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Specialties and Experience

My name is Endorie and I have been a psychic reader for 16 years where I have been under the guidance of my great grandmother. I was introduced at an early age to the divine methods of tarot, numerology, astrology readings but as I aged I started to notice remote viewings and have done that for 12 years. My experience takes me to psychic fairs and events where I have helped many. I live with hope, strength, and the knowledge that I am in control of my destiny! I enjoy giving that knowledge to others. I’m non judgmental and I am always thinking of the big picture. I specialize in relationships, career, finances, dream interpretation, astrology, numerology and several other situations.

Reading Style

I bring back the style of French cartomancy. I use Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, with a mixture of Cosmo Astrotaro and Dream interpretation. I will always tell it like it is, clear, concise, and straight to the point. I give readings how the readings are, not what you want to hear. I also give readings in my own words, not psycho babble and cryptic symbolism that leave you wondering what’s being said. My readings reflect knowledge and deep insight to human nature. I use deep meditation to cleanse my body. The condition of our body-mind-spirit determines what we send out and what we pick up. Whether my readings are positive or negative, I know you will leave the reading with hope, strength, and knowledge to know you are in control of your Destiny. I’m here for the best interest at heart no matter what the situation is. Today I proudly continue along my journey in helping others.

I know it may seem at times you have hit rock bottom. I am here to help guide you in a positive direction, not that bumpy road in which most of us have once been on or are feeling we are on now. With my knowledge and deep insight of the human nature and the use of these divine methods entrusted to me, I look forward to building a trusted and positive relation with you.


2/18/2020 1:22:53 PM UTC
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Praise for Endorie

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Endorie's happy clients have to say.

"excellent! "

She is very good, descriptive and accurate! Worth it!

- penbur


Very detailed and very good!

- penbur


She is a top notch accurate reader!

- penbur

"not for me"

but I may try again one day

- hope54

"hard to understand"

hard to understand

- mar222

"Endorie was a pleasure to speak with "

This was my first time calling your line. I am Thankful for my call. Endorie was a pleasure to speak with I was very satisfied with the reading even though my brain didn't want to hear it my GUT already knew what she told me. I look forward to speaking with her again. Thank You

- mpower

"Tells it like it is"

Endorie will read what she sees and will not tell you what you want to hear. Thanks for an honest reading.

- n2freedom

"Endorie will remain a lifetime guide for me"

Endorie once again has helped me though alot going on in my life. I can not thank her enough. Nor you for letting her know. She will remain a lifetime guide for me. Please let her no i will be calling her soon as I cant thank her enough. Thank you again

- CR


I have had a couple of readings with Endorie. The first readings where very positive but the next ones seem to be based on what I was thinking at the time. I know that this sometimes happens. I will continue to have readings with Endorie as she is good.

- natasha2116

"Conflicting Readings"

This reading was very contradictory to the first reading I received. First reading implied we were on the same page long term but not in agreement of how to get there in the short term. This reading implied he was just stringing me along.

- n2freedom

"she was beyond those five stars"

My girlfriend and I called Advisor Endorie. I have wanted to leave a feedback in regards to our conversation. I have yet been able to reconnect with Endorie due to everytime I look she is on a call or off. How can I get an appointment with her. I do want to leave at least a feedback to my reading. It really is what I needed she was beyond those five stars. She knew about a situation with my sibling that no one knew. Let alone the fault I was always trying to ignore and make excuses for. Since the conversation with Endorie I have been able to reconnect with my sister. I want Endorie to know as she knew we have plans of meeting in June and I can not thank her enough for telling me like it is… She will always remain with me as she has absolutly guided me into the light again. Please let me know how I can if poss book an appt with her and I also am hoping she is able to see this also. Thank you HL

- HL


She was really amazing! She was really accurate.

- veronica2010


Endorie was very accurate and truthful. A lot of information that she gave she couldn't have known unless she was truly gifted.

- veronica2010

"I'm Amazed"

If you are looking for honest feedback, Endorie is the adviser for you. She is very gifted and was able to shed light on my situation and give solid insight. She was able to get right to the heart of the matter with just the birthdays provided. She really helped me to sort out my situation and to understand why I was getting certain results. She has been the best and most accurate adviser that I have spoken with. I highly recommend her.

- n2freedom

"More than 5 stars"

I am hoping I am able to leave feedback in regards to an advisor as she was very uplifting to me. I will soon be adding more time to speak with Endorie I can't thank her enough and I am hoping you are able to let her know as her reviews say she sure is more than the five stars.

- IT


Very please with the outcome of previous reading with Endorie. She does surely does not cover the sun with one finger. I feel if you are looking for what you want to hear she is not the one. She was able to pick up on everything I am still set back about her knowing things in my childhood WOW is right. I truly understand the other 5 star ratings and agreed thats not high enough. Thank you for this time please let Endoire no LN

- LN

"You were so right "

Thank you Endorie. I was mad at your reading because I just didn't want to hear the truth. You were so right in this situation. I was the one who was being blind. It was what I needed you were able to show be back to the light. I can't thank you enough. Your timing and knowledge was beyond the 5 star rating I could ever give you. Thank you for showing me me. Highly recommended Thanks Jesse

- JR


Realistic prediction. Some internal contradictions in her reading though.

- 8888


- PattersonLove7981


liked my reading

- starfire


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