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Madison has been a psychic counselor, helping her clients and their families for over 25 years. Spirit Guides and Angels assist her in providing accurate, concise, authentic and caring psychic readings.

Madison is Clairvoyant. Her amazing clairvoyant abilities allow her to help clients take charge of their lives and shape their future. She has used this gift to assist law enforcement agencies in solving crimes and locating missing persons.

Madison is your Animal Psychic. Living on a farm her entire life gives her special insight as an animal psychic. She can help all kinds of animals, especially horses, cats and dogs.

Madison is a Medium. She provides comfort and closure for many clients that need to speak to loved ones, including pets that have passed to the other side.

Madison is a Life Coach and Relationship Counselor. She provides answers to your life questions, whether it’s love, money career or relationships. Her strong suit is relationship issues with a special emphasis on guidance related to marital affairs, infidelity and communication.

Madison is a down to earth psychic with a supernatural flair and always respectful of her clients’ feelings and issues.


6/22/2024 10:18:14 AM UTC
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Praise for Madison

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Jump right in knew POI like she meet him before in person. She was mind blowing. She was honest we will be together but think strongly when it come to marriage. It felt real we will come together for good this time.

- Tluv40

"I believe she is….."

Gifted. During our last conversation, she said things that let me know she picked up on the correct person. She said contact would come the first week of April and the POI would contact me wanting to see me and that I should keep the conversation light when he called. I was skeptical b/c I had not talked to him since the end of February, but it happened just as she described. The reading was on 3/27/24 and he contacted me on 4/5/24. I also had a reading with her in the middle of March about the same man. She gave 3 different days that looked good for contact. Though I wasn’t contacted by the guy in question, I was contacted on 2 of those 3 days by men I also had not talked to in a while.

- GullahYams

"Fantastic gifts"

Read with Madison for the fist time today, she was fast and tuned in to the situation completely, accurate about the people I my life and I even called her back to ask about another family member! She is very pleasant and obviously gifted. Thank you, truly enjoyed my time with you today!

- VR

"So incredibly gifted"

and accurate!

- lalalalissa

"Wonderful reading "

Tonight I feel very upset I work 12 hour come back home to a messy house my husband was very rude as usual. He wake me up at 1000 to go to work and I could sleep no more my cat start jumping up and down. I was glad I found Madison she helped me understand and appreciate myself more. She told me that I'm a very strong woman and that my husband needs me more than I need him. She doesn't see him leaving a longer life for his health situation. She gave me a piece of mind when she confirm that at work T will leave in January and my manager will leave in December. Also she confirm that I will get the promotion that I deserve next year. Confirm that my family will be here visiting me for Christmas until middle of January. Thanks again for giving the strength to stay in this marriage and continue to pray for my family and my promotion. God bless you

- stefanie

"Great "

Another great reading she confirm that my husband will not embarrass me when my family will be here for Christmas and new year's. We will be renting a house and he didn't want stay with us all the time. But overall he want do anything to embarrass me with them.

- stefanie


What a great reading she confirm that my husband is very depress he needs psychological help. He is not going anywhere he will stay in the guest room for a while. He will be better if he will see a mental doctor. Thanks again God bless you

- stefanie


Great reading! Mind blowing !! Thank you so much!

- Bella2462

"Thank you"

Thank you for being there through the ups and downs, and giving me hope to pass through the darkest times.

- sandsynergy

"Sweet, Caring"

I luv ms Madison she was so sweet and caring she let me talkkkkkk she is one of the best..I will be contacting her soon and she was soooooo accurate

- TM


Madison Claire is spot on! I only asked her a simple question, and she described the situation to a T! She says I will hear from him during the month of February, that we are VERY connected and he “likes” me A LOT! During one of the last conversations we had, he told me he has never loved anyone else likes he loves me. When he thinks of me, he can’t help but smile, and he DOES want me in his life. We WILL reconnect and we WILL have a successful future together, once he gets past his commitment issues. “He likes attention from women from afar, that he knows he will never meet. He is just texting and is not dating”. I asked you if he would continue doing that once get are together again, and she said no. He was only doing it to fill his time while we were apart. She also said he is wanting to move from where he is living. He did tell me he wanted to sell his house and look for something else.

- Seekingthetruth


Feedback 12/26/2019 Madison last night you helped me a lot and you showed me how gifted you really are I called crying and you consoled me and for that I am forever grateful. You told me don’t worry I’m the morning he will text and apologize and will feel bad you were right he texted me this morning I just saw the msg cuz I had blocked him and unblocked him after, he texted apologizing and saying he was sorry and he has a lot on his plate and he was mad he couldn’t make it to spend Christmas with our daughter. You are a very great psychic I remember u telling me last night don’t worry he’s going to apologize tomorrow and you were right again. You are my favorite on here thank you so much for listening to me and uplifting me I am well now ttys xoxo.

- Geminibaby69

"Accurate "

Dec 15,2019 had a reading three days ago with Madison I asked her about my long term boyfriend we had a fight and she told me let him be in three days he will reach out to me and want to talk. Well she is right today the 3rd day he just sent me a msg telling me they stole his car yesterday and so on, after not talking to me for so long. Madison is accurate with her time frame that she gave me and she is now my favorite. Well as for my guy I could care less if they stole his car lol that man put me thru hell and back I am here contemplating breakup. Whenever he wants to talk to me this is what he does by trying to gain my sympathy but he will pay for hurting me so bad these past few weeks I am going to apply Moses law an eye for an eye tooth for a tooth. Just wanna day Madison was correct with her time frame as he texted me on the day she said he would. Ttys.

- Geminibaby69

"Has Been Amazing For Years!"

This feedback is overdue. Madison Clair is a treasure. I remember speaking with her about 10 years ago- I was watching a golf tourney and she shared that I would be meeting Tiger Woods. Prior, Clair shared events that happened, but this time I thought...maybe she was a little off her rocker. Well, guess what- about 5 years beyond, I not only met Tiger Woods, 3 years in a row I attended a tourney with a friend and was able to dine and take pics with. If she sees it, I would give it much consideration folks :-)

- T In Maryland

"Madison Is A Lifesaver!"

I play lottery-type games frequently, so I asked Madison for advice on some numbers for 'Cash 3'. She gave me numbers that matched two out of three on two occasions, then gave me matches on three in the next call and I won big! I was able to catch up with all my bills thanks to her help. She's definitely good with lottery numbers. I will always be grateful and I will always be a loyal client of hers. Paul

- P.G.

"OMG!!! "

What a powerful reading! I think she’s on to something. She says I will hear from him very soon. She said by next week, but I know timelines can be tricky. She said he wants to be with me, is trying to tie up loose ends, and it is only a matter of time. Stay patient, and we will be together for long term.

- Googie


loved my reading! :)

- xoNewEnglandGirlxo


First time reading with Madison, she described the POI like no other. She gave me so much clarity. Fingers crossed that predictions come to pass. I will be calling again for sure!

- Dreamer40

"I am truly grateful for you!"

Hi Madison! I am truly grateful for you! I will definitely be calling you back when I can, I apologize I wish I was able to say this on the phone but I wanted to get the opportunity to thank you so much for listening to me and giving me amazing guidance! I truly appreciate every information you gave me and I am happy I made this call. You are a true blessing! We’ll talk soon! God Bless! ??

- Krissie

"Very detailed predictions and timelines"

This women is amazing. She is accurate, in depth, provides time lines, and actual predictions. As well, she’s super nice and easy to talk to. She knew the answer to everything I asked. When I’d ask a question she’d answer, but with more details to add. She can describe the people you’re talking about physically too. If you don’t call her then you’re wasting your time with others. She is worth $4 a minute. I’m a poor college student and will pay her per minute price anyday. She gives you a money worths reading. She doesn’t leave you confused. I’ll never see anybody besides her.

- Hannah


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