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Having been in and out of relationships my whole life, gaining perspective upon perspective, I have found simplicity amongst the complexity of relationship. It is the Soulmate we all desire and strive for. When we are in relationship we compare it to what we know in our deepest being as true. When we pay attention, observe and follow the truth of our deepest being we may find our Soulmate relationship. Otherwise we are broken hearted by expectations.

Please allow me, my experience and insight to guide you through this process in your Quest for your Soulmate.


11/18/2017 2:09:17 PM UTC
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Praise for Hawk

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Hawk's happy clients have to say.

"Best and most helpful reading ever!"

I can say, without a doubt, that my reading with Hawk was my best and most helpful reading ever. He clearly was divinely inspired. He clarified questions in a way that I have never known before. He also got me to listen, to see, and to learn to fundamentally put my fears to rest, He knew about an intergenerational insecurity I had inherited from the womb. Through Hawk's ability to see, know and teach, I am on the path to peace of mind and perspective. Praise be to God and His Angels and Saints. Forever thankful, K

- KL

"A wonderful shaman yes but..."

He is a wonderful shaman but not a psychic in my opinion so it takes a little while longer to get answers than with others here. If you're looking for quick answers you may want to look elsewhere.

- Mistressleia


he gave me an audio to listen to so I did what he say he say we have a possibilities to be together again

- ldgod chid

"Incredible Shaman"

Hawk is truely a real Shaman, insightful, intelligent, kind, and soothing. Thank for the readings and encouragement. I am practing patience, visualization and giving credit to my higher power. .. this life is so wonderful! Will talk soon! V

- mtnditti

"not so sure"

yes me and him had some up and down and on and off but i wanted to know about this time this is when he confused me a bit but he was super nice to me and i will call again

- jodine

"Accurate and very nice but....."

Have spoken to Hawk a couple times now and he is accurate when describing how you see your significant other and how they see you however when I asked a specific question about our relationship, he seemed to avoid the question and went back to explaining how he sees me (which was nice to hear but didn't answer me question). Very nice to talk to though

- Mistressleia


he was pretty good and accurate about my situation. I just hope the outcome is right. I will follow his advise.

- mastermind1

"A true shaman!"

Hawk reminds me of other shamans I have worked with. Perhaps he is one! Definitely a healer. Loved the reading and will call back. Very spiritual and in touch with nature. Reads the signs and symbols of this world we live in.

- Sol

"Would call again..."

All around good reading. Found Hawk to be especially good with relationship. I plan on calling him again.

- ST

"This Guy is The Man"

This guy IS the man. Used many techniques. Covered a lot of ground. very real, thoughtful, insightful, perceptive, smart, philosophical. Hawk was really invested in the problem and sought many methods to provide guidance. I was extremely impressed. First rate on many levels.

- Andy


I love the way you do my readings makes me so relax it seems you are there with me besides me.....you are right about my ex......I believe in you and I know he will be back in my arms again than you and I love you!!!

- Monica

"Thank you"

Hi Hawk ….we spoke today and I just wanted to thank you for the reading. I feel so much more at ease and now have some peace of mind. I look forward to speaking with you again and will definitely call you the next time I have a question or issue

- J


Great reading! Very relaxing and uplifting. Highly recommended :)

- lilswtmiss17


Thank you Hawk for the wonderful reading. You are very insightful, helpful, nice and professional. It was a new spiritual experience for me. I appreciate you honesty and the great advise you gave. It was a pleasure speaking with you. Will def call back! Helga

- Anonymous


Hawk...I totally enjoyed the conversation today ...Thank you so much and I will look forward to the future which is around the corner...i have spoken to psychics all my life and have am "bit" - teehee- myself...although...you can never ever read for yourself...it's the cardinal rule...but YOU ROCK my friend!!!! very enjoyable....love the sunshine....love the day and always walk in the light my friend....All my love and i will keep ya posted.....CAT


"Modern Day Shaman"

Excellent. It is like speaking with a modern day shaman or wise one. Super unique individual!

- Evie