Deborah Koan
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Deborah is a natural born Intuitive, Empath, and Energy Healer. She grew up knowing things about people that they didn’t know about themselves. Seeing, feeling, and hearing the Universe’s Energy is second nature to her. For her, it’s as natural as breathing. Deborah has grown to realize that her gifts are best used in guiding others to understand themselves and their own journeys.

A key point in Deborah’s journey began when she was eleven years old, at the time her father passed on. Since there was no one around who could answer her questions about life here and the world beyond, she began using her intuition and her father’s spirit for guidance. To this day Deborah’s father is a guide for her, both in her personal life and in her work.

You could ask Deborah about your future yet, the past holds the key to your ultimate love and happiness. How is that possible? All of your patterns were created in the past. Patterns will dictate how happy and fulfilled you are in the present day. Patterns also control your love life. The energy of a pattern will draw certain people and situations into your life. Patterns basically make up who you are, how you think, act, and feel. If you want to make a change to any area of your life, you will need to address your patterns.

How do you address your patterns? Being able to identify, address, and change a pattern can be a difficult task. That’s where Deborah comes in. Deborah can see exactly why you are in a pattern, where your pattern originated, as well as what you can do to transform and release your pattern once and for all.

A reading with Deborah will take you to the root of whatever challenges, concerns, or issues you are having. She won’t just give you a “band-aid” or a temporary fix. She will give you the tools to move beyond your current situation so you can create the life you have always dreamed of.

Deborah can help you to transform and release your patterns and get answers to your questions about relationship, career, family, even your children and pets (if you have them). She can help you to manifest your goals, and find your passion and purpose. Deborah can even provide guidance in developing your spiritually, and help you to stay focused on your path.

Simply put, Deborah speaks to your heart, not your mind. Deborah knows that when you step out of your heart and let your mind control you, negative emotions, stress, and drama are the end result. Deborah will help you to step back into your heart so you can have a life filled with love and happiness.


5/26/2019 5:47:11 AM UTC
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Praise for Deborah Koan

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- Dianepf


Although she is knew to this line, I fell like I have been speaking to her for years. She is very thorough and provides details no one else would know.

- A. Non

"Very good"

Excellent Reading!

- Pat


Such a pleasure to speak to! Beyond excellent.

- A. Non


She is truly gifted. So easy to talk to as well!

- A. Non

"Excellent "

I will definitely call Deborah back. I can usually tell within the first few minutes if the reader is able to read the situation correctly or not (as I'm sure most people are) and I ended up speaking with her for a couple hours. Deborah is very gifted! When only given a name, she able to tune into the correct energy from childhood situations to current ones. Give her a try. You will see she is well worth it!

- JC172


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