaken and Contact Inner Psychic Abilities”
  • Assisting local authorities and police in finding missing persons
  • Working with national pet rescue efforts in Seattle


As a warm, compassionate, and friendly psychic, Serena’s clients are comfortable confiding their deepest inner secrets, concerns, and life situations with her. They often consider her as much of a friend as a reader. “Really felt a connection,” wrote one client, while another stated, “Serena is a monument of kindness and compassion.” She gives each client and reading her complete attention, focus and energy, with the goal of providing insight, answers, information and solutions. Serena describes her reading style as “very straightforward and direct.”

Serena: How to Get the Most Out of Your Reading

In order to get the most out of their readings, Serena advises her clients to come prepared. She recommends that clients bring a list of questions to the reading, and to have pen and paper handy, as psychic information flows through Serena rapidly and spontaneously. Because Serena naturally picks up on her clients’ vibrations instantly, it is helpful for clients to contemplate their questions beforehand.


Serena is especially tuned in to issues pertaining to love and relationships. Clients frequently come to Serena for clarification about:

  • Marriages and divorces
  • Dating relationships, intimate relationships, friendships
  • Family relationships
  • Work, professional and school relationships and situations
  • Relationships in general


Serena’s special gifts enable her to serve as a medium for clients who wish to connect to their loved ones who have passed on.

The Nicest Feedback a Client Ever Gave

Serena has given thousands of readings over the years, and while they truly are all special, one in particular stands out. In Serena’s words, “The nicest feedback I received was from a caller that told me that I changed her life and how she loved talking to me and that she considered me her life coach. She told me that she had been so lost and now that she had found me, it gave her hope.”

Serena’s Personal Interests and Other Talents

In addition to her psychic skills, Serena is a trained opera singer and an experienced bagpipe musician who loves spending time with her family, friends, metaphysical colleagues and her beloved cat, Percy. She has an irresistible attraction to antiques, flea markets, decorating and beautiful objects d’art.

Serena’s Feelings About Her Work

“I enjoy my work tremendously and love being able to help people with their most important decisions."


12/8/2022 3:44:00 PM UTC
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Praise for Serena

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Serena's happy clients have to say.

"Truly Accurate"

Very first time I called she immediately knew I had been sick and told me what she saw over the following weeks and she was pretty accurate. I called a few times since to tell her what she had happened. She was the first on the site I felt truly was accurate. I still haven’t met this man she talks of but she stands firm on him so, I am sure this too will happen

- LJ316

"so detailed"

I always getting an amazing reading from Serena

- reborn


7/8-she predicted that during that I'd hear from him during the week and we did have some communication. He also did contact while my friend was here on the 25th which she predicted he would reach out but he didn't initiate anything. She sees it all and I like that. Without saying anything or better yet, her taking the words right out of my mouth that everything is just so hard with him. Ironically she told me what I was thinking... if he leaves to take job out of state, it gives me an opportunity to move forward with the other. However she doesn't see him leaving. I'll know for sure in August. I never get a chance to say thank you because we talk right up 'til the end so, THANK YOU for great accuracy!

- missh

"On Point..."

7/1-I totally trust Serena’s predictions and insight. She said C would contact on 7/3 or 7/4 and he did on the 4th. I wasn’t expecting it and was too busy to think about him. She is so on point even when it seems unlikely to happen. She always gives accurate, fresh predictions and sticks to them. I am so glad I found her about 2-3 years ago! 😊

- missh


Omg! It’s been a while since I’ve talked to Serena! She picked up on things quickly. I can’t bel evr she evn remembered me! I luv her! I’ve still got cold chills! I have faith that Serena’s predictions will come to pass. Thanx Serena ur still the best on here. I can’t wait to talk to u again!!!

- vichan

"Serena is always on it..."

5/20-Still saw that I will need to make a major decision btwn the 2 guys by the end of this month or right on June 1. C will contact stronger on Tue and something on Thur he is just letting things cool off and wondering if I am checking social media. She was right because he mentioned it. She was also correct in that what's holding me back with R is that my feelings for C overpower my feelings for R. Saw that other woman re: C has moved on and another man is coming if not already there and realizes that I don't trust him. On point!

- missh


Love reading with serena! always accurate

- xoNewEnglandGirlxo


LOVED my reading!!! She picked up on my ex pretty good it was really neat :) looking forward to seeing things unfold! =)

- xoNewEnglandGirlxo

"Forget All the Rest and Call Serena!!"

4/11 -saw that things would definitely be better in May and things have started off well. She was right in that he will not outright apologize but he does in his own way things. May 3-5 things will begin to change and on the 5th he really wanted to see me and spend time after not seeing him for 5 weeks. 4/15-Serena is just so amazing in her predictions! Saw more contact on 5/6 or either the day b4 or after and he did on the 5th. She also saw during this time that he'd been interviewing and really working on getting this job. I didn't know because we hadn't talked but he told me on the 5th that he'd been out of town twice interviewing. Wow!!

- missh

"Try Her if You Haven't..."

4/2-said that I would hear from him on the 7th or 8th and he did on the 7th. after all we've been thru and I considered us over, she saw that we would still be connected in May and we definitely are. She also saw him traveling for an interview of which I had no idea he had been interviewing for because we'd been out of touch for a few weeks. Lo and behold on 5/5 he told me that he'd been to Seattle and NY interviewing for a position. She also saw that I'd get a job in April and I did on 4/9. Serena definitely sees and is 9/10 spot on! Thank you so much Serena. You have become a dear friend.

- missh

"So Accurate!"

4/15-saw that contact may come on Easter and other predicted dates. Surprisingly he did contact on Easter and unblocked me. I just returned the greeting and said nothing further. Thanks Serena for keeping me sane through all of this with your accuracy! Looking forward to all other predictions. You're the!!

- missh

"My Girl!!"

4/9-I had a 2nd interview today and she predicted I'd get an offer on the 10th or 11th. At 9a on the 10th I received an offer! The salary was lower than I expected but I negotiated my way up another 2k which put me closer to where I wanted to be. She told me what they liked about me and it's exactly what they said to me. There was another guy trying to come in on the scene and she told me not to waste my time 'cos he was selfish. Sure enough, I haven't heard from him anymore because I wouldn't do things the way he wanted. She said my POI would still contact me this week and he did today with a video (as I suspected) but she also said he would later in the week as well. She said he thinks about me everyday. By the 22nd, things will begin to open up more for us and by May things will be a lot better. She admonished me not to despair; everything will be ok. She's the BEST and I will stick with her!

- missh


Great, as usual, full of great insight and direction.

- English

"Can't Get Enough!"

Serena sees right into the situation with accuracy. She says words and sees exactly what's going on. He really does love me but is afraid because I see right thru him; very true! Saw that he'd been hanging out with someone that he'd reconnected with and she was so right; it was his nephew. Instructed me to stay strong and every time I think about contacting him, think about what he did with my purse. She saw that he'd owed me quite a bit of money. Also saw another male energy coming my way and I couldn't think of anyone she was talking about. Lo and behold, I reconnected a few days later with someone I'd met a few years ago. I tip my hat to you Serena for your kindness, availability accuracy!! Thank you.

- missh

"Very Accurate!"

4/2-Saw that contact will happen on the 7-8th no later than the 10th and he did on the 7th and 9th. He does love me and is afraid if I move away, he'll lose me forever. He realizes he has not been the best toward me and considers himself on hiatus but will come back around. Within the month of May we will still be connected and things will be better. Predicted that I will get a job this month as well. If you haven't contacted Serena, you should! She gets right to the point, doesn't beat around the bush and waste your time. She's HIGHLY ACCURATE! Information continues to flow until your time runs out. She is the best on this site!

- missh


3/28-Contact didn't happen as seen but assessing the situation was spot on. Reassures me that he does love me and doesn't want to lose me. Saw me with a new job in April and implored me to stick to my guns by not contacting him. This was also the second time she saw another man coming in that I might take interest in. Thanks Serena for always being there for me. oxox

- missh

"Timing is Spot On!"

Serena's predictions with timing are spot on! She has been telling me for weeks that someone from my past is going to reappear. Though I know her predictions to be true, I just couldn't figure out who it could possibly be. She told me it would happen on Tuesday. Sure came a VERY UNEXPECTED message on Tuesday from someone I was super happy to reconnect with. Such proof that her visions are very real and truly happen.

- Venus in Libra

"Absolutely Fabulous!"

Serena is super gifted! Events she has been describing for quite some time are playing out in the present, and it's quite amazing to experience. I've been calling her for years, so I trust that when she says something will happen, it does! Yet, I'm still amazed every single time. She will give you the information you need to get you to where you need to go!

- Venus in Libra


This is the first of many, many reviews I will be leaving for Serena! I have been seeking her guidance for many years and she has proven to be accurate beyond belief! She will describe a sequence of events - important people, places and things - and things end up playing out exactly as she describes. It's actually quite surreal when it happens. Serena explains that it's like she's watching a movie in her mind's eye....showing her what is to come. Events she has been describing for quite some time all happened recently, so it's all very exciting! Evidence that she is spot on with what she sees! It's best to experience it for yourself, as it's hard to put into words. Just imagine that someone tells you that you'll meet a person that looks a certain way, you'll meet them in a certain place, and they'll say a particular thing. Plus many, many more details. Then it happens. (And you can't help but laugh because it's actually as she describes.) This happens....time and time again. The best!

- Venus in Libra


3/17-Said that if by the 20-21st he doesn't acknowledge what I've said then he won't. He did say a little bit of something within that time but nothing significant. However, it let me know that he did read what I said and knows how I feel. She saw that by the 25th we would be together or something happening. We did see each other at church and conversed for awhile and had lunch later. However, there was a very negative interaction that happened even later. Saw that by the end of the month, he would cook and invite me over. Still saw a job for him by end of month into April. I will update other predictions if they happen because of what happened on the 25th, things may have changed. I can definitely count on Serena's insight which is why I don't call anyone else on this site. She's the best!

- missh


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