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There are so many stories to be told where Jade knew, information about people she barely knew, their lives, her children’s lives, all before it actually happened. So many instances where she dreamt, made predictions, or read one’s energy, all eventually taking place. Jade always knew she was gifted but did not embrace her gift until 2007. She knew her predictions and synchronicities could no longer be dismissed as coincidences. She then began to develop her skills which have expanded since, and today she continues to grow.

Jade is a gifted Intuitive Empath who will provide you with clear and accurate readings. She connects to energies through her devotional heart center to obtain the clarity and guidance you so desire. Jade is a writer as well as a third degree black belt, trained in the art of Tae Kwon Do. She is a life coach, loves everything spiritual, metaphysical and healing. Allow Jade to assist you to reach a higher level of understanding and direction for your life path.


11/26/2020 4:30:34 AM UTC
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Praise for Jade

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- member18

"Quite good"

I always enjoy speaking with jade. This is my 2nd time calling her and I find that she is quite good at her work

- CC

"Priceless Advice"

Had '2' readings w/ Jade. It seemed like fate that we connected today. The information she gave me in order to move forward was priceless. I'm hoping if I can get out of my own head & use her information correctly I can speed toward any predictions she made. She made me feel like maybe I could change the course of things Regardless of any people that might stand in my way. I really appreciate your assistance, verification of some questions I had & your positive reinforcement. I'm fortunate I found her! I wrote Everything down too Jade; time for me to get to work. Talk again soon, I have more questions! ;)

- Regal

"Twin Flame Expert"

Jade for me understands my twin flame situation so well that I always walk away feeling happy that someone understands what I'm feeling. Jade is super exact and always gives advice on what your next steps should be. She always lays out the pattern w/details, advice, and any warnings if needed. Keep up the great work Jade - you rock!

- T.A.


First time caller and jade blew my mind. She had told me for some reason the guides were telling her for me to pay attention to what my son was going to tell me. Omg my son just now answered the question that I called jade about, without me even asking him any questions.

- Dreamer40

"TOO ACCURATE! (That's a good thing...)"

I first spoke to Jade and she told me that my sister-in-law had cancer, but it was curable. To help out with the medical bills if she asked, because the universe was on my side and would give it back 10x fold. 3 months later, my sister-in-law is in remission! I got a call 2 months later and my company gave me a bonus worth 15x fold the amount I gave her, 20x fold if you count before taxes! She told me all about my mom to the letter, as if she knew her personally; it was scary accurate. She did NOT ask for my birthday, sign, or anything. She just read my energy and she was 100% accurate! I often just call to tell her that her predictions come true, not even for advice. I tell her how i'm doing like i'm talking to an old friend. Sometimes I don't ask specific questions just because it's getting so accurate, it's taking the fun out of letting life surprise you! We both know i'm going places as long as I keep a positive mental attitude! There are so many things I haven't shared in this testimony, but I hit the highlights! I don't want to write an essay, just call her!

- galactica86

"The ego is not the truth!"

Today was the first time I spoke to Jade. What a fantastic reading! She was quick and tuned into my energy with amazing clarity. I had a lot going on with school both internally and externally. But she was able to show me how to control and protect my own energy and light to counteract both environments. She told me that being on the verge of a breakthrough, can cause the ego to come in and start planting many doubts and confusion cause it wants us to stay the same and not evolve. This was a huge insight for me! Jade hit the nail right on the head with the situations and people around me at school. Her reading really resonated with me. I got a lot of validation and a few new insights/predictions on the situation at hand from her. I will certainly be doing a reading with her again! Thank you, Jade!

- as-above-so-below

"Secrets Revealed"

Jade is so beautiful. At the beginning of the week, she told me that by the end of the week, a secret will be revealed. By Friday of that week, it was! I was in shock and awe at how it all came together. She also said that a specific date stands out to her and another reader said the same thing. If there is something for you to know, Jade is your go-to advisor.

- TA

"Huge impact"

Jade has had an amazingly huge impact on my life. Until speaking with Jade I had felt so confused and alone. Now I accept my gifts, realize God wants me to use them, and have completed writing my book of poems. I am not afraid anymore to be my true self and my entire life has changed in the most profound ways. Thank you Jade and I have dedicated the last page, last poem of my book, to you!!

- ID6115

"Awesome Advisor"

Jade is an awesome advisor. She is kind an passionate about what is conveying around the reason for the call. She accurate with what she is stating.

- Staying Alive

"On Top of Her Talent"

Anytime I speak with Jade, she will always give me details that I never considered which give more depth to her readings. I love her! Jade is on top of her talent.

- TA


I have been talking to Jade for a few weeks now and I must reiterate what a GEM she is. Jade gave me the truth straight up with no sugar coating. She not only read for me, she also gave me advice from her guides on the strategies I need to execute my goals in life, love, work, and my self-love. Jade's accuracy is spot on. She's definitely worth your time and energy. You will feel really uplifted after talking to Jade.

- T.A.

"Very Satisfying Reading"

My reading with Jade was very interesting and informative. Her focus on energy and situation created a good rapport and I believe she gave me sound insight and advice. I will definitely call her again.



Jade is amazing and spot-on! I had many concerns regarding my extended family and she was able to read into what was going on and help me see my family members intentions. Jade is very accurate, caring, direct, and most importantly insightful. -CB

- ceaux

"Jade is a true GEM"

After speaking to Jade, I felt my anxiety melt away. Jade confirmed a few things I was told by others. She also was able to finish my question when I interrupted myself and lost my train of thought! She gave me other details that I just knew in my gut but never admitted to. She also gave me sound, objective advice based on the information that came up in the reading. After I hung up, I felt victory was, is, and always will be mine. :)

- T.A.


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