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What a great month August is going to be for all of us eccentric, quirky and unconventional beings!

Too often those of us who approach life in a different way from others: instead of not bringing up a subject because it might make us uncomfortable we would rather be uncomfortable to know the answer so they ask so we can move on. The one that relates more to their pet than their mate. The dreamer who literally can gain insight from their dreams. We, who wear colors to a funeral and understand why. The one who truly listens to their two year old’s opinion because they know those opinions count and only sound unrelated, it is more often we are just not tuned in enough to get it. So many of us that omit things about ourselves from conversations: pieces of ourselves that even those that love us don’t know about us because they may define us as being too different.

August celebrates you! This month is letting you know that God or the Divine or whatever name you give the greater awareness; GETS YOU.

You are not weird or strange or less than those that can fit in with stampeding herd.

Remember, a stampeding herd is a large amount of fear driven beings heading towards an unknown fate, usually to escape another unknown fate on the word of many times, of one being who has no more insight than they do.

Hey give me weird any day!

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Post by Shanon Lhoure at 7/29/2011 1:42:44 PM