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About Lorrie
For over fifteen years Lorrie has been offering psychic readings to various people and has been able to draw on her astrological dexterity to direct, counsel and give her clients the aptitude to begin sailing towards a better life and future. Lorrie practices a variety of other spiritual, personal and metaphysical development areas, such as spiritual teaching, Reiki, life coaching, yoga, and energy healing. She has also authored various literature.
Lorrie can make use of only your birth date to aim at related personalities, transformative scenarios, as well as your general abilities. Tarots are primeval and magical apparatus that are still engaged in the forecasting of an individual's future and Lorrie makes use of these cards as an added advantage. She also uses her psychic gift to know about and recognize your desires.

No matter if your wish is to decide your destiny or whether your destiny is already set, Lorrie will show you the way to a better course. She is welcoming, easy to talk to, affectionate and considerate. Her psychic ability is linked to more than just her family line and Lorrie realized that she possessed this gift in her late twenties. It is during this time that she recognized that she could sense things regarding the people she associated with. Amazingly, after a short time, the things she sensed would materialize just as she had predicted them. While reading, she exclusively uses dream interpretation, tarot cards and astrology.

Lorrie's Approach
Lorrie’s reading approach is primarily based on the liking of the caller. A segment of her callers have a preference for clairvoyance, whereas others choose a mix of a bit of everything. Lorrie focuses on all aspects of life, including relationships, life path, business, among other areas.

Lorrie's Achievements
Lorrie takes pleasure in helping others because it makes her feel good and she enjoys using her clairvoyant abilities for good intents. Countless callers have contacted her to show appreciation for her assistance. Most of these callers have revealed to her that their lives changed and became more optimistic after her intercession. She is devoted to assisting people in enhancing their comprehension of their inner selves and of the people surrounding them. This has helped many people to put into action the suitable changes for altering the course of their lives. Because of her incredible precision with her predictions, Lorrie has gained a following.

Her individual philosophy is 'Make your life happy.'

Her dearest quote is: 'The path to success is often the ability to adapt.'

Lorrie is mad about movies and she enjoys watching them during her spare time.


10/4/2022 2:11:08 PM UTC
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Praise for Lorrie

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Lorrie's happy clients have to say.

"Can I say, OMGEEEE!"

My reader was Lorrie, Can I say, OMGEEEE! She is absolutely AMAZING!!! and soooooo accurate! Immediately she picked up my vibrations about what is currently going on around me. From there the first moment of connection, the call and reading got better and better. I will definitely call her again. Just the kind of reading that I was looking for and much more. I am thoroughly grateful for the gift she shared with me today. Thanks again Lorrie, Love, and Light to you! I feel she is a 10 for sure!

- KH


This is the real deal she did not ask alot of questions like others she knew things I hadn't told her.. I've wasted alot of money on some others she helped me with alot..Thank you

- angela1

"Sweet, Caring and Kind"

Such a kind person - wonderful to talk with.

- Jules

"Felt kinda funny after the call."

At first you were very bubbly and seemed sincere. You gave some general ideas about my housing question but when I asked if you could see anything about who the new owners of my building might be you became frustrated and shouted, "No psychic could tell you that." If you don't do that type of reading okay but I did ask another psychic and they had a more focused reading. I mean its okay if you couldn't read more about my situation but...well...uh...not sure what to say except I felt funny when you got mad at me.



Good resd

- Mistressleia


Reading was ok, very nice to talk to but didn't really give me any new insight

- Mistressleia


Was ok. Didn't provide the amount of depth I was looking for

- Mistressleia


So so

- Aloraluna


Connected well and fast :)



Thank you :)



Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge into my situation. The word and answers are helpful to me. Again Thank You!

- cocoa


good great

- tina3703

"will see"

when u call a psychic u want to know not to ask to many question

- jodine

"Wonderful Reader"

Always great to speak with!

- Sunshine


Lorrie always provides great insight. She is light and easy to talk with, which is wonderful. She has been quite accurate about event she has predicted. Give her a try!

- Sunshine

"Always Great!!!!"

Please see below!

- Sunshine

"Always Great!!!"

Please see below!

- Sunshine

"Always Great!!"

Please see my feedback below!

- Sunshine

"Always Great!"

I have had several readings with Lorrie and I always find that she is able to quickly tune into my situation. She asked me a question about a person using a specific name and in fact that person had just come into my life. In my most recent reading with her, she predicted that I would be invited to a dinner the following night. I dismissed it as a passing comment and because I thought there was no way this was going to happen. Sure enough...the next day I received a text inviting me to the dinner. I was quite surprised! Lorrie's style is very relaxed, so it's easy to feel like you are just talking with a friend. However, pay attention! What she is saying is totally on point! I will continue to call, as she is always a pleasure to speak with and quite accurate.

- Sunshine


She was very kind. Her reading was somewhat general and she didn't go indepth like I wanted. Overall, I enjoyed my reading.

- ssolomo3


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