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Very early in life, Jon was able to feel certain things about people and knew how events would play out in their lives. At the age of ten, he began to see angels and spirits who would sometimes commune with him and speak to him about such things as love, life and the Divine. 


Jon is a certified, Doreen Virtue, Angel Card Reader; a certified Tarot Master, Angel Channel, Energy Healer and Angelic Healer. He is claircognizant, which means he senses the energy of individuals and the situations surrounding them. He is clairaudient, which means he hears words, phrases and sentences from spirit. Jon is an ordained minister, certified spiritual counselor and mystic. His greatest mission in life is to bring change, healing, peace and light into the lives of others.


As an Angel Reader and Energy Sensor, Jon performs cold readings but coaches his clients that there are times when the information can be general. His preference is for the clients to dialogue with him a bit about the circumstances in their lives; this creates what Jon calls, an energetic exchange which helps him to really connect with the person he is reading for. He reminds us that the future is not written in stone, but rather it is the choices that we make along the way that lead us to our destination, and he further advises to let the angels help you decide which path is for your greatest good. 

Jon also finds it very important to remind us all that life is sometimes challenging, but God and the angels are always near us. Their love is unconditional and their power is truly miraculous. They are perhaps our last thought in troubling times, but our greatest asset.


7/23/2021 9:18:48 PM UTC
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Praise for Jon St James

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Jon St James's happy clients have to say.

"So Helpful!"

I just had a great reading with Jon. So helpful and informative. Looking forward to speaking with him again.

- JN

"Good reading"

Quick and to the point

- Mistressleia


Good reading, accurate and nice to talk to

- Mistressleia


A little hard to hear...talks softly but good advice and reading otherwise.


"Kernel of truth"

Spot on. : )



Not much time but helpful. Thanks.


"Really worth the call!"

Ive only spoke to Jon twice and hes a very comforting advisor. I think many call psychic lines to hear and expect miricales. I also dont think people realize that we are all in controle of our own destiny. Predictions may not always come true but we come to these people for help, not miracles and they do there best to get us on the right road. Jon is a good advisor! I will call again! Thanks very much!!!

- over it!


Predictions turned out to be wrong

- Mistressleia

"Nice guy"

nice guy to talk too. He may do Tarot cards, but it really feels like your just having normal conversation with an old friend. His readying are okay.

- gloria3136

"Very Nice But"

Let me start out by saying that I thought he was a very nice person. However, we just didn't have a good connection. He answered my questions, somewhat vaguely, but did not provide any additional insight other than what I asked. I gave him a rating of 3 because he did talk about some things that I was able to validate as true. I suppose I was looking for more substance based on the high ratings so it left me somewhat disappointed. Not sure I would call back again.

- Linda5925

"Terrific reader!"

He is fantastic! Very calming voice, honest and on point!

- Aloraluna


Highly recommended!

- Aloraluna

"Liked him..."

Thought he was great. Accurate. Will call again.

- Josephina


He was ok

- mastermind1


he told me not to worried all should be well in my life

- jodine


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