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TAROT READING VERSUS PSYCHIC READING: WHICH IS BEST? Neither one is better than the other. It really comes down to the person giving the advice and how skilled they are at their craft and what you are personally comfortable with. Some people are not comfortable with tarot cards; others like to see the cards because it helps them feel involved. Others don’t like psychics because it can seem too vague. The tarot has more structure than a psychic reading. There are layouts and meanings and archetypes to the cards that give the advisor a clear path to follow while delivering information. Much like an irrigation system directing the water to a field. Different cards and spreads are like one of those channels directing the water only they direct the information towards the answer of your question. Tarot readers often will also have intuitive and psychic abilities, but choose to use the information they derive from the cards to formulate the information into a clear picture for the client. Tarot readers will often have a favorite deck because as you spend time with the cards it becomes a working relationship and you will see that one reader will read the same cards differently from the next. That is because though the cards technically mean the same thing, the human experience of that meaning differs with each of us and as the reader develops their relationship with their deck they also develop their own language and understanding of the cards. This strongly enhances their ability to interpret the cards. Almost like a secret language between the reader and the cards themselves. Psychic, clairvoyant, intuitive and empathic readers work more with unseen as far as mainstream reality. They are able to read energy fields and have fine tuned their ability to interpret their gut instincts to where they can also see or sense different levels of information that are held in the mass consciousness. I use my own deck THE WORDS TO THE WISE ORACLE but I also read... Read More
Post by Shanon Lhoure at 3/26/2012 3:32:16 PM
WHY GET A READING? Readings, whether psychic readings, tarot readings, astrology readings etc.,are to give you insight and perceptions of situations in your life that you may not be able to see or may not know how to apply by yourself. Any reading should empower you, not make you feel powerless. It should give you information that you can then take and use or at least mull over and from there, come to a decision that is best for you. Readings are never meant to replace good old common sense or your own internal gut instincts. No reader “knows more than you do” at your core level, we just see and access information differently and often our job is to communicate it to you in a way that you can at least hear it if you can not not fully integrate it at the time. Human nature is interesting in that we “get information” for ourselves but often don’t act on it until we hear it from someone else. Shanon x1119
Post by Shanon Lhoure at 3/26/2012 3:18:45 PM
March is going to be a month where we need to start taking responsibility for our own abundance. Too often we do things that we deem to be “good things” and feel that we should be rewarded by spirit. We get put out if the person who is not as qualified gets the job, the one with less experience gets to lead or new comer gets the preferential treatment. We get angry with spirit because we feel passed over. We have done everything we should have been doing but we are not being rewarded for doing it. Often at spiritual trade shows, vendors who have paid a good amount to be at the show, get angry because they are not making their money back. They have paid their money and they are good people, spirit should automatically reward them. Not so. First of all there is not a running tab between you and spirit. And also, your abundance is a direct result of your own personal karma, not whether or not spirit loves you or notices you. We need to realize, it is only our egos that notice that we are not being “recognized” with some physical reward, not spirit. The universe doesn’t work like that. It works in energy. If you only do things to get something then you undermine yourself. You taint your efforts. Rewards come in many ways and not always on the same day that the event occurs. Many times I have worked an event and walked away deeply in the hole as far as making my money back, but I work very hard at appreciating the event, pay attention to any contacts I many make, be aware of other reasons I may be there other than to make money, and I find when I do this, eventually I will see the reason for my attending. It may be month’s later, but something always comes from it and it always amounts to more than I could have expected. So, this month be mindful that there are many other ways for us to be rewarded beyond what we think it is we should get. Remember that spirit works from the big picture, not just this one small place in time, and if... Read More
Post by Shanon Lhoure at 3/18/2012 4:12:05 PM
Sometimes we ignore our inner wisdoms..Sometimes we are always their for someone else. Sometimes we find ways of making excuses for our friends relationships. Only looking out for their heart. Sometimes we don't. Sometimes we live with no one to turn to and nothing in our pockets. Sometimes a child our own or one sitting in a shopping cart with a big smile gives us hope. Sometimes we feel like giving back. Sometimes we choose to oppose everyone. Most of the time feel nothing or a bit of something.
Is this because of our own Reflection???
Is this what I Ignore???
Ask yourself is this me!!!
Stand Up, Get Up, and Change Yourself
Stay Blessed
Post by Endorie at 3/5/2012 9:51:20 AM