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Lauren was born with the gift of discernment. With a BA in business and finance her psychic impressions are seasoned with both experience and depth of knowledge. Through psychic impressions and clairvoyance she will give you informed knowledge of others, to gain a new understanding of their true feelings and motivations, as well as what is really going on in any situation. 


Always honest, insightful and direct, Lauren quickly clears up confusion, uncovers hidden obstacles and helps to formulate new strategies, to attain your highest goals, be it love, career or finance. Given the current upheaval in our world, which has created even more relationship, business and financial challenges for so many, Lauren’s guidance will enable you to apply new information to your situation, and when needed, give you the insight and clarity to plan a new way to reach your goals and achieve your higher good. She will always guide with truth and not just what you want to hear but what you need to hear. 


Lauren has developed her abilities through many years of practice and continued higher learning. Lauren has worked as an advisor for over 30 years. Her readings are that of a messenger with great assistance from the Supreme Seer. 


Lauren’s specialties are love and relationships, finance, business, career paths, dream interpretation and numerology. 


4/20/2018 11:37:28 PM UTC
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Praise for Lauren

Reviews are a great way to find the advisor that's right for you. Here's what Lauren's happy clients have to say.


Very accurate in describing my man, said we might live together in Mar or Apr and but might not get engaged until Nov (all of my regular readers said they see the engagement first so I'm curious to see who will be right.)

- Mistressleia

"Amazing Psychic"

Lauren is Amazing psychic. She is tough, direct and tells you what you need to hear. Not what you want to hear. My go to psychic for absolute direction without nonsense.

- Giddyup


Thank you Lauren! You are kind and honest! I dont always hear what I want but you always tell me the truth! Big Hug!

- over it!


Lauren is a no nonsense type of psychic and very talented. I look forward to predictions in 2015.

- Giddyup

"Thank you"

Thank you Lauren for all the info you gave me today between both phone calls. You seemed to pick up on the situation with clarity. You described a man that will becoming into my life and I can tell you I've had that same description given to me a number of times. All with precise details as you gave. Thank you...!

- Shannon Brady

"Really Really Great!"

She made a prediction with a description and it came to pass a year is not only accurate,but she gives you a different way of seeing things that can assist you on your life's path.Smart,compassionate and intuitive.She can tell you subconcious nuances about a situation.Love her!

- Carly


Quick and to the point. No nonsense and honest. Give her a call

- lilswtmiss17

"Accurate Reading"

Review 6/13/14 Lauren predicted that me and a friend would not re-establish a relationship and that he would remain present in my life and we would remain friends. Most advisors were telling me that we would reconnect. Lauren was accurate. While we still remain good friends,mew did not reconnect. Although I didn't think so at the time, this has actually proven to be a good thing. I think we are better off as friends and I am very happy that we remain as such. Thank you Lauren for the accurate reading!!

- Linda5925

"Unbelievably accurate!"

Lauren is awesome! I waited to post this feedback to see if any of the things she told will come to pass and sure they did. I spoke with her often in past few months. She has been right for almost everything she told me. I can say without doubt she is the best advisor I have consulted so far.

- Trip

"clear, crisp reading"

You can expect a very clear reading from Lauren. I like going back to her again and again because she is accurate and clear in her readings.

- Trip


Accurate in describing someone new in my life. I had to wait till he showed up to rate

- penbur

"Very different from first reading "

My first reading with Lauren was a few weeks ago and she said my boyfriend and I were going to move forward this year and would be engaged by the end of the year, today I didn't mention I had called before and she said my current relationship had some potential but I would meet someone soon whom I've never met and would end up marrying him instead. While nothing is set in stone it's very inconsistent from the first reading I had which seemed very spot on.

- Mistressleia


at first i was c onfused but she then explain her self well to me about what she saw for me and my kids father so i will see what happen in 3 months.

- jodine

"Completely amazed "

This was the first time I called Lauren and I'm so glad I did. I called regarding my ex (my daughters father), answers seemed accurate. Then picked up on my current significant other and picked up on so many things I never mentioned, picked up that he was thinking about marriage (which we recently talked about) also picked up that I'm planning on moving soon. Will definitely call back!

- Mistressleia


omg she connected so well with me that day about my kids father situation all she inform me was accurate and honest she gave me good advice and told me how to let this phase pass she was so nice about the stuff I needed to do to make sure this don't happen again in the future amazing reader u need to give her a tried u will not regret it

- jodine


Good session

- Bluenose

"No Connection"

I usually connect very well with Lauren. This reading, however, I didn't feel a connection and her answers with short. She did not provide any details other than the answer to my question. This is a much different reading than what I normally get from Lauren. I was disappointed this time.

- Linda5925

"Good Reading"

Lauren was able to provide some great insight on my current situation. She gave me some great advice on how to move forward. She predicted that my trip to Las Vegas would go very well and she was right. We had a great time!!

- Linda5925

"Very good!"

It didn't take Lauren long to really tune in to what I was calling about. She was right on...great call!



we will c if predictions cum true

- Jennifer0610