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Danica saw her Guardian Angel as well as her grandmother who had passed. They were so real she could have touched them had she walked over to them. Her grandmother had psychic abilities which she inherited. In 2007 it became apparent that she had something special, so she finally embraced her abilities and started practicing professionally. Danica enjoys helping people because she has had many struggles and long term personal traumas in her life, and because of these struggles combined with her gifts, she is able to help people find joy and avoid obstacles.

Reading Style

Danica is Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient. She is also a Medium and an Empath. She is a Reiki Master and an Energy Healer. A Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, a Bibliophile and Author.

Danica’s reading style is real yet compassionate. At the start of her readings she will put you at ease with an introduction. She will ask for your birth date to gain an initial insight before the start of the formal read. She will try to determine your reading preference, whether it’s specific questions or a general read. Danica might use tools, such as Astrology, Pendulum, Tarot or Runes only to establish and affirm. In the end you will find Danica’s readings insightful, eye-opening, impressive, and most connective.

Danica is known as the “Guidance Goddess”. She is incredibly in tuned with her gifts which carry great healing energy. Her personal philosophy is, looking back is great for good memories, but staying back there means you get stuck in the past. Live for now!

Favorite Quote: “I like people that enjoy life, ‘cause I do the same” –Lil Wayne


8/10/2022 1:11:16 AM UTC
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Simply amazing!

- Sharkstar76


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