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James Laurel
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About James

James Laurel is an experienced Psychic and Shaman who has been practicing professionally for over 22 years. He is a gifted clairvoyant, medium and dream interpreter. Romance, career, finance, family, business and lost objects are just some of his specialties.

James knew he was special at the age of 16 when his teacher realized and pointed out his uncanny ability to predict events. James is of NativeAmerican ancestry and for over 30 years he studied under a wise shaman by the name of Spotted Owl.  These studies and mentoring have increased his knowledge and keen awareness and through it have given him the basis for his spiritual teachings, life coaching and energy healing.  James will use tools if needed,such as astrology, i-ching, energy vision along with his 300 year old NativeAmerican tarot deck.

James has the capacity to make his callers relax during his readings.He is known for being very understanding, caring and accurate.

One of James’ many success stories is about a gentleman attracted to a special lady but too shy to ask her out. James coached him on the best way to approach her and to initially invite her on short casual coffee dates. He took James’ advice, which led to a great romantic relationship and later a happy marriage.

James likes to read and his favorite quote “It’s not how long one lives, but what they do in between the numbers that counts” demonstrates his feeling of pride and humility for the many satisfied clients he has guided. 


4/15/2024 2:44:58 PM UTC
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Praise for James Laurel

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what James Laurel's happy clients have to say.

"Did an amazing job!"

James was excellent and helped me to locate the jewelry box my grandma gave me as a child! I had not been able to find it in 3 years, but he told me to look in the northwest corner of her basement and i found it!!

- Katerina

"I will always call him"

I reached out to James about someone I am communicating with and I wanted to know if he is the one. As usual James was able to tell me things that has happened or things that was said. He is always right on the mark and reassured me what to look for and how to approach certain things. I always feel reassured, confident and satisfied after talking with James. He is truly a great source to keep on hand and I will always call him. KW

- KW


Great reading Very spiritually positive reading

- halo80


James, guided me on how to handle challenges I am currently facing at work while I wait for the right job to come along. It has helped me to face the days in a hostile environment with a little more faith and understanding as I await my future to unfold

- KW

"Spot on..."

James was direct and helped me resolve a major concern/anxiety that I was feeling at that time. He relayed a vital message to me from family that has crossed over. I have spoken with James before and like my reading before, he provided exact timing and expected earnings for my career. He was spot on the first time we spoke I am just waiting now for this time line I got today to come to pass. Thanks James for being a strong medium

- KW

"Shinning Bright"

I am very satisfied and was impressed with my reading From Mr. James Laurel ext.1414. His insight was right on target and was able to confirm my current situation. Best of all in the end, I got a burst of energy and sensation of confidance that I haven't felt in a long time. Thanks, James Respectfully, J.


"Easy to talk to"

Was very specific on what will happen with my time with my mother (who is my heart). Appreciated this greatly. Easy to talk with, spiritual and told me what to prepare for In my current search for love, career and finances. Validated that how I was approaching life this year was okay as it is my time. THANKS JAMES, for ever grateful for the time you took to talk with me

- KS

"Right on"

Great person to talk to he really pushed me to do something which I was afraid of. However when I had the talk with my other half it was rewarding and James knew it was a right approach. Thx.

- Asal


Am satisfied with his reading, first time to have a male psychic. Direct to the point. Good reading on me, my husband and my 2 sons.

- MB

"Spot On"

It is good to have a male's perspective. He was spot on with my situation. He was also right as to what was to play out.

- Carefree1

"Will Call Again!"

This was my second reading with James. Was very happy with the first - and the second. His insight was spot on both times. And his predictions were consistent. Though the second time he went into more detail. Very easy to talk with and nice to have a bit of masculine insight to balance out the feminine. Look forward to calling again. And, what a great price!

- Venus in Libra

"Extremely Satisfied, Says it All"

'Love this reader's energy! He has genuine abilities and is quick on the trigger with firing back not only an answer but a correct one that rings true and sensible. Very happy to have found James!

- Romanaire

"Blew me away!!"

James is simply incredible! His connection was immediate and he "knew" what was going on without me saying much. In fact, he was finishing my sentences. His accuracy is uncanny, and believable. Don't miss PsychicPower's new dazzling gem!

- Romanaire

"Very Intuitve"

Enjoyed my reading with James Laurel. Smart, bright and very psychic. Was able to read my situation right away - very accurate. Will see if predictions come to pass. Seemed consistent with what others have said. Will call again!

- Luna Bella


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