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Having the ability to walk between two worlds and tap into the spiritual stream that governs us all can be complicated and so very exciting! Beatrice is a 6th generation High Priestess and natural born Psychic who walks on both sides, the shadow and light realms. In addition to being a highly intuitive clairvoyant, Beatrice is a channeler, dream interpreter and worker, metaphysical advisor, nature reader (elemental earth, air, fire, water and source) and an innate card reader.

Reading Style

Beatrice describes her reading style as compassionate, straightforward, deep and attentive, always listening while imparting, for an overall balanced reading.  She will incorporate the tarot, dowsing, runes, pendulum, stones, or crystals into your session, and share the wisdom as they personally relate to your life. She is also able to channel messages from her spirit guides as needed. It is her duty as your advisor and mentor with over 30 years of experience to share valid, accurate and important information with you.  She will help answer any burning question on love, romance and relationships, understanding your past, and also seeing what is ahead in your future. A private consultation with Beatrice will spark spiritual revelation and growth, as well as build inner strength.

Favorite Quote: Love, Peace and Soul!


4/15/2024 3:50:19 PM UTC
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Praise for Beatrice

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Beatrice's happy clients have to say.

"Great "

Gave me good advice

- jodine

"Call on 11/18"


- h2o


Spoke to her in September about my POI and when he would reach out he did reach out within the time she said! Waiting on her next prediction on contact and other information she mentioned. Thank you!

- Ny_gal

"Good Reader"

She is a very good reader!

- h2o

"On Point"

I’m so grateful to have found Beatrice!!! Her predictions have really been ON POINT!!! I love her!!

- Jerseygirl4ever

"Blown Away"

Omg!!! I’m totally blown away by Beatrice’s accurate predictions over the past few months that have come to fruition. She is a true, authentic psychic. I love how she does everything she can to make herself available to her clients. She talks to me like my mom or aunt would and it’s easy for me to receive her style of reading. She’s truly a blessing and I’m so grateful to have found her! Thank you so much for everything, Beatrice!

- Jerseygirl4ever


Beatrice is not just accurate, she is clear and stays on subject. There is no jumping around or any confusion. My sister is actually an excellent medium, however, some things you just don't want to ask family, or invite them to know. So, I consult with Psychic Power. There is a few excellent readers. Beatrice is one that is SOLID, and doesn't waste a dime of your time!

- T In Maryland

"One of The Best!"

First time with her. OMG, she is beyond good!

- T In Maryland

"Predictions happened, just have faith!"

So she told me about a phone was suppose to happen and trust me it did!!!! I was holy smokes! Even though it was short it went better than expected!!! My god she is good. I kid you not she is the real deal. Thank you Beatrice!

- Twinkle56


She is really good. I kid you not!

- Twinkle56

"My goddess"

She is really good in tuning to you. Whatever you ask her she will sure as heck will let you know whether you like it or not! But I can tell you she is that good!

- Twinkle56


Wow she just let it flow and was very honest. I was going to add more money but she summed it up

- Love5371

"She’s solid"

I’m really surprised that Beatrice doesn’t have more feedback. She’s definitely a solid reader and her predictions were almost exact to those of the top reader on this site.

- Jerseygirl4ever



- reborn


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