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I love to work with Tarot decks of varying themes. I recently ran across a blog on the Eight of Cups from the “Herbal Tarot”. This is a deck that I don’t have, but that is now going on my wish list! It follows the traditional lines of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, using herbal lore as a backdrop. It is a very gentle deck – the type of deck that I most prefer to work with.

The imagery in this deck is a bit different – instead of seeing a dark cloaked individual walking away from the cups and into the mountains, we see water, and a ship sailing away from the eight cups. In the sky over the ship we see a quarter moon. The water represents our subconscious mind, and the ship represents us.

In general, when the Eight of Cups comes into a reading w know that a situation has become stagnant, it has outlived its purpose/usefulness, and we need to release it and move on. In the traditional imagery, the figure walking into the mountains indicates higher wisdom being attained. The boat that represents the self on the waters of our unconscious also indicates higher wisdom coming to us.

The herb associated with the Eight of Cups is Gravel Root. (An image of the herb also appears on the card.) According to the companion book, Gravel Root helps to loosen emotions and feelings. If we are to accept higher wisdom, we will need to release whatever is holding us back, and be willing to expand our emotional boundaries.

An Eight of Cups moment is a turning point – a leaving behind of the past, and moving into the future. It is all about how we see things – seeing things from a new perspective. There is a need here to honor that which we have already achieved, and to be willing to move forward perhaps on a different path, or in a different manner.

Where are you in the cycle of your life? What challenges you? What sustains you? What no longer sustains you? Where do you need to move forward? What small... Read More

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March 20th ushers in the first day of Spring, known as the Spring Equinox (or Ostara). This is the one day of the year when light and darkness achieve balance. (Another way of looking at this is that there is also a balance in yin and yang, or masculine and feminine energy.)

Spring brings with it new growth and new beginnings, in plant, animal and human life. I am sad to see winter go, but I do love the green of spring (and warmer weather!). The Spring Equinox is a time for celebrating life, and t he renewal of life. It is a time for planting seeds – literally and figuratively.

We plant the literal seeds of those vegetables, flowers and crops that we wish to see in our lives – that we literally wish to harvest. We also plant the seeds of goals that we wish to achieve, the manifestation of ideas into physical reality, This is a highly creative time, and we all need to honor the creative nature within us.

What changes do you wish to make in your life? What goals do you wish to achieve? What needs to be left behind? Know that you need to dream the big dreams here, because that is the only way that you are going to manifest them in you life - to see them first, clearly, in your mind!

Today is not only the first day of Spring, but it marks the time when we move into the Astrological new year with the sign of Aries. The Aries temperament is a fiery one – they like to take the lead, and initiate projects. They are enthusiastic, full of energy, adventurous, ambitious and impulsive Wow – what a package!

They like breaking the rules, playing devil’s advocate, and generally shaking things up! Patience is not one of their virtues, and they can be a bit frank. They are also highly creative, and have both the willpower and the stamina to achieve their goals.

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What does your kitchen have to do with wealth and prosperity? No, no … it has nothing to do with the cost of groceries! In the world of feng shui, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the center of both health and wealth. Where does all this passionate fire come from? It comes from the stove!

The position of the stove is crucial for wealth and abundance. It should be positioned so that the person doing the cooking does not have their back to the main doorway into the kitchen. This is not always possible. One way to remedy this is to place a mirror on the back wall of the stove – high enough that people’s heads can be seen. Or you can attach a mirror to the door of the microwave, if your microwave is over the stove (which is often the case in newer homes).

It is also important to honor your kitchen by keeping it clean and in order. This is not only for health purposes, but because we want “clean” finances, and a free flow of the Qi of prosperity. Make sure that all of your burners are working, or you will be impeding your own prosperity. Adding a convex mirror above the stove will multiply the Qi by multiplying the number of burners seen.

What does your kitchen look like? Is it cluttered? Is it dirty? Do you like to cook in it? Do you like to eat in it? If not, what changes do you need to make? Small changes in this one room of your house can make big changes in your health, your attitude, and your literal abundance and prosperity!

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Saint Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love the green shamrocks, the corned beef and cabbage, and the general sense of joy and … well, mischief! It began as a Christian holiday, and became an official feast day in the early 1600’s. The lines have been blurred somewhat over the years, and now it is seen as a celebration of Irish culture.

The story of Saint Patrick is an interesting one. Born to a wealthy family in Roman Britain, he was kidnapped into slavery and sent to Ireland. He escaped, returned to Britan and studied to be a priest. In 432 he returned to Ireland, as a Bishop, to save the Irish people. He became the champion of Irish Christianity.

Today we know St Patrick’s day as shamrocks (and shamrock shaped cakes and cookies), green beer, the serving of corned beef and cabbage, and parades. It is a day of lightness and celebration.

If you have Irish ancestry, this is a good day to connect with it. If you are not Irish, it is still very easy to get caught up in the celebration and sharing of food and drink. It is a time to put our worries aside and honor life.

I drew a card from the Tarot to see what this Saint Patrick’s day means for us. I drew the Six of Pentacles. Considering the role that Saint Patrick played with the Irish people, this is a very representative card. It speaks of balance, of sharing of our resources, of being sensitive to other peoples needs.

Who are you sharing your prosperity with? Who are you mentoring? Who are you being mentored by? In what way can you be more sensitive to those around you?

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Many of the clients that I talk to on this line are making very progressive moves in their lives. This is a very exciting time for all of us – to make best use of the number three energy of 2010, so set the foundation for many years to come. I recently came across an article on hosting your own Podcast Internet Radio Show. This may not appeal to everybody, but it will, I think, to a significant portion of the visitors to this site.

It is one thing to be a guest on an Internet Podacst – this is an excellent way to get whatever you are offering out there, to gain the attention of potential customers. Hosting a Podcast allows you to get your own ideas out there, and to share with your audience the ideas of like minded people.

Setting up the shows is very easy – it is what is called a conference bridge, where the host and the person being interviewed call in to the show. One of my favorite Tarot Podcasts had one host in Canada, the other in Vermont, and the callers from all over creation! It was exciting, informative, and a great promotional and teaching tool.

Also, Podcasts are generally archived on the host site, so that listeners who are not able to hear the show live can go back and listen at a later date. The host can record the program, and then go back in and edit out background noises with programs such as Audio Acrobat. It really doesn’t take a degree in technology to record, edit and post a Podcast.

The process of creating a show for Podcasting would be the same as creating any other type of show. Choose a title that represents what you are presenting, and that will draw in an audience. The next step is to find guests that offer something positive in the area that defines the show. You will not retain listeners if your title says one thing, and your guests are talking about something completely different!

Enjoy yourself, enjoy your show, make your guests feel comfortable,... Read More

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What place does your ascendant, perhaps better known as your “rising sign”, have in your astrological portrait? To begin with, your rising sign is defined as the sign of the zodiac that was on the Eastern horizon when you were born. Rising signs change quickly, having a two hour duration. Each of the twelve signs takes its place during a twenty-four hour period.

Your ascendant is how other people see you – it governs “first impressions”. I have my Sun and Moon in Capricorn, which can be a fairly rigid sign. However, my rising sign is Cancer, which gives people a completely different picture of me. (My ex had his Sun and Moon in Cancer, with a Capricorn rising sign.)

Here is a quick look at the twelve astrological signs as they move through the Eastern horizon:

  • Aries Rising – Here we have an outgoing, energetic personality. This person lives life to the fullest, and can be impulsive. They are ready for any and all challenges.
  • Taurus Rising – This person has a quiet, strong personality, and can be stubborn. This person exhibits a great deal of integrity.
  • Gemini Rising – This person is quite the talker! They have charming personalities, and love the social scene.
  • Cancer Rising – This is a quiet, sensitive person who has a hard time fitting into new environments. They are extremely intuitive, and very aware of the needs of those around them.
  • Leo Rising – This is a self-confident, assured person. They are the “informed” risk takers of the zodiac.
  • Virgo Rising – This person is quiet and reserved, with a high intelligence. They can tend to be perfectionists.
  • Libra Rising – These people love to see balance in their lives, and can be very persuasive. They socialize well, but not for personal gain.
  • Scorpio Rising – These people are quite intense, self-reliant and goal oriented.
  • Sagittarius Rising – These people love to be on... Read More
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On Monday, March 8th, Mars turned direct in the sign of Leo. Mars carries very passionate energy, energy of aggression and action. This is a time when we are mandated to stop messing around and put our plans into action.

The Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius( will be the most affected. Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) will get a gentle hint that the pace of their lives is picking up. The Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) will be dealing with everyday issues, and issues of a financial nature. The Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) will be overjoyed to see long term plans starting to take shape.  

Mars energy addresses our self-confidence, our sense of personal power, and our ambition. Mars is the fire in our belly that gets us moving, the passion that gets us to face our challenges. Opportunities will begin showing up, and you may find that your world view, your perspective, has changed ever so slightly.  

To see what areas of your life may be affected, look back to December, 2009. (How time flies!)  What issues were you facing? What plans or projects seemed to be mired down, unable to move forward, no matter what you did? Don’t feel surprised if new ideas start show up in these areas, and things start shaping up.  

It will take Mars a few days to hit its stride, and for us to see its affect in our lives. Guess what – this is fine! Monday, March 15 (the Ides of March!) is the New Moon. Mars hits its stride just in time for us to start new projects on the New Moon!   This is not a time to hold back. Get the big projects out, and dream them even bigger. Chart your action steps, and go for it!      
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There was an article in the “Personal Journal” section of the Wall Street Journal this morning. The headline read “New Muse: The CEO”. The sub-title talked about designers such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and others embracing the pantsuit and “Matchy-Matchy” style for women. Now, none of these incredible designers are hanging in my closet (yet), but what we see from the major designers does drift down into “real time”.

I am an old school Capricorn who abhors “business casual”. Business is business,people! Dress accordingly! So I am more than thrilled to see well done pants suits for women making a comeback. Hand out some bonuses to these boys (and girls!)!

BTW - I did some checking – my favorite designer, Georgio Armani – has some very nice jackets, slacks and skirts that fit this category.

The new look, according to this article, and looking at the pics, is comfortable, strong and “far from body revealing” (read conservative). No shoulder pads (although I kind of liked that look!), the jackets are long, and the pants are (relatively) wide legged. These cloths are definitely wearable!

As I said – the designer version is not in my closet yet, but a more “medium priced” version certainly will be! Time to ramp things back up a bit!

I drew one card from the Tarot to see what... Read More

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I just read a very interesting article on the interaction between a performance artist (actually, three performance artists), the museum they were performing at, and the audience. The full article can be seen here –

It seems that the museum (P.S.I.) cut the power towards the end of performance artist Ann Liv Young's performance – citing safety considerations. The issue here seems to be that there were no safety considerations, at least as far as the audience was concerned. Young herself received deep gashes to her legs from a glass that someone had broken before her performance, but this was the only casualty.

In fact, the whole thing was to the benefit of the performer that followed, Morty Diamond. The lights were still off, but the audience would not leave. They stayed rooted to their spots, and lit his performance with their cell phones. How good does it get!

It seems there may have been an issue with Young questioning the work of the previous performer, Georgia Sagri. However, this was done under the guise of her character … in other words, as part of the show.

This is performance art,which is understood to be edgy at the... Read More

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Mercury, the messenger planet, moves into Pisces on March 1st. Under the influence of Pisces, we move from the intellectual manner of dealing with life to living from the heart.

This is a time of spiritual growth, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus all in Pisces, the sign of compassion and sensitivity.

Along with the power of the Full Moon, we are encouraged to listen to our intuitive self, to reconcile and release the past, and to make a true “new start” with the astrological New Year on March 20th.

Think of Mercury in Pisces as a “gentle communicator” – the soft voice, the soft touch that bring in necessary compromises and moves things forward. This is also a time to listen closely to others. Be aware that a great deal of information will be coming your way – allow it to flow through you, so that you are not overwhelmed. Things may seem a bit disorganized, but you will have the information that you need, when you need it.

Our focus now is internal, and how we relate we the external world. We are more concerned with our individual paths, and how they relate to the world around us. This is a time of wisdom and compassion. The flip side carries the energy of illusion, where we are not seeing clearly, and do not connect or function well with the real world.

Stop and see where you are – what side of the coin are you experiencing? Remember – it is your choice as to how you are going to live your life. Listen to your intuition, and act accordingly.

Post by Bonnie at 3/1/2010 4:18:46 AM

I have just been reading about empathy on the blog of one of my favorite Tarot author/teachers – James Wanless, Ph.D. (“The Voyager Tarot”). He talks about being interviewed on the use of intuition in the workplace – specifically in the interview process. (interviews would go so much better if those conducting them would listen to their intuition!). Around this time he also read a column in the newspaper on how Americans distrust the so called “power elite”.

The common denominator for him was empathy. Wanless defines empathy as the ability to know what someone else is feeling, and to use this knowledge to communicate more effectively with them.

According to the article that he read, the one quality missing from these business “hot shots” was that of empathy. They have no clue about the context of the people in their lives. They do not know what affects them, or how they are affected. And these are the people they are making money off of!

Wanless suggests that empathy is not an abstract concept – that it is all about building relationships, community, and sustainability.

Where do you see the need for empathy in your life?

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On Sunday, February 28th, we have the Full Moon in the sign of Virgo. Under this Full Moon we are encouraged to let go of anything that inhibits us, or holds us back in any way. This includes acknowledging and quieting that little negative voice that wants to keep chattering at u in our heads. Remember – 2010 is a year in which we are setting down the foundation for the next few years, and we want that to be a solid foundation!

Other astrological aspects that make this an interesting Full Moon are the Sun conjunct Jupiter (in the sign of Pisces) and the Moon Trine Pluto (in the sign of Capricorn). Capricorn grounds and centers us, while Pisces allows us easy access to our ability to visualize what we want.

This Full Moon is a time when we will have the ability to feel self-confident, to clearly see what we wish for our future, and to restructure our lives. With this Full Moon, Pluto in Capricorn gives us the added advantage of having the resources to do things in a very significant manner.

What changes do you wish to make in your life? What actions can you take to start the process of making those changes? What resources do you have available? Do not be afraid to think large, to make your vision the most expansive snapshot of life that you can, and to go after it, knowing that you are deserving of the efforts that you put in!

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The Tarot card The Moon is quite interesting, in that it carries the dualities of our tamed and untamed sides. In the traditional Rider-Waite version of the card we see the dog, representing the tame side of ourselves, and the wolf, representing our untamed side. The Moon also carries the dual qualities of grounded ness and illusion.

In a reading, the Moon can indicate an awakening of psychic abilities, or an active dreamtime. The Seeker is being asked to be aware of the content of their dreams, and to realize that the images and symbols carry messages for them. It is also a time to look at what is real and what is illusion in the Seeker’s life. It is a time of creativity, and listening to one’s intuition.

Look to the cycles that may be repeating in your life. What do you need to know about them? How are you reacting to them? What changes do you need to make? What around you may be secretive in nature? Who around you may be deceiving you? Are you deceiving yourself?

Working with the Moon, and the cycles of the Moon (especially the New Moon, the time of beginnings, and the Full Moon, the time of bringing things together and of endings) connects us with our psychic nature, our intuitive/creative abilities, and our ability to see life as it really is.

Post by Bonnie at 2/23/2010 2:43:25 AM

Transparency … learning to deal with life … this is one of the hardest things that we have to do. Transparency is more than the latest political buzz word … it is living by our beliefs, allowing others to see what our beliefs are, and clearly setting out our boundaries.

One of the ways that transparency comes into play is when we are dealing with the actions of others. We view the actions of others through our own lens of perception … our own life experiences, and the boundaries that we set for ourselves through our personal belief systems. We choose how we are going to react to the actions of others … in doing this, we have some say in how their actions are going to affect us.

The first thing that we want to do is know that another person’s actions are their responsibility … they have nothing to do with us. Each person makes the decision to do what they do … we are not responsible for their actions, or the consequences of their actions. So we start out by taking a deep breath. Then we take another one.

If someone has taken an action that affects us in some way, then we do need to speak up. We need to tell them how their action affected us, and how we feel about it. We need to do this in a calm voice – not from a center of anger.

We are being transparent in that we are allowing others to know how we see them, and how we see their actions. This is not a judgmental act … it is living an authentic life … living life with our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies in balance.

Have other peoples actions affected your life? What did you do about that? How did you address it? Did you make them understand how you felt about what they did? Were you able to do so in a loving, rather than an angry manner?

Be transparent … come from a point of peace and unconditional love … and you will begin to see positive changes in your life!

Post by Bonnie at 2/21/2010 7:30:11 AM

The big day is here – golfer Tiger Woods has made his public apology. No questions allowed, of course, but he did make his public apology. His statement was that he was a narcissist who needs help. I agree with the writer of the article that I read (Jay Mariotti, writing for Fan House) – it took great courage to make even this small statement. He (Woods) admitted to living a double life, and to living a lie. Well, that would actually be living several lies! I was amazed at the list of women that suddenly appeared after he crashed his car!

What we need to understand is that Wood’s issues are all too human issues, issues that any of us could be facing. Public family man and spokesperson, private adulterer. Personally, I looked at the companies who withdrew their endorsements, and wondered if they were really all that “pure”. Who were they to stand as judge and jury?

In his thirteen and one half minute speech, he admitted to his guilt. He accepted responsibility – sole responsibility. He apologized to his family and to the public for letting them down. He apologized to his wife, Elin. He apologized to the families of children that he was the role model for. He stated that he had a lot to atone for. He indicated that he had stopped living the core values that he was brought up with.

Woods is in therapy for sex addiction, has stated that he is returning to Buddhism, the religion that he grew up with, and he as made a commitment to showing better behavior on the golf course – no cursing, no throwing of golf clubs, no more prima donna behavior.

I personally wish Tiger Woods, his wife, children and family the best. I am not a golf aficionado, but I do hope that he returns to the game.

What can we learn from this personal tragedy, what lesson can we take away from all of this? I drew one card from the Tarot – the Ace of Swords. How appropriate! Aces are all about opportunity … as... Read More

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We all need to practice expressing ourselves creatively. I was going through some things the other day and found a journal from 2005. What a gift! I got to read about all kinds of things that I had forgotten about – classes that I took, readings that I did for myself, places that I went. What I wanted to do, what I did, what I didn’t do – it was all there.

We need to reach into and explore our creative centers, to take risks, to move away from the serious side of life a bit, and stretch ourselves. When we journal the creative things that we do we leave a trail for the future – bright “remembrances” of all that we can do and be.

We can redecorate our homes, write blogs, be den mothers, work with the PTA, write stories, paint … the list is endless, and fascinating, all of the things that we can do and be. Our energy is never wasted when we are creating!

What have you created lately? What do you want to create? Go and do it! Live the moment, take the risk, and be happy!

Post by Bonnie at 2/19/2010 4:04:37 PM

Is there a secret to achieving our goals? Is the Tarot part of that secret? Through the use of archetypes of the Tarot, we get a clearer picture of ourselves, those around us, and any issues that we are dealing with. We gain an image of ourselves, as we stand each moment in time. We can use this wisdom to fine tune our self image, to bring it into alignment with the goals that we wish to achieve.

How many times have we started out with a clear goal, followed our instincts, taken the necessary actions … yet still fallen short of achieving what we set out to achieve? Hindsight will tell us that this most often happens because our image of who we are, and what we can accomplish, is not in line with that which we wish to accomplish. In other words, the negative self-speak kicks in … the “I am not worthy.”, or “I am not smart enough.”, or “What was I thinking!”

Our self image controls what we do (what we allow ourselves to do). When we fine tune (alter) that self image, we alter what we are capable of doing. We open up our self imposed boundaries … and the sky becomes the limit!

The twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot each carry archetypal qualities – qualities that are common to each of us. Whenever we want to take control of our self image – to effect a change in our self image – we can go to the Major Arcana and choose the card that most appeals to us – the one that carries the energy that we wish to embody.

Place this card where you will see it several times a day – or carry it with you. (You can also choose to scan the card, and carry the scan with you.) Become part of the card, and the energy that it carries. See yourself successful at using the energy carried by the card. Journal your thoughts – make the experience as real as possible. The longer that you do this, the more you will see the energy manifesting in your life, and the more success you will... Read More

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On Saturday, February 13th, we see the New Moon in Aquarius. I cannot help but think of the “Age of Aquarius”, and its lightheartedness. Aquarius is what is termed a fixed Air sign, and it represents collective energy or group consciousness – that of ideas, groups of people, or even mankind as a whole. This is wonderful energy for setting new beginnings, which is the role of the New Moon.

This particular Aquarius New Moon is conjoined with the healing energy of Chiron, which put the focus into helping those around us in any way that we can. The fixed nature of Aquarius indicates that our focus will be fixed on certain archetypal ideas or goals, such as Justice, Peace, and Love.

The is the best time of the year to plant the seeds that will benefit all of us in the future, not just each of us as individuals. Aquarius takes the energy of Capricorn and moves it out into the world. This is a time to look at our values, at the beliefs that we embody on a day to day basis, and see if they still hold true. What needs to be tweaked? What no longer serves us well, and needs to be released?

What kind of future would you like to see for your community? For your country? For the world at large? What seeds can you plant that will enable that future?

© February 2010

Post by Bonnie at 2/12/2010 2:37:36 PM

We are in the last week before Valentine’s Day. This is probably a good time to look at how we are treating ourselves. We have to love ourselves before we can love anyone else, or before they can love us in any significant manner. Life gets crazy for all of us – maintaining home and family, maintaining career, maintaining our spirituality – and trying to keep a good balance so that we have a modicum of time for ourselves.

One very important thing that we want to do is make the effort to create and maintain a smooth, calm atmosphere around us. How do we do this? By staying grounded in the present. We can only take action in the present – the past has already happened, the future is yet to be determined. Worrying about the future is not going to make things better. Paying attention to the present – to the people and issues around us – is. Find the joy that is there in the present moment, and cherish it.

Find your passion – find what brings you joy. Bring that into your life on a daily basis, in some manner. Do not be afraid to use your skills and abilities – do not be afraid to be you!

Pay attention to your body. When I was younger, stress gave me headaches. Now stress goes straight to my stomach. Where are you feeling stress? What muscles are tightening up? What area of your body does not “feel right”? You don’t have to know the cause of the energy being stuck – you just have to recognize that it is, and that because it is, you are having physical symptoms.

There is an easy way to get the energy moving in your body. Stand straight, arms at your sides. Take a deep breath, and then exhale. Raise your arms over your head, while at the same time taking a deep breath. Exhale as you lower your arms to your side. Repeat several times, until you start to feel more relaxed.

Stay in the present, find your joy, keep your body energy flowing – and you will fnd your life flowing!

Post by Bonnie at 2/8/2010 6:41:50 AM

We may at times questions the amount of time that we spend on the Internet, in forums, or on social networking sites (Twitter, Face Book, My Space). But there are times when we know that we are where we need to be, doing what we need to be. On one of my social networking sites there is a Canadian lady that posts. She and her husband run a free trade company, and were very involved with Haiti even before the earthquake. She has worked very hard to help the Haitian population overcome the devastation that they are facing, and I commend her efforts (as well as her efforts to get other people involved in a significant way).

Today I am reading one of her posts on Haiti, and am overcome with awe for her understanding of the Haitian people. She is talking about the spiritual belief that sustains them – not necessarily their Christian beliefs, although that is certainly a part of Haitian culture, but the faith and pride in their culture that sustains them, and gives them the strength to work through the adversity they have been handed.

Even when not practiced as a religion, the native voudou culture is a passionate flame in the heart of the Haitian population.

May these lovely, strong hearted people find the way to rebuilding their homes, their families, their communities, and their culture.



Post by Bonnie at 2/5/2010 5:33:20 PM

Groundhog Day is here again! I love the drama – the gentleman in the formal suit, with the lovely top hat, very ceremoniously presenting a (usually) slightly over-weight ground hog – with the express purpose of finding out whether said groundhog will see his shadow! Only in America, as they say! ;-)

Where does all this take place? In the small Pennsylvania town of Punxsutawney. The ground hog is known as Punxutawney Phil. What Phil is going to do is predict the weather. (Go Phil!) In a rock concert type atmosphere (lots of music and entertainment).

If Phil emerges from his temporary burrow (a simulated tree stump), and sees his shadow, tradition has it that we will have six more eeks of winter weather here in the US. However, if Phil emerges from his temporary burrow and does not see his shadow, then spring temperatures are close.

Some say that Phil allegedly “speaks” to his human caretakers, known as the Inner Circle, and that they translate his forecast for the world to hear. I carry on conversations with my cats – why shouldn’t Phil’s caretakers be able to speak with him too! ;-)

This year, Phil is going to text his message! To sign up, text "groundhog" to 247365. Phil really is quite the dude – he even has a Face Book page! (

Post by Bonnie at 2/2/2010 3:48:48 AM

I decided to do a Tarot reading for the month of February. The deck that I used is the very lovely and unique “Sakki-Sakki Tarot”, by Monicka Clio Sakki. With Valentine’s Day (as well as Chinese New Year’s) being the over-riding influences this month, let’s see what the Tarot has to say about life!

  1. What is our focus for February? Death – The energy here is one of letting go of that which no longer serves us well, and moving forward. It is a form of transformation. We need to be aware of the ways in which we are resisting this change, and allow it to happen.
  2. What energy do we have to call on in the month of February? Ten of Rods – We do have the energy to overcome obstacles and get the work done. The trick is to not allow the work to be done to overwhelm us.
  3. What do we know about February? Page of Coins – What we know about February is that it is a month when we need to focus and concentrate on our finances, to listen to the messages that come to us.
  4. What do we not know about February (what is hidden)? Two of Coins – What is hidden about the month of February is that we will be juggling resources (and perhaps paths) in our lives. Don’t allow this to sneak up on you!
  5. What do we need to know about February? The Magician – We need to know that we have the power, and the resources, to make it through this month unscathed.

These are the energies that we are working with this month. Look at where they fit into your life, and impliment them accordingly. Above all – have fun with this!



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Post by Bonnie at 2/1/2010 7:35:03 AM

Today (Friday, January 29th) the Full Moon appears in Leo/Aquarius. The energy of a Full Moon generally follows the energy of the New Moon before it in which areas of life need to be addressed. Security is one of the issues that the New Moon in Capricorn on January 15th was concerned with – where in your life you felt secure, and how to find security within yourself.

The progression into Leo takes the edge off, as Leo exudes confidence, along with an awareness of self. Security issues can be addressed, and what isn’t working for you released. Aquarius references our place in community, our sense of personal freedom, and how we express ourselves.

It is not unusual when we are dealing with security issues, and trying to find creative expression of self, to be jolted back to the time/issue that we identify as being the place where we lost part of ourselves, part of our identity, part of our freedom. When that happens – and it could very well happen during this Full Moon period – allow your mind to slow down and ask yourself how you feel about what happened.

Even if you don’t understand why it happened, how do you feel about your loss of security, your loss of self? Mentally send love and acceptance to that time period/issue, releasing negative feelings and making room for healing.

This Full Moon allows us to recapture our feeling about who we are and what we are all about, allowing us to love and appreciate ourselves and our creative abilities. Through the auspices of Aquarius we take that feeling into our local, national and global communities.

This is a time to learn to be the best of who you are – soar like an Eagle, share your wisdom, and know that your actions will benefit not only you but the larger community around you.



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On Friday, January 30th, we experience a Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius. In general, Full Moons are seen as times when the energy that we have been putting into our lives and our projects comes to completion and shows results. It is also an advantageous time for releasing things that have either run their course, or are no longer serving us well.

Each New or Full Moon takes on the focus and characteristics of the sign that it is in. This Full Moon is in the sign of Leo/Aquarius – Leo brings us creative expression, while Aquarius brings us a real sense of group consciousness. So – perhaps we get to play creatively as a group? ;-)

Before we start playing, we want to remember that this Full Moon follows January 15th New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. Capricorn – the serious little person that does the behind the scenes work that makes the world turn. As a community, what questions do we want to look at on this Full Moon? We might want to ask ourselves how our purpose fits into the collective community. We might want to look at how that collective community is evolving, and what part we may have played in that evolution. What are your responses, just off the top of your head?

Keep in mind that the Moon represents our unconscious, intuitive self. It is through this unconscious center that we connect we our creativity, find our joy, and grow and expand our lives. The Moon in lovely, creative Leo allows us to open up to our creative nature, to acknowledge our personal power and, leaving the Cappie seriousness behind, make time to play.

Through Aquarius we are being asked to look at our collective consciousness. Several things come immediately to mind here – (1) the devastation in Haiti, and the need for a global “coming together” of nations and their resources to rebuild this country and... Read More

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Oracles are not only for personal divination – they can also be used for look at events past, present and future. Today I am going to look at the situation in Haiti through the lens of the Tarot. The deck that I am using is the “Alchemical Tarot: Renewed”, by Robert M. Place.

While the direct source of the devastation in Haiti was due to the earthquake (7.1 on the Richter scale), Haiti was prime for the chaos that ensued. Buildings fell (those that were not well constructed, as well as those that were), hospitals and schools were among the casualties, and there was no organized relief effort locally, and all communications were down. Haiti has an extremely poor economy, with a large percentage of its people going without food, water or other necessities on a regular basis.

Relief efforts began immediately from around the world – country after country readied to send supplies, equipment, food and water, and rescue teams. The difficulty began with the airport – the tower was down, and there was no way to get relief planes in. Quickly the US set up – literally set up! – a card table on the tarmac, and airmen were guiding planes in “by hand”. Once landed, there was a problem with where to park the planes, as this is a small airport, and where to unload them. Then there were issues getting the supplies through to the people.

What do we need to know about this disaster? What can we as individuals take away and apply to our lives, to our way of living? I asked the Tarot the following questions:

  • What do we need to know about why this earthquake occurred? (Note – this does not reference the physical reasons for the earthquake, but the spiritual ones.)

Five of Coins – This is a card that indicates poverty and chaos, which is what Haiti was experiencing. There was a missing... Read More

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