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Jean Monae strives to reach more people, helps them find their voice and further re-discover their worth the way she found her voice – through spirituality. Thanks to her guided meditations, and in-depth readings, she has been able to guide friends and clients through existential crises, help couples re-ignite their flame, and provide new found confidence in young adults pursuing a job for the first time.

Jean Monae expresses that the universal energy flows through us all. We are all connected as one. Once she begins her talk with you, a unique connection begins to form and she is then able to guide you with the advice of the highest order, destined just for you. She goes on to say that this isn’t just any old generic reading. Each reading is catered to you specifically, to your way of thinking, to your way of living, and your own path.

Jean Monae is clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, an empath, a direct channeler and a medium. She practices with reiki, kundalini yoga, and guided hypnosis. She is a life coach, a free-lance writer on mental health advocacy as well as spirituality. Some disciplines that she uses are astrology, numerology, tarot, spirit guides.

She specializes in love and relationships, career, family spirituality and faith, distance energy healing, physical and spiritual well-being, chakra balancing, and life purpose.

A Personal Note
Jean enjoys helping people because she believes in “paying it forward”. She knows she wouldn’t be here today without the help of others, therefore she wants to make sure she is always there for you, open and available ready to help anyone in need of spiritual support.


4/13/2021 8:25:09 AM UTC
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