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Angel Love has been clairvoyant her entire life, and has served as a professional psychic advisor for 32 years.   Although she is happy to help others with any issue, her specialty is assisting in the areas of love and romance.  

It is always her goal to guide her clients to a place where they will receive the most positive results and create the relationship they truly desire.  This can come from a place of helping people to see things from a different perspective, or gaining insight into a situation which they did not have before.  

Rather than feel frustration, she hopes she can help her clients to see a clear path of the road ahead.  


7/23/2024 11:14:11 PM UTC
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Praise for Angel Love

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Angel Love's happy clients have to say.

"Nice "

Always try to help

- jodine

"Super nice "

Told me it’s not over

- jodine

"Truly an Angel"

Angel Love is talented and gifted and works through the Holy Spirit. Trust her words and prayers. Thank you!

- VR

"Nice "

Was helpful

- jodine


Great reading always. Been reading with her for 3 times and she is very empathetic and accurate.

- Gday

"Satisfied "

Very happy with my reading completed by Angel Love. She was able to read me and my situation without my input. Very satisfied!

- QueenTaurus

"Precise to the T"

My Family and I would like to use this opportunity to appreciate psychic advisor "Angel Love". Mere words cannot express the magnitude of our gratitude to her. She is so precise to the T. We have spoken to her on numerous occasions for over 2 years now, pertaining various aspects of our lives we had concerns about. She was unbelievably accurate, particularly with time frames, solutions and events. She is so professional, she would never waste your time, she goes straight to the core of the matter and would tell you like it is. She is above and beyond. She is a rare gem, excellent to say the least. We think she is a treasure the world is yet to discover. We say this because, we've had several encounters with other Psychics from various states and countries and she extraordinarily stands out. We recommend her to anyone searching for the truth on concerns, conditions or questions. She is a true classic and an epitome of a authentic psychic

- Hasey

"The Best"

We have been doing reading's with Angel Love for over a year now and she is unbelievably accurate . She is above and beyond. Excellent to say the least. We would like to send our views across. She is different from the others . Excellent time management and cost. Would like people out there to know she could be one of the best in the world in terms of date and time predictions. She is the best.

- Hasey


She has got to be the sweetest kindest advisor I’ve spoken to. A little slow on delivering information accuracy seems like a hit and miss could just be timing is off. I know she means well and I’m thankful for her time.

- Tryagain3

"Great psychic"

Angel is a very sweet woman. Not like other psychics she gets straight to the point. The moment i hung up with her, the person who she said would call me , called!! Very honest and doesnt sugar coat anything. She is defenitely gifted and uses her gift correctly.

- Samanthamarin

"Great psychic"

Angel is a very sweet woman. Not like other psychics she gets straight to the point. The moment i hung up with her, the person who she said would call me , called!! Very honest and doesnt sugar coat anything. She is defenitely gifted and uses her gift correctly.

- Samanthamarin

"Everloving Angel!!!!"

I've been an avid fan of Angel. She had helped me a lot for the past 2 1/2 years on my problems. All her readings and advises were true and effective. She told me last 2016 that come 2017 me & my husband will be closer and will travel abroad and have a wonderful vacation. This came true and she added I will be grateful for everything that's coming. Not because she gave a good reading but I really love this woman. She is consistent, compassionate, honest and religious. She'll pray for you.....for all of her clients. Thank you so much Angel Love for all your help.God Bless.

- Speedygo

"Angel is worth every penny!"

The details Angel provided when she said the how and when I would regain contact with someone special are impeccable. We have started to regain contact and they are starting to say the things that Angel said they would say. Angel is worth every penny. -T.A.

- T.A.

"Thank you for your guideance."

Many thanks, Angel Love! Please pray for me.

- brstar

"Angel is awesome"

She said I’d be having a conversation with someone between specific dates and WE DID. When Angel says it’s going to happen, it DOES. We just gotta pay attention…

- T.A.

"She is so on point"

She told me I was going to find out big news on a Sunday. She saw a divine white light shining on that day. That day I found out my best friend's wife came back home after being gone for almost 2 months. She also uses scripture when & if necessary to drive to the point in her reading. -T.A.

- TA

"She is the best and true!"

I waited a few months to write a review. Because I have talked to many readers. None of them got it right when and who I will find love. I was misled and let down by many. But Angel Love got it right. I met the right kind of person in the time frame she told me- before the Summer is out. I met him the very last week of Summer. She described him correctly. She is truly gifted. Thank yoiu..

- brstar


Always consistent!

- brazil*

"will never forget our session"

Romance and career. Provided specific on my romance and I promised to call her back and share with her my outcome, so far things are moving in that DIRECTION.....YES!!!!, She will be my romance/personal life coach. Sweet and encouraging words on my career. Conversing with her was a blessing, started crying during our session as she touched my soul with her reading and words. THANKS ANGEL, will never forget our session

- KS


Love her sincerity! Love her sweet disposition! Most of all I love her honesty!!!!

- RiRi


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