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Andrea has been blessed with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance. She often receives Angelic insight through her mind’s eye, where her thoughts, visions and the tapping into energies arise, all providing essential messages for the client. As an Angel Medium, you can expect to hear transformative messages as she connects you to your Angelic team. The additional wisdom gained from the Tarot and Oracle cards combined will serve as a comprehensive package of empowerment and guided actions.

Intuitive since her younger years, her psychic gifts and her connection to the Angels strengthened during a period of major illness. Sent from God to comfort and guide her, the Angels lifted her up and pulled her through the most challenging times. Surviving, she awoke to the impressive force and guidance of heaven and felt driven to help others connect with their Angels as well.

Andrea has been reading cards for a total of 16 years. Well credentialed, she also offers Reiki Energy Healings to her local clients as well as teaching others the Tarot, psychic development courses and how to connect to the Angelic realm. Her spiritual journey has led her to become a certified: Angel Therapy Practitioner, Archangel Life Coach, Angel Oracle Card Reader, Master Tarot Reader, Crystal Reader and Angelic Reiki Master Teacher.

Andrea strongly enjoys offering a cross-disciplined Tarot reading that utilizes crystal wisdom as well as energy interpretation to help get to the heart of the matter. Often times the visual imagery she is shown from the Angels function as metaphors that she relays back to you the client. In addition to this abundance, Andrea strives to come up with action plans when appropriate so her clients can have a specific goal plan in mind once they leave the session.

Straight-Forward with kindness and open-minded best describes Andrea’s delivery of messages. One user quotes, “She was so easy to talk to and really picked up on a lot about me. She is good!” Andrea has successfully worked with countless of clients on relationships, business, career, and life purpose. She thrives on helping others overcome barriers as well as recognizing how they can better impact their future.

Andrea’s personal philosophy is to help others recognize the amount of potential they possess to change their life for the better, despite what they think they are capable of! We are all works in progress.


8/22/2019 6:17:19 PM UTC
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Praise for Andrea

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Andrea's happy clients have to say.


Andrea is such a straight shooter and very accurate on her reading. First time read and right out of the gate, described my friend to a tee. Very personable and easy to talk with. Worth the money.

- pulelehua

"Great First Experience"

I've never consulted with a psychic before but I was pleasantly surprised. Andrea was thoughtful and intuitive. I'm anticipating some good changes in the future and she gave me some realistic expectations. I will definitely call her again in the future!

- AlyC


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