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People claim they do many things in the name of love. Love gets a bad wrap when it comes to people who enable. I believe those that enable, intellectually believe that they are taking their actions from love, but emotionally it is about control. Enabling is not a selfless act but a selfish act. It is all about what the enabler needs, and nothing of what their “victim” needs. Yes, I said victim, because those who are targeted by enablers are victims. They get their lives stolen just like a murder victim, the only difference is they are still breathing. But they still have had their lives stolen from them. Their connection to spirit is high jacked by someone who doesn't believe there is a higher purpose to life and only they can save them. Enablers are predators. I know that seems like a hard thing to say, but it is true. They are drawn to people with low self esteem, or personality traits that lends them to taking the 'easy path.” Perfect pray for enablers. In many cases, enablers groom their victims over time, especially in close relationships, like lovers or family, by saving the day so many times that the person doesn't notice that they are losing their personal power. Enablers have lost their faith in a “greater power.” They have somehow had their personal experience with a greater source stolen from them. Somewhere in their lives they have felt like a failure, and inside still do, and the only way their can validate their lives is to “save others,” only the saving requires that the other person lose their life. You simply can't save someone who is empowered and doesn't need saving. It is imperative to the enabler that the person they target never gets a sense of their own power by their own means. They may become empowered by a direct result of the enablers actions, but at some point that will slip away and the cycle will start again. Enabler's personal disconnect from spirit causes them to believe that those they target need them. That... Read More
Post by Shanon Lhoure at 2/13/2012 10:21:58 PM