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Astara has been reading for people and providing energy work for over 16 years. Her intuitive skills began at an early age. At 4 years old she was scrying in her snow globe, talking to God, and seeing Angels. At 13 years old she was reading using the playing card deck as a tool. At 21 years old her gifts became stronger where she started seeing things and hearing voices all around her and could not turn it off.

Astara is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and an empath. She is a certified Reiki and energy healer, and a licensed esthetician. She also uses color energy and specializes in relationships, love, business, career, finance, life path.

Reading Style
Astara starts her readings off by asking for the names and birth dates of the people in question. She will use the tarot only as a guide, and the pendulum where there are mixed energies or messages, but it will be a combination of tools and/or modalities depending on the natural information forthcoming. She is not opposed to working without tools, however it takes much more energy to do so.

Astara has always enjoyed helping people because it makes her feel good to see them happy in succeeding their goals.

One of her favorite quotes is, “Prosper where you are planted


9/28/2023 1:17:25 AM UTC
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Praise for Astara

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First time she needs only name and DOB she confirms that I will enjoy my 3 months off and after that I get relocate. The new place will be much happier for me I have choice here in the same city or overseas. My husband is pushing me away he doesn't no where he wants to stay. He might follow me or not. She doesn't see the divorce but suggests and select the destination that makes me happier. He still doesn't believe that I will move away from here. I will keep you posted thanks again for the reading God bless you!

- stefanie


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