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Brad has been reading, coaching and healing for over 11 years. It is his passion and life’s work to read for people, teach spiritual healing, and help people discover the beauty and magnificence of their souls, while also helping them find peace and connection to their intuition.  Brad affirms that we are co-creators in this divine universe that's full of possibilities and miracles. He loves sharing this joyful dance of life with others and helping people through life's challenges because life is supposed to be joyful, creative, fun and expansive. He considers it his true privilege to work with you and is looking forward to help you find your joy, manifest your dreams, and assist you with clarity. 

Specialties and Style

Brad is an intuitive, energy coach, tarot reader, and spiritual healer. As an intuitive, he gently guides people towards finding their joy in life, and assists them in finding solid answers to their questions using various spiritual tools. 

Brad is also a certified tarot reader by The Tarot School and holds 3 certificates of completion. He explains that Tarot readings are like looking into a mirror and then discovering far more than what meets the eye, reflecting back to the person a more in depth analysis of a question, problem or situation. He further explains that Tarot has always shown him what lies beneath the surface and provides a pictorial and intuitive analysis of a question. A tarot reading is a spiritual, intrinsic and intuitive healing modality, helping you improve your life, while providing solid answers to your questions

Brad also offers Energy Coaching and distance Reiki sessions which are enlightening and freeing.  During his coaching sessions he uses a combination of intuition, energy teaching, angel guidance, tarot and law of attraction to assist you toward achieving your dreams and decisions.

Brad further explains that Reiki is a gentle, soul centered healing modality which can help balance, heal and energize you. Reiki works through intention and opening the gentle flow of universal healing. It is all natural, soothing and refreshing to the soul. Reiki can help ease pain, center you, de-stress you and balance your energy, giving you a fresh outlook on life. Since he is also a yoga instructor, he often teaches energetic and relaxation breathing techniques during reiki healings, which help release negativity and stress. Most are left with a feeling of refreshed, renewed and peacefulness at the end of a distance reiki healing.

Brad also offers Oracle card and intuitive readings. He explains that oracle cards are a bit different than tarot, in that they give creative yet affirming information.  An oracle card reading can help bring forth illumination and clarity to your questions. Brad works directly with spirit, his intuition and angelic guidance to warmly help you find the solutions you seek and tap into your joy! He might use a nature oracle deck, angel oracle deck or a deck individually created by someone.

A Personal Note

Brad loves to write, read, listen to music and spend time with his wonderful dog. He loves going outdoors in nature and frequently goes on walks in the woods and by creeks and lakes, to connect with the healing power of the outdoors. The beach is also one of his favorite places to visit. He loves to laugh and watch funny movies and comedy shows. Music is a passion of his and he is always listening to oldie goodies, as well as all the fresh new music that comes out. He loves to sing and used to sing and act in theater productions. Swimming is another favorite activity of his, as water is so soul cleansing and peaceful. 


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Praise for Brad

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Brad's happy clients have to say.

"Get in line"

Brad is a fantastic reader whose vision impresses me on each and every call.

- LibLady

"It's real"

Brad is a absolute gem of a reader. His visions are accurate and do come to fruition.

- LibLady

"Nice person to talk to"

It is nice to talk, although predictions do not necessarily come true. I like that he is not judgmental.

- sentro

"Not bad "

He pick up on stuff fast

- jodine

"Thankful "

It was so nice connecting with Brad. A gift for sure. His talent is so much appreciated.

- LibLady

"Always a pleasure "

Brad is a true inspiration and guiding light. Remarkably gifted.

- LibLady

"Love this reading "

He was the most sweetest and pleasant reader very inspiring and insightful. And very reassuring. Told me what I already new but my fear had me in doubt. I would definitely call again. He was worth it I didn’t want the call to end. It was like talking to my best friend. Thank you di much

- Trustee

"Extremely Talented"

Brad is extremely talented and so easy to talk to. He sees things I have struggled to see until now.

- LibLady

"Amazingly Good"

I’ve spoken to Brad a few times now and he has helped me see things so much clearer. He is amazingly good.

- LibLady


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