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Olivia’s father was a funeral director, and as such from an early age she was often surrounded by departed souls. She heard their voices, felt their sorrows and their joys, and sometimes heard stories only they or their loved ones knew. At the age of 18, with the help of her grandmother, a skilled psychic and medium in her own right, she started developing her psychic gifts.

Olivia is a medium, a clairaudient, a clairsentient and an empath. She has been doing readings since 1995. She has a master’s degree in counseling psychology, and has worked as a therapist for a number of years. In 2014 she became a certified life coach.

Reading Style
Olivia explains that if this is her first consultation with the caller, she will ask for a name and a birth date. She will use tarot cards only if the client wishes her to, but since she has studied the tarot for many years and feels “guided” when using them, especially in that first consultation she will use them for that extra dimension of accuracy that it gives her. During the reading she welcomes communication, and encourages her caller to tell her right away if anything she is saying is not a fit for their situation.

Olivia is very knowledgeable in the use of several tools, such as numerology which she has studied to some extent. She can use astrology, not necessarily as a predictive tool but to illustrate the general characteristics of her reading participants. She is constantly in step with her angel guides who speak with her and often share events that later come to pass. Her guides prepared her for the moment her mother passed. They revealed to her that her brother would be getting married, which he thought was incorrect, being 32 and not in a serious relationship. Six months later he was engaged and planning a marriage.

Olivia encourages clients who are distressed to question their own thinking about the situation that has them upset. Could this be re-framed in a way that makes it more tolerable, such as thinking about a bad situation as part of the path that makes them who they are?

Favorite quote: “Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so” –Shakespeare


8/10/2022 1:17:36 AM UTC
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Praise for Olivia

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- Kese


It took a minute or two to really connect, but as we got into the call I must admit I was really amazed and surprised. This was my first time talking to her and within minutes I realized this woman is the REAL DEAL. She is connected and spot on! So happy I called- I got a TON of information!!!

- Kim523


9/15. Olivia asked names and bday and took off. Yes that’s what they all do to find ppl personality. .. At first she started to sound the same. BUT WOW she took off with accuracy and gave me timeline to when things are happening. Than she mentioned abt my children, she was so accurate with current info. Gave positive future outlook for them without any info from me... What a bonus gife I received from this reading. I can’t wait for things to Chang in Feb. Than you & stay safe! She’s a must try

- Fire aries


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