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Nick is a natural born empath and intuitive psychic, a gift he inherited from his mother’s side of the family.


For much of his youth he knew he was uniquely intuitive, always forecasting events, imparting guidance, prompting many to say “How did you come up with that or “Why didn’t I think of that?” 


In his teenage years this gift was further revealed.  Nick had reached another level of accomplishment, he was now reading frequently for strangers and they were surprised at his knowledge, the depth and accuracy of his readings, simply put they were pleased with what they were hearing.


Nick is empathetic, kind and supportive. He always comes from a place of positivity and will do his best to help his caller see the bigger picture to achieve their goals.


To break the ice Nick will always introduce himself at the start of his readings. He will ask for your question and your name and birth date to help him connect to your energy.


Nick is a life coach and a spiritual teacher, when requested he does aura cleansing by leading a brief guided meditation.


Nick’s uses the tarot for effective and positive identification.  He specializes in your life path, including relationships, family, career, finances and business. He will interpret your dreams and help you with your soul mate connection.  Nick imparts to his callers that we all have the power to create our own reality and although he is able to light the way, you are the only one who can take the steps.


8/22/2019 6:10:54 PM UTC
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Praise for Nick

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- jodine

"She's back!"

I spike to him for less than ONE minute but he got it. He said she was ok & that she'd be back in a couple hours. She was! PS: Im sorry I didn't get a chance to call back to tell you Nick.

- h2o


Great reading! Really enjoyed my reading with Nick! Picked up on my situation immediately and had very good insight. Happily, his prediction came to pass. Will definitely give him a call again! Very cool guy and easy to relate to.

- Venus in Libra


will tried again he was nice

- jodine


I have had 2 readings with Nick. He was excellent each time. Easy to connect with and very personable. One of my favs. Wish he was online more!!

- Monique


A true gem! What an excellent reading

- Lisa/virgo


Nick is an excellent reader and very accurate. I love talking to him- give him a call

- Lisa/virgo


Thank you Nick :)

- NikkiWild

"Great Reading"


- NikkiWild


Love this guy. Connects really fast with all situations , straight shooter and very personable. Definitely my go to guy for relationship issues.

- pulelehua


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