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Marie is a Seventh-Generation Clairvoyant born with a third-eye birthmark and bloodline psychic abilities. She began guiding others at an early age including as an ombudswoman in high school receiving a Peer Service Award in this capacity. She has incorporated her gifts into every job she has held since then in the fields of education, business, museums, libraries, social work, clinical counseling, etc. She holds degrees in the fields of psychology, cultural studies, spirituality and international business. 

Marie uses primarily Spirit Energy to read the hearts of loved ones both here and on The Other Side. She provides clarity on delicate matters where trust has been broken or where insincerity or manipulation are present in both personal and professional relationships. She assists her clients to find their own spiritual guides, heritage and purpose in life.

Marie is always honored to share her gifts with others and recognizes that these gifts must be handled with care to make certain that the truth is told in a responsible manner.She is devoted to your success. 

Marie also believes strongly that those who come to her for assistance are led to her by a Higher Power and that your interaction with her will be in some way mutually beneficial. “Our connections and the visitors we meet on the path often surprise both reader and client with joyful and tearful reunion,” she says. As a businessperson, mother, wife, daughter and in the many other roles she plays she often faces the same or similar complex challenges faced by her clients.Nothing you share with her will surprise her. She is committed to assist you in navigating the same difficulties she often faces with courage and wisdom led by the Great Spirit, angels, ancestors, guides and tools she possesses. 

Marie's favorite proverb is one she learned from her maternal grandmother who helped many to escape the Holocaust using her intuitive insights. “Tough times never last. Tough people always do." As a spiritual life coach, she believes that each one of us must seek our own spiritual path and be true and faithful to what the Universal One calls us to do with our lives to be happy and productive.


2/26/2024 4:20:03 AM UTC
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Praise for Marie

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Such a sweet lady; always accurate !

- reborn

"So Wise"

Marie is just great!

- reborn

"so nice"

always a pleasure!

- reborn


The nicest lady!!!

- reborn

"Wow "

Another great reading she confirm that my husband is influence from this new friend Frank. He will rip him off selling a car from one lady friend. Thanks again God bless you

- stefanie

"Great "

I add more money to finish the conversation. D will get rid of Frank in less than 6 weeks he will realize than that he sold him a piece of crap no a car. He will get back to me apologizing and spending more time together. Next year by April we will buy a house. Thanks again God bless you

- stefanie


Another great reading she confirm that my husband went back to his childhood when his mom punished him a lot. As a man he wants to be strong but he can't because of his health situation. He will be like that until November. He will be happy when my mom get here for Christmas he relax knowing that he have two women to take care of. Right now he doesn't accept who he is and what he became. Thanks again God bless you

- stefanie


Great reading she confirm that T is a trouble maker, drama queen but she will hang herself. Very quietly she will be gone by the end of the month. The statement that I have and the fact that another coworker went to HR about her and quit because she was tired of hearing every day her slander me will put and end to this trouble maker. Thanks again God bless you

- stefanie

"Digs Deep!"

I always go to her because she can really dig in deep into the situation and gives a lot information. I’ll be back soon!

- Curious16

"Nice Lady"

Always kind!

- reborn

"A-Mazing Woman"

Very compassionate from start to finish while answering your questions with accuracy and detail. She really gets to the heart of matters and refrain from sharing the fluff. Loved my reading. Worth every penny!

- T In Maryland


Marie gave me an Amazing and accurate reading with lots of details. I’ll be calling back soon.

- Curious16


Amazing loved how well she picked up on me.

- Mermaidlove7

"Feeling Restless "

I got on the site hoping I would find Marie so early in the morning and I did. I was bothered by a dream I had the other and how it had to to do with my friend I havent seen in a long time. Marie explained in details what it meant and how it had to do with my friend’s situation. It all made sense and the dream wasn’t meant to harm me. Thank you so much for being there.:) I’ll be talking to you soon

- Curious16

"Give Marie a try!"

You have to give this lady a try. How does she do it, I ask? Purely gifted is my conclusion and will also be yours I am sure.

- Dekner-Ar


still think me and kids father will reconcile

- jodine

"Right on every time!"

I have had three readings with Marie and she’s been accurate every time I’ve called about my friend N. Her predictions have came to pass within two or three weeks after the reading. But I do have to remember that every action I make does affect the future and that changes the prediction she has giving me. Give her a call!

- Curious16

"another great reading"

Marie always tells you what you need to hear and what Spirit needs you to hear, not necessarily want to hear, yet things always unfold as she sees them

- Mistressleia


help me to know who I am

- Gbenou



- jodine


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