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Vicki’s mother recalls a Christmas when Vicki at only 3 years old and the youngest of 6 began telling her siblings what was in their Christmas packages before they opened them.  She was stunned at her accuracy, how could she possibly have known? 

It was inevitable she thought, that one or more of her children would fall in the footsteps of their grandmother. As time progressed she realized that Vicki was truly remarkable. She was great with numbers, depictions, perceptions and predictions, so many times knowing in advance when certain things would happen before they actually did.


Vicki’s experience is eclectic, with tons of people experience, from juveniles to geriatrics and everything in between. She taught pre-school, worked in retail, trained and worked as a medical assistant, has been a head caregiver in a Memory/Alzheimer unit at a retirement facility where she was able to read the memory of challenged patients, therefore helping them to recall and strengthen their minds.

Furthermore she lived in England for 5 years where she worked in a metaphysical shop and contributed in multiple paranormal researches. She has also participated in psychic fairs in several cities and states. She is an exceptional clairvoyant, an awesome Counselor and Life Coach, and a first rate medium.


For the past 20 years old, Vicki has been reading professionally. She does not use tools, unless she is asked. She specializes in relationships, love, business, employment. Her reading style is smooth, free flowing, fun, spectacular and to the point.


Vicki has been told by her many satisfied clients that she has done far more for them than anyone has. She delights in this knowledge that she has helped so many choose the correct path and proudly wears on her sleeve this badge of honor bestowed on her.  She loves to bask in nature and the fresh outdoors, enjoys writing poems, cherishes the moments she spends with her adult children and grandchildren and her church.


12/4/2023 2:51:51 AM UTC
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Praise for Vicki

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Vicki's happy clients have to say.

"Good talking to you"

I was so happy to talk to Vicki to night. She made me feel better I can breathe again. She is a good friend hope she continues to do well Thank you Vicki

- Takia

"love her"

Love you miss Vicki lol you are so kind and understanding, sorry my funds ran out but I will call you soon. Don't get tired of me now, so far you have been accurate, you told me he would reach out and you were right ttys.

- Geminibaby69

"Accurate "

Hey Vicki you told me he would reach out and u were right 12/15/2019 he did. Trying to gain my sympathy after being so mad at me for weeks now. So they stole his Lexus car now he is trying to talk to me. But he will pay for what he did to me and hurt me so much. Thanks Vicki for your guidance and support I will call you soon.

- Geminibaby69


Congratulations for having Vicki on your psychic network. I talk only with her. She is one of the best. Very nice person and everything she told me has been true.

- Elani

"Very precise"

It's always a pleasure talking to Vicki because she's very caring and precise. She will provide information that gives you confidence because it's so exact and detailed. Keep up the great work Vicki.

- T.A.

"Awesome Reading "

This is the most positive uplifting reading that I have had with this site. Vicki tuned into me without asking questions and gave me great comfort in knowing that I have made the right choice to take on a new teaching position. Thank you Vicki!

- cacteacher

"helpful "

made me think

- corrina

"1st time"

it was helpful

- corrina

"really helpful "

thank you

- corrina


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