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About Serena

Serena is one of Psychic Power’s most highly gifted, naturally talented and experienced psychic consultants. With 26 years of experience as a Master Tarot reader, medium and visionary, the accuracy of Serena’s insights and revelations are nothing short of astounding. This is best evidenced by her clients' high praise, ranging from statements such as “Guidance that changed my life for the better” to “The best of the best” to “A healing experience” to “Beyond outstanding."

Serena’s Story

Serena’s gift of intuition awakened within her as young child. Her heightened psychic abilities led to a career that is in full force, serving clients for 26 years. Her talents are utilized to assist others in their deepest needs. Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Performing readings on radio and television programs
  • Teaching classes on Tarot and “How to Awaken and Contact Inner Psychic Abilities”
  • Assisting local authorities and police in finding missing persons
  • Working with national pet rescue efforts in Seattle


As a warm, compassionate, and friendly psychic, Serena’s clients are comfortable confiding their deepest inner secrets, concerns, and life situations with her. They often consider her as much of a friend as a reader. “Really felt a connection,” wrote one client, while another stated, “Serena is a monument of kindness and compassion.” She gives each client and reading her complete attention, focus and energy, with the goal of providing insight, answers, information and solutions. Serena describes her reading style as “very straightforward and direct.”

Serena: How to Get the Most Out of Your Reading

In order to get the most out of their readings, Serena advises her clients to come prepared. She recommends that clients bring a list of questions to the reading, and to have pen and paper handy, as psychic information flows through Serena rapidly and spontaneously. Because Serena naturally picks up on her clients’ vibrations instantly, it is helpful for clients to contemplate their questions beforehand.


Serena is especially tuned in to issues pertaining to love and relationships. Clients frequently come to Serena for clarification about:

  • Marriages and divorces
  • Dating relationships, intimate relationships, friendships
  • Family relationships
  • Work, professional and school relationships and situations
  • Relationships in general


Serena’s special gifts enable her to serve as a medium for clients who wish to connect to their loved ones who have passed on.

The Nicest Feedback a Client Ever Gave

Serena has given thousands of readings over the years, and while they truly are all special, one in particular stands out. In Serena’s words, “The nicest feedback I received was from a caller that told me that I changed her life and how she loved talking to me and that she considered me her life coach. She told me that she had been so lost and now that she had found me, it gave her hope.”

Serena’s Personal Interests and Other Talents

In addition to her psychic skills, Serena is a trained opera singer and an experienced bagpipe musician who loves spending time with her family, friends, metaphysical colleagues and her beloved cat, Percy. She has an irresistible attraction to antiques, flea markets, decorating and beautiful objects d’art.

Serena’s Feelings About Her Work

“I enjoy my work tremendously and love being able to help people with their most important decisions."


2/5/2023 2:43:05 PM UTC
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Praise for Serena

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Serena's happy clients have to say.


Serena has been saying since October that he would not attend her event in December and he did not! I had my doubts but she was certain. Waiting on other things to evolve and will update again soon. Ty!

- missh


12/1: I've been frustrated with a few of my readings but Serena has been above average accurate. She saw that he did not want to let me go and was thinking hard, trying to figure things out and that I would hear from him before 12/7 and I did. Thank you!

- missh


Serena has been so supportive and I'm glad that I found her. Her predictions have been timely with a few ups and downs. We didn't see each other on Thanksgiving nor were things better between us. They took a turn for the worst a few days before the holiday. However, she did predict that by end of Nov/early Dec he would tell me if he was still seeing her and he did. She further predicted that by 12/8-10 I would feel more at ease about our situation. I'm currently waiting and hopeful. Thank you for being there!

- missh

"wondeful reading"

It had been years since I've read with Serena and was nervous to call again since she was accurate in the past although at the time I didn't want to hear it. Called about a new man I was seeing and she picked up several things that were all accurate and predictions made for Oct and Nov did come to pass as she said. Thank you so much Serena for reading for me again.

- Mistressleia

"She is awesome"

She is awesome

- DannyF

"Consistent and Accurate"

On 8/21 Serena saw that there would be intimacy between us within the month of September. It didn't happen but the opportunity could've been there of which she saw. She saw that by September one of us would initiate an invite and on 9/23, he practically invited himself over to my house. I hadn't seen him since April. She saw that he would come around more and more and he has been communicating more. He is still with other woman but she didn't see that remaining. Thank you for your consistency and accuracy.

- Missh


On 9/18 Serena predicted he would contact in mid October regarding a dream he had about me. On 10/16 at 5am he sent me a text message saying he awakened out of a dream of me and him being together sexually. She said he would not move to FL to be closer to her and he didn't. He was offered and accepted a job here where we live. Serena has always said since I began speaking with her several months ago that they would not stay together. Serena has been soooo accurate; it's uncanny even when you don't think it's going to happen, it does! Thank you!!

- missh


10/9: Serena predicted that he would get the job and on 10/11 he sent me a message shortly after his final interview that he got the job!! She saw that they are still communicating but that he is getting closer to me. She said he looks at me as a support system and in his message he said, "I appreciate your undying support." She also said that he doesn't want to hurt me nor is he trying to and he said, "the last thing I want to do is cause you anymore emotional distress." She predicted that in Nov is when things will really begin to pick up because he will be working and feeling better about himself. She was spot on 'cos he did get the job!! TY, hoping for all good things!

- missh


On 10/2 she saw that he would contact within a week's time and express more emotions. He attempted to stop by on 10/4 but things went awry. She said him not inviting me to his house has nothing to do with other woman, he knows we'll end up being intimate. On 10/5 Serena predicted that he would make another attempt to stop by and on 10/7, he did come over and we spent some quality/intimate time together - what was trying to be avoided. She predicted the intimacy encounter in September but it happened early Oct. He wants to keep the connection and the door open for the potential of us being together and for our friendship. On 10/10, he said, let's just maintain our friendship because we don't know what's in store for our future. Almost said word for word of what Serena said. She's so accurate even when i don't see it happening at the time because I'm living thru it but she accurately sees the future outcome. TY!

- missh

"Very accurate!"

On 9/20 she predicted that he would contact within the next few days to to week and he did on the 23rd and came to see me as well. Predicted that he will break up with her as he does still love me. I continue to call Serena because of her accuracy! xoxo

- missh


good person

- jodine


On 8/4 she saw that he was down but that talking with me lifts his spirits. He's having money issues which is very accurate; having a hard time finding a job. Saw that I would contact him and I did by happenstance; it's amazing how she knew that and he kept the conversation going as she said he would. Saw that things would pick up for us either 13, 15, 16 and he called me on the 15th. Said things will begin to shift for them and fall apart as they start to come back together for us. I'm hopeful because it's been a long time coming and I deserve this new start. Thank you for being so firmly accurate. :)

- missh

"A True Psychic"

On 8/8 she predicted I would receive contact btwn 8/13-17 and he did the night of the 15th. She saw something that he always does when he's feeling down. That was a surprising shock to hear and spot on! Saw that things will take a turn with them btwn now and September and has been doing a lot of thinking. She even saw that I would get a job I interviewed for and that they would really like me. She was right! On 8/15, I received a call offering me the job! She said the salary would be negotiable and they split it right down the middle of the range I was requesting. Serena is EXCEPTIONAL!!

- missh

"I was skeptical but she's GOOD!"

On 8/1 Serena predicted that the next contact would come from me. I just knew she was wrong because I had no intention on reaching out to him. As it were, I found out some information that he would be very interested in and I found myself reaching out on 8/4. He was very excited to hear from me and kept the convo going as she said he would. She said thru the rest of Aug into Sep things will begin to fall apart for them and he will continue to contact me and get closer in Aug. Now just waiting on her next prediction that she gave on 8/4 and 8/8 and will update then. She has been spot on for me and could feel that I was losing hope but encouraged me to just hang in there.

- missh

"Still waiting for it all to unfold like she says it will "

I starting speaking to Serena in June regarding WAS, up until present her predictions remain the same : she states I still see u will have comuncation , u will see him again and that there is strong connection there, she did recommend that I reach out to him only one time via text she stated that she felt if we saw ieach other in person that he would remember the powerful connection we had and would want to continue seeing me. although I have not seen him , he has not reconnected and he has not responded to my text and nor has called me back Serma STILL sticks to her predictions which ii find interesting after I explain all that is going on she will continue to tell me , I'm sorry but I still see he coming forward and when u see him he will have a white collard shirt on . Serena has finally recommended that I no longer send out text and leave it to the universe due to no activity in saying all this Serna still sticks to her perfection and states he will pop back up again . We are in August now and I have still have not heard from him but because of everybody else's reviews on Serena readings I am believing in what Serena sees , but I guess for my case it's just taking longer ..... stay tuned for her to prove me wrong

- Faith17

"Scarily Accurate... in a Good Way!"

Serena' s predictions have been on point since day 1. On 7/24 she predicted contact btwn 3-4 days and he did on the 28th and 31st. She saw that things will take a turn in Aug for us and gave advice not to pursue him or let him think I'm waiting. Saw that he will continue to contact me and become closer thru the month of Aug. Still does not see them remaining together and will break off in Aug.

- missh

"One of the Best"

Serena continues to be dead on with her intuitive advice with me. Absolutely one of the best on this site.

- Carly

"Spot on!"

7/17: she predicted contact btwn the 20-22 but surprisingly he did on the 23rd. She told me what the contact would be about and it was. She predicted accurately that he was around other woman and he was for the entire week. Still saw that we will get closer now -Aug and that things will fall apart with them next month due to an argument. She predicted I will have a hard time trusting and she's probably right. Saw they will not stay together regardless of what it looks like right now. Thanks Serena!

- missh

"Very Accurate"

Her predicted timing has been very accurate. Said he would contact by Fri/Sat and he did at 2am on Fri. Saw that he will begin to make an effort, make small talk and things will begin to get better. Saw more contact next week thru end of July into Aug.

- missh

"Accurate predictions "

Her predication came to pass at least one of them did

- Faith17


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