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Celine had a sense of knowing from a young age. Around the age of 8, she started to realize this "knowing" was far more. She could sense and feel things that other children could not. She realized that she was very in tuned with nature. Various feelings manifested when she walked into a room, and she would sense and feel emotions that people or places transported.

She has been reading professionally now for 15 years. Her connection comes from her mother's side, a descendant of pirates from Denmark who practiced and passed down their own beliefs and magic, also a descendant from Nez Perce. Practices that ranged from reading tea leaves, tarot, oracle, candle magic, herbs, and healing.

Reading Style
Celine describes her reading style simply as straightforward and compassionate. She does not usually use tools unless requested. Her readings always start with a warm introduction which includes asking for a name, a date of birth, and a question. During her readings she takes on the energy of all involved. Finding a resolution or a peaceful solution is her top priority.

Celine says, “using compassion as my primary tool, I thrive on helping others gain clarity, peace, relief in all areas of life. One of my goals is to help you feel calm, centered, and at ease. I am here for you when you feel alone”.

Celine’s specialties include love and relationships, family issues, divorce, life challenges, anxiety and stress related issues, breakups and divorce, aromatherapy, angel writing, wiccan oracle, tarot. She is also a reiki practitioner.

Personal Philosophy
Celine believes the world is much like a canvas filled with many colorful diversities, cultures, beliefs and views. Celine deeply believes that if all could join with love, harmony and an open mind, we could create the most beautiful painting ever known to mankind. She believes in expanding her knowledge whenever possible, because there is just so much to be gained by exploring the unknown, as well as from children.

Favorite Quote
“Excuse me while I kiss the stars” –Kobe Bryant


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