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There are so many stories to be told where Jade knew, information about people she barely knew, their lives, her children’s lives, all before it actually happened. So many instances where she dreamt, made predictions, or read one’s energy, all eventually taking place. Jade always knew she was gifted but did not embrace her gift until 2007. She knew her predictions and synchronicities could no longer be dismissed as coincidences. She then began to develop her skills which have expanded since, and today she continues to grow.

Jade is a gifted Intuitive Empath who will provide you with clear and accurate readings. She connects to energies through her devotional heart center to obtain the clarity and guidance you so desire. Jade is a writer as well as a third degree black belt, trained in the art of Tae Kwon Do. She is a life coach, loves everything spiritual, metaphysical and healing. Allow Jade to assist you to reach a higher level of understanding and direction for your life path.


1/24/2018 3:26:16 AM UTC
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Praise for Jade

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Jade's happy clients have to say.


I have been talking to Jade for a few weeks now and I must reiterate what a GEM she is. Jade gave me the truth straight up with no sugar coating. She not only read for me, she also gave me advice from her guides on the strategies I need to execute my goals in life, love, work, and my self-love. Jade's accuracy is spot on. She's definitely worth your time and energy. You will feel really uplifted after talking to Jade.

- T.A.

"Very Satisfying Reading"

My reading with Jade was very interesting and informative. Her focus on energy and situation created a good rapport and I believe she gave me sound insight and advice. I will definitely call her again.



Jade is amazing and spot-on! I had many concerns regarding my extended family and she was able to read into what was going on and help me see my family members intentions. Jade is very accurate, caring, direct, and most importantly insightful. -CB

- ceaux

"Jade is a true GEM"

After speaking to Jade, I felt my anxiety melt away. Jade confirmed a few things I was told by others. She also was able to finish my question when I interrupted myself and lost my train of thought! She gave me other details that I just knew in my gut but never admitted to. She also gave me sound, objective advice based on the information that came up in the reading. After I hung up, I felt victory was, is, and always will be mine. :)

- T.A.