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Kasey is a gifted reader of 19 years who uses no tools unless asked by her clients. Kasey has offered her consultation services to both national as well as international audiences. Her goal always is to make sure that the reading ends on a positive note and that she has helped you. She is honest but compassionate, and will only tell you what she sees at the time of the reading.

Reading Style
Kasey focuses on her client’s questions in various ways. One way is to simply use voice vibrations. She will start off by asking for a name and a date of birth. This allows her angels and guides to get a head start, but if you are not comfortable providing that information, that’s not a problem, just have your questions handy. She will tune right into your question and then seek the assistance of her angels and guides to get to the root of the problem. Another way is her use of candle energy. With candle energy Kasey is able to accurately answer with just a yes or no response. Kasey closes her eyes during her readings and focuses, instant vivid color images begin to form in a panoramic view regulated by her guides.

Kasey’s strong points are in love, relationships, mediumship, passed over loved ones, and dream analysis, and although not her strong point, she can sometimes assist in finding lost objects. So if you are ready, Kasey is ready, to focus on what is on your mind and in your heart.


12/4/2023 3:30:47 AM UTC
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Praise for Kasey

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She’s excellent! I gave her little information, and she picked up on the energy and details so accurately. I will definitely be calling again. Thanks so much for your insight!

- Mooney47

"Kasey is amazing "

She’s concise, doesn’t waste your time by speaking slow or asking questions. Very honest and compassionate, highly recommend!!

- sookie


Kasey is excellent, one of the best on the site. She gives you a short concise overview of the situation and afterwards answers your questions in detail. Highly recommend her

- JP


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