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Daisy Lea combines her natural psychic abilities with years of experience in using divination tools such as tarot and runes to clarify her “visions” and further empower you in your life path. In addition, Daisy brings to your reading a broad range of life experience, a professional and educational background that includes a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, with years of experience counseling in areas such as relationships, grief, career, addictions and goal setting.

Now retired from the field of psychology, she has joyfully returned to her “true calling” of using her natural psychic gifts to encourage growth, help shoulder burdens, celebrate victories, and most importantly to empower you to explore choices for a positive and joyous future.

Daisy Lea’s style is one of compassion, acceptance, humor and knowledge to give you the best possible reading experience in a non-judgmental, caring way. Daisy prides herself in being fast, accurate, and detailed, and respects your time, so be ready to take notes if you want to!

Call today for a refreshing and enlightening “heart to heart” with Daisy Lea and let her shine the lamp of understanding on your past, present, and FUTURE!

Remember the future happens just one day at a time.

CALL NOW because you know you deserve happiness.

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6/25/2021 10:48:28 AM UTC
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