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Krystal is one of the most successful and gifted psychics. She has been reading professionally for over 17 years and over the years has acquired various degrees and certifications in the area of Metaphysics. She has used this experience and knowledge to guide many including business professionals to achieve their goal.

Love, relationships, family, divorce, finances, career, lost objects or persons and pets are among the areas that she can help you. She will use the tarot to zero in on your questions and will use astrology for relationship compatibility for an overall amazing accuracy which she has been told over and over again is among the best. You will find her to be very clear, direct and honest. She is your calm during the storm. She is the friend you’ve been looking for and she is waiting for your call.


9/18/2020 8:42:30 PM UTC
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Praise for Krystal K.

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"Top 5 For Sure! "

Asked Krystal about an item, and though she added a disclaimer on the time frame to avoid disappointment, the solution happened immediately once our call ended.

- T In Maryland

"So Kind"

Krystal is so kind always a pleasure to talk to.

- reborn


Krystal never stops amazing me with her accuracy

- reborn

"Always Worth the Call"

She shared marriage was on the horizon- not just any, one that will be filled with happy moments. I'm extremely thankful for her advice and consultation. Krystal was someone I found very accurate and relatable over 15 years ago, and she still has it- if not even sharper in her abilities to see beyond our emotions, thoughts, and feelings to get to the core of what is going on currently and moving forward. I'd recommend her as someone to engage when you are unsure about a pressing decision.

- Maryland

"So amazing and caring!"

I would like to thank Krystal. She was so amazing and caring. I did have a great reading and I hope to call her soon again

- VP


I first spoke with this sweet soul approx 20 years ago. She was very accurate, so I was thrilled to see her back online. She requires little info from you in exchange for an extremely accurate reading. Do understand that timing is difficult for any psychic to predict unless its a matter that does not change. Add in humans who have free will or a situation in which your own actions can change the timing, it can be a bit off. However, I have found Krystal to be accurate even when there is a slit variation with timing. She does not change her response unless the situation has changed greatly. Her abilities can rival the most pricy psychic on this line- though in my opinion her reading is clearer and you will be left less confused. Krystal is one of 4 that I've found very reliable on this site.

- T from Maryland

"Amazing Psychic!"

Krystal is warm, caring and understanding. She is truly a gifted psychic. Krystal had a very strong and successful business career prior to focusing on her psychic calling. I have reached out to her for years to discuss concerns and challenges with my work and business interactions. Her business knowledge has allowed her to understand my business challenges and readily provide insight into my situations. Her advice has definitely been valuable to me and assisted me in making right decisions. I also have discussed personal matters with Krystal. She always listens intently and asks relevant questions. Her responses have provided insights that have been very thoughtful and accurate. I am so thankful that Krystal is online. I always find comfort in talking to her. Her feedback is not only valuable during our discussions but also afterward as she has made me think about how to respond to future situations. I hope others reach out to Krystal. She is very special.

- MK

"Confidant for years!"

Accurate, insightful, compassionate and a good listener – these are the words I would choose to describe Krystal. She has been a good friend and confidant for years and has always made me feel like family.

- DS

"The Best!"

I have been consulting with Krystal for over 15 years and she is a very special person and a great psychic. She has always been understanding, caring, patient, supportive. Her HR career background has been very invaluable to me. There have been a few times I’ve lost touch with Krystal and have consulted with other advisors and have not gotten the same level of comfort and support that I consistently get from Krystal. She always understands my questions and concerns. I feel much better, calmer and confident after talking to her. It’s great to be able to have someone like that to reach out to. Thank you Krystal for always being there!

- Grateful Long Term Caller

"Very good"

Very Good

- cap521

"good reading"

good reading, thanks

- Mistressleia

"consistent and so sweet"

I've only read with Krystal a few times but she is so very sweet and I wonder why I haven't called her more often. Even though it had been months since our last reading and she didn't remember me, it was nice that her reading (and prediction) was still consistent. She knew without me telling her that I was divorced but said my current relationship would work out, even saw an engagement between now and the end of the year (which is consistent with what several others have told me) will update if it comes to pass.

- Mistressleia

"very nice"

i can see why she is top. She gave me good news. i hope is nt false hope but i have to wait and see. will call an update it it comes true. thank u

- psychicaddict

"So happy you're back!"

I was so happy to speak with Krystal K.! I had many great readings with her in the past, and was happy to see her return. I was so honored that she remembered me and it was like picking up where our last conversation had left off. She is so nice, and has great wisdom. Very accurate and a very special lady. Hope to call her again soon!

- Nina

"from Krystal K.'s new client: 2"

I guess Krystal wanted to make sure she was seeing the right thing, and therefore asked me questions. The question that made me the most nervous was - I had been hurt by around 20 out of 23 readers regarding his ex, so I held my breath, but she didn't ask me in an accusing way as one male reader did (8/1/2013). What she told me in the end made sense, including her comment that my dad is a gifted psychic. Krystal seems to combine different pieces of information (data, client's story) with her intuition to give an earnest reading. I wished she would let me explain and ask more, instead of asking me questions to put things together in her mind to guide me... But that could've just been her eagerness to actively help people who call her... Even though I wasn't very comfortable, I do think I will talk to her again to share horoscope interpretations: I'm sure she took notice of my sun and my man's moon being 180 degrees, and his sun being in the opposite sign of my moon (but not in the orb of an ;n his Neptune being 0 degrees with my Ascendant!! Looking forward...... :)

- New Client (venus in 11th house, moon in gemini))

"from Krystal K.'s new client: 1"

This was so interesting... Sunday morning, 2/22/2015, I pressed my regular counselor's extension, though I knew she wasn't on, then Krystal's extension, but she wasn't on either. Then in One Minute, the automated system chose Krystal K.!! I couldn't believe it... I had heard Krystal's profile recording before, and was certain she was psychic, but as is written on her page, she wasn't on often. I wondered if Heaven wanted me to try her at this precise moment, and connected... Perhaps because I was a totally new client, I felt she went very slowly, asking a lot of questions. But she wasn't judgmental about my culture or anything. I did want to ask her not to bring up stories of her friends, as my time was limited, but also understood that she meant to relate to my situation and be friendly to her new client... If and when we have more time, I might explain more of my situation to Krystal, but honestly, I am still scared. She's unquestionably better than some who immediately showed disdain or told me I wasn't supposed to be getting readings. Just that I'm still a little nervous. (It's long, so I'm continuing on a new form..)

- New Client (asc in libra, venus in leo)

"wow wow wow"

she told me its not over between me and my hubby me and her been talking now for years and shes never wrong so im gonna wait to see what happen with kids father .

- amazing



- luz


Great reading

- lilswtmiss17



- lilswtmiss17


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